The Dragon is the sixth chapter of Sokka. It is the first appearance of Shyu.


As Sokka approached the archway, a wave of hot wind beat at his body. "WAKE, WORM, AND MAKE WAR!" yelled Sokka. The dragon awoke and then roared in reply.

Sokka's shield felt the fire strike his shield. Soon enough, the dragon came out of the barrow. It then let loose on Sokka. Sokka knew he could not face the fire for long.

Sokka's strength had always been too great for iron to withstand. Though his sword had snapped, the hero held his ground. Seeing Sokka in such danger, his men lost heart. Only Shyu, Jet's son, did not flee. "Wait! We swore to Sokka to stand by him!" stated Shyu as the others rode away. Shyu then turned and ran to Sokka's aid with a sword and shield. "The others may break their bond, but I will not!"

"I have come, great king, to stand or fall at your side!" yelled Shyu. Quickly the dragon turned it's attention to Shyu and burned his wooden shield. "Quickly! Take shelter behind me!" ordered Sokka. Just one step slower and Shyu would have died that day.

Sokka's blade betrayed him once more. With that the dragon, bit into Sokka's shoulder. Then, Shyu drove his sword into the dragon's heart, and it stayed there! The dragon roared out in pain, and collapsed to the ground.

Though the monster had fallen, the king could see it still lived. With his last shred of strength, he made sure it would not survive. For the dragon's fangs were full of poison, and it began to boil in Sokka's blood. He knew he had not long to live.

Sokka put a hand on the shoulder of Shyu. "I only wish I had a son, so I could send my sword and armor to him. But my life was long, and I ruled well," said Sokka. "Faithful Shyu, we bought the hoard with bravery and blood. It will ease my passing to look on it. Bring it out where I can see." Quickly as he could, Shyu did as his king commanded. But even victory and treasure could not ease his heavy heart.

Then Sokka made his death-speech. "Brave Shyu, I beg you to take my throne and lead my people. Not far from here, I can hear the sea crashing on the shore. Raise a barrow there for me. Put my ashes inside, along with a share of the dragon's hoard. When men look on Sokka's barrow, they will remember." Such was the death of Sokka.

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