The Dragon and The Wolf Ch.2
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The Dragon and The Wolf


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Flaming Water Baloon of Death

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September 22, 2013

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I was still close to Azula's face when Suki, Katara, and Zuko walked in, "This is not what it looks like," I quickly said, "Really because it looks like you were about to kiss my psychopathic sister," "What is going on?" Katara and Zuko both were searching for answers, but Suki didn't say anything she stood there completely shocked at what she was seeing. "I'm sorry, but I was about to kiss Azula," "How could you do this Sokka? You and Suki are so perfect together. How could you break her heart like this?" "I'm sorry Katara, but I just got caught up in the moment," "So you don't have feelings for me at all?" "Azula, I don't know," "Sokka! What do you mean you don't know, you know you love Suki," "I don't know Katara," "How do you not know you two are perfect together!" "I just don't know okay," I ran out of the room and left the hospital. I just ran as far away as I could, and when I finally stopped I didn't know where I was. I sat down in an alleyway and just started crying. At the same time the rain began to come down in a slight sprinkle. I was so confused I didn't know how I felt, and all I wanted was answers. I sat in that spot until it started to downpour. I then moved and walked into a bar. I sat down at the counter and asked for some water. The bar tender handed me the water, "What is a kid like you doing in the bar?" "It started to rain and I needed to go somewhere dry," "A bar is no place for a child," "Oh well I'm not going back out into that rain," "What's bugging you kid?" "What do you mean?" "You seem down what's bugging you?" "Well it's kind of a long complicated story," "Well the rain looks like it won't stop for awhile so go on and tell us," I began my story.

As I told my story more members of the bar gathered around to listen, and when I was done I had a huge audience. "Listen kid I understand that you're confused about who you love, but even I know that Princess Azula is trouble," "I know that she's messed up, and I don't know how, but I fell for her," the other members of the bar started adding their opinions on the subject one guy said that, "You should just be with her if you love her," another guy said that, "You need to just forget about her and move on with your life." Then some guy from the back corner of the bar came over to me and said, "You say that you think you love the girl, but here you are in a bar not talking to her about how you feel. If you really want to know how you feel you need to go talk to her," "That's not an easy thing to do; she's in the Mental Hospital," "That's right she got locked up. Then we will just have to help you speak with her," everyone in the bar got up out of their seats and pushed me out of the door. We made our way to the Mental Hospital. When we got there we saw that Zuko, Suki, and Katara were just leaving. We ran around to the side of the building where Azula's room was, and the guys from the bar helped me get up to her window. The inside of her room was pitch black, but I knew that it was her room, "Azula, Azula," I whispered until she came up to the window. "What are you doing here peasant?" "Seriously stop calling me that; look I came here to talk to you about how I feel," "How are you at my window I'm on the second floor?" "That doesn't matter right now I only have a little bit of time. Listen I think I have feelings for you, but I don't know so I'm here to find out," "How will coming here help?" "Because I forgot to do something while I was here earlier," at this moment I leaned up to her face and kissed her passionately on the lips. I could've stayed there all night with her, but I was being rained on, and I was standing on a bunch of people's shoulders. After a while, I stopped, "I think I'm falling for you Azula," I looked into her face and saw tears flowing down her cheeks, "I think I might be falling for you too," I would've liked to have stayed with her forever in that moment but suddenly the nurse walked in, and I left in a hurry.

I returned to the bar with the other men. We all got soaked from standing out in the rain so we dried up as soon as we got back, "So how do you feel now?" asked the man from the corner table. "I feel much better, like my mind has been cleared," "That's good now here," he handed me a key, "What's this for?" "It's a key for a hotel room; you can stay there for the night," "What hotel is it?" "Don't worry about that I'll show you where it is later, for now let's celebrate!" Everyone in the bar began to party and drink like they had just earned a million gold pieces. Soon I joined in the celebration, but I didn't have any alcohol. We celebrated for hours but eventually everyone either passed out or left. So the man that gave me the key took me to the hotel, "By the way my name is Rohit," "My names Sokka," Rohit and I walked quietly until we got to the hotel. We walked in and he directed me to the room that I could stay in tonight, "Okay Sokka be sure not to let anyone into your room unless you know them and be sure to get enough sleep. When you get up in the morning, go to the bar to return that key to me understand?" I shook my head indicating that I understood him and went into the room. I lied down immediately, and I wondered what exactly could be going on back at the palace. I began to fall asleep and soon I was fast asleep.

Back at the Palace

"Zuko do you have any idea where my brother could be?" "No Katara I don't," "How don't you? It's pouring out he could get a cold." "Stop worrying I'm sure he's fine," "Well I need him to be at full health so that once he gets back here I can kill him," "Katara sweetie, I don't think violence is going to help this situation," "Don't tell me what to do! Look at Suki over there she looks so depressed. How could he do this to her?" "I don't know sweetie, but we are just going to have to wait until tomorrow to get our answers. Now let's all get some sleep it's very late and staying up is only going to make things worse." Katara went up to a bedroom followed by Suki who was still sobbing, "Hey Zuko do you think Sokka really is alright?" "I don't know Aang, but I hope we find him before something bad happens," just then a servant ran into the room, "Fire Lord Zuko, I give my humblest apologies for bothering you at this time, but I came to inform you that your sister had a visitor this evening," "Who I forbid anyone from speaking to her?" "Well they didn't actually see who talked to her; the person climbed up to her window to speak with her. They tried to get her to tell them who she spoke to, but she wouldn't answer them. They told me to inform you as soon as possible," the servant then left the room. "Zuko do you think it was Sokka that spoke with your sister?" "It seems likely that he would but why? We need to find him as soon as possible. First thing tomorrow I am sending out a search party, but for now we need to get our sleep." Aang and Zuko then ascended to their rooms to sleep.

The next morning Zuko sent a search party out like he said he was going to do. Over at the hotel I laid fast asleep when Rohit knocked on the door. "Hey lazy bones get out of bed!" I jumped out of bed and went to the door to let him in, "What's going on why are you here so early?" "I came to warn you that guards are searching all over town for you. We need to get you and your girl out of the city immediately." "Why? I didn't do anything wrong, and if we leave we'll get in even more trouble." "Do you want to leave without her?" "I don't want to leave at all. Look all I need to do is talk with my friends and everything between us will be all right." "Well then there's a problem," "What?" "Well a bunch of the guys from the bar last night went to go break your girl out of the hospital. They should be there about now." "Then we need to hurry and stop them," we ran out of the hotel and went towards the hospital. However, we arrived there too late. There was a giant opening in the wall where Azula's room was. Shortly after the Royal Guard saw me and began to chase me. We ran all over the city, and eventually we lost them. We then carefully made our way to the bar. When we arrived there Azula was sitting at one of the tables talking to the men from last night, "Azula!" even though I was mad that she escaped from the hospital I was still glad to see her. "Are you alright? What are you doing here? What happened?" "Slow down only one question at a time." "Just tell me what happened?" "Well this morning while I was sleeping peacefully these nice men blew a hole in the wall of my room and busted me out. Aren't you happy to see me?" "I am but this was not the right way to get you out of that hospital." "Do you really think that my brother would ever let me out of there?" "I don't know but now if they find us we could go to jail." "Yeah I guess we could, but that's if they find us. What if we left?" "We can't just leave." "Why not? We could go explore the world and find happiness." "What about our families though? I don't want to just leave my sister." "I understand, but I can't stay here. I'm leaving with or without you." She started to walk towards the door when the Royal Guards busted down the door. "Get the Princess and the traitor," "Wait what why am I a traitor?" "Don't ask questions just run," Rohit grabbed me and Azula, and we ran out the back door. We ran as fast as we could until we got out of the capital city. Close by there was a small farm house. We quickly ran inside the building. Rohit then negotiated with the man inside to let us borrow his dragon moose. As soon as we got permission to borrow it we got into the carriage and rode off. We rode all the way down to a small opening to the ocean. "You two need to get out of here for awhile." "Wait where do we go?" "Here Sokka, it's a map I circled the location that you should go. I'll be there as soon as possible." We got into a small boat and began our journey to the mysterious location.

We arrived on a small island at the tip of the Fire Nation not too long later. We docked the small boat and went into the small town. The town seemed dead. Everything was broken down and it didn't seem like anyone lived there. Azula and I wandered through the entire town checking every house to see if anyone was here. Then at the end of the town we found a huge mansion. We walked up to the grand entrance and I knocked on the door. When I did so the door creaked open. We walked into the house and were in awe. The house was enormous. Walking in there was a golden staircase that led up to the second floor. To the right there was a tiny open room with a grand piano in the middle of the floor. To the left there was a long wooden hallway that made its way to the kitchen and dining room. There were windows everywhere in that back room. In the backyard, however, there were just weeds. On the upper level there were plenty of bedrooms and a small room with a shrine on the back wall. After searching the house we went back down into the dining room. "This place is so empty, what do you think happened here?" "I don't know Azula. I've never really been to any Fire Nation towns." "I don't like this town it's too sad," she looked outside the window towards the weedy yard. It was obvious that no one had been here in awhile. "This home used to belong to a nice family, but when the war was going on everyone in this town was drafted and killed in battle." Rohit had arrived here shortly after we did. We didn't hear him come into the house and he startled both of us. "How did you know about this place?" "Well Sokka I found this town while I was adventuring the Fire Nation, and I made this place my getaway home." "So it's safe here," Azula seemed happy with the idea that she was safe here, but I didn't like that I was considered a traitor by my own friends and family. "Yes, this place should be safe, but you never know. The Royal Guard is smart, and they will eventually find this island." "Then what will we do?" "Well Azula that is an excellent question. For now we will have to spend the night here. Tomorrow we should head to the Earth Kingdom. Once we get there we can think of another safe place. "Isn't the Earth Kingdom dangerous for someone like me to go?" "I suppose you're right since you are the person who took down Ba Sing Se," "So where will we go?" Azula was very concerned about where we would go. All she wanted was to be free; we sat there and thought for a moment. Azula couldn't really go anywhere without either the Earth Kingdom getting upset or the group finding out. "Well let's think we can't go to the Earth Kingdom because it will get people upset. We can't go to the Water Tribes because Aang, Katara, and I are well known there. We can't go to the Fire Nation for obvious reasons, which leaves us with the Air Temples." "However, none of us know how to get to any Sokka," Azula was right we had no more ideas until it hit me, "The swamp." "What?" "Hear me out Azula. The swamp in the Earth Kingdom is a huge and remote place. No one will be able to find us there." "I am not going to a swamp," Azula tried her best to keep us from going to the swamp, but we had already made up our minds. Tomorrow we would be heading to the swamp.

After a long night of discussion I was exhausted. I found a nice bedroom on the upper level and dusted off the covers on the bed. I then opened the window in the room to let the room air out. I had to keep the window open all night, but the breeze that night was amazing. I got into the bed and was almost asleep when Azula came into the room. "Hello peasant," "Okay I was almost sure that you were done calling me that," "What else should I call you then?" "How about just Sokka?" she laughed and came to sit on the bed. "Can I help you with something?" "Well Sokka I was hoping that you could keep me company this evening," "Shouldn't you sleep in your own bed?" "I want to sleep with you though," she then put her slim body over mine. The moonlight shone in through the window and it made her skin almost glow. Her golden eyes sparkled and when she leaned in to kiss me I couldn't help but release myself to her. I was completely under her spell. Her lips were intoxicating. The way we moved together in bed made it seem like we were dancing. She was aggressive and fierce, but she was also gentle and delicate. She poured her heart out to me at that moment, and I realized just how important I was to her. That night began our relationship, but it also ended my relationship with Suki permanently. We went at it for hours, but eventually we exhausted ourselves and fell asleep. We lay there in bed together perfectly happy, even though we knew that we were wanted we still found a way to find pleasure. At that moment I could've said I was the happiest person alive.

The next morning we woke up to Rohit knocking on the door, "Wake up you two we need to get on our way to the Earth Kingdom," I slowly got out of bed. Azula slowly made her way out of bed and came over to me. "Good morning Sokka," she laughed. I still didn't understand how that was funny, "I had a great night with you last night," Azula did seem happier than usual this morning. She walked over to the closet in the corner and opened the door to see if there was any clothing inside. "I had a good night with you too," I walked over to her to see if she found anything to wear. The closet was huge and inside was plenty of clothing. However, it was all old fashioned clothing so we had to improvise. We quickly got dressed and ran down the stairs to meet Rohit in the dining room. "So how was your night?" "Well that depends. I happened to hear a lot of movement in the room next to me," "You heard all of that," "Yes Sokka I did," things got a little awkward, "Anyway we should probably get going. Are you two ready to go," "Yes we didn't really bring anything," "How about you Azula?" "I will never be ready to go to the swamp, but I guess I have no choice," we then left the house and found our way back to the boat and began our journey to the swamp.

Back in The Capital City:
"Zuko have the guards found anything yet?" "Not yet Katara," "Why haven't they found them yet?" "I don't know Katara," "They obviously aren't looking hard enough," "Listen Katara I understand that you're worried about your brother, but the Royal Guard is doing the best that they can," "I'm sorry I just worry," Katara began to cry. The past few days were really hard on her. Her brother disappointed her, and all she wanted now was to find him. "Hey Katara," "Suki what are you doing out here?" "I thought that I might feel better if I came outside and enjoyed the nice weather," she started to cry again and Katara ran over to her to comfort her, "I'm so sorry Suki. When we find my brother I'm going to slap him really hard just for you," "I don't want you to hurt him; I just want him to love me," she started to bawl and it took Zuko and Katara at least five minutes to calm her down. They then brought her back to the palace, and Zuko ordered the servants to keep an eye out for her. The search then continued, "Zuko why do you think my brother is doing this?" "I don't know, but I wish I did. Azula is never good company. I'm honestly a little worried about him." "Do you think she'll hurt him?" "She probably will once she's done using him. Then she'll go on to her next victim." "I just hope they're all right."

Out in the middle of the ocean a small boat was making its way from the edge of the Fire Nation to the vast swamp of the Earth Kingdom. Inside this boat rested Sokka, Azula, and their new found friend Rohit. As they made their way across the ocean the Royal Guards continued their search in the Fire Nation, and once they arrive in the Earth Kingdom they will be free at last.

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