The Discovery of Bending
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The Beginning of Bending



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Feb 21

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The spirits

Fang woke in his straw bed that he shared with his pet platypus badger, that he called Kley. Fang lives in a small village, in a valley between two mountains. Fang has no idea how crazy his day is going to be. later he meets up with some of his friends. Cho was on his usual quest: finding something they could do that could get them killed. this time he wanted to get eaten.

"Let's go steal a badger mole cub from that cave!" said Cho, like it would be the highlight of the day.

"Are you crazy?" Fang asked in amazement of his stupidity. "It's like you want to die!" Cho just smiled.

"Do you know how much we could sell that for? 10 gold at least! If we die you can punch me in the face, in the Spirit World, free shot! What do you say?" asked Cho.

Fang thought for a while, and said, "Fine, but if I die, and you don't, I swear I will haunt you for the rest of your life." So, they set off up the mountain to the cave

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