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Fallen Orchid

This Fanon is part 2 of Fallen Orchid


Aurora, Folan, and the gang have been reunited finally but they still face one huge problem: to find the real bad guys. Once they found out that General Soko and the army were just a figureheads, they started the search for Konsoluu Ra and his band of outcasts: the Roda Li. They face oncoming dangers, mysterious prophecies, and most crazy of all, a Spiritbending master who speaks in riddles. Nothing will stand in their way to defeat evil and restore balance once and for all.

The Roda Li

If you're wondering who the Roda Li are, they are sons and daughters of Dai Li agents who couldn't Earthbend. They are under the command of Konsoluu Ra and their head agent, Leno. Each agent uses a unique face paint pattern and color. A normal agent would where black face paint, the head agent (Leno) would use blue, and the leader (Konsoluu Ra) would wear dark red. The number of stripes, bands, or swirls would depict what rank they are. All Roda Li suits are streamline since they need to be swift because their fighting method is Chi Blocking. Each agent wears a metal bracelet and they carve a notch in it every time they defeat someone else in battle.

Konsoluu Ra

Konsoluu Ra is 121 years old and hates the Avatar and Spiritbenders. Half of his face is burned because he got in a spar with Roku right before the war started. That's why he hates the Avatar so much. He also holds a grudge against Spiritbenders because in the same spar he had with Roku, a Spiritbender jumped in and helped Roku defeat him. Konsoluu Ra hates Aurora especially she wears the same ring that the other Spiritbender did. All Konsoluu Ra saw in Aang was a tool to use to take the ring, and Aurora's power, away.

I will continue once I finish The Poisonbender, The Shadow Huntress, and Fallen Orchid.

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