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The Disaster Returns is the twenty-seventh chapter in the fanon series, Kyoshi Revolts.


Kambi, Giu, and Ray travel to a nearby rebel fortress to pick up new weaponry, leaving Mina, Kaila, Chen, and Momo in the city. As the three rebels travel to the fortress, they come across Yi, who is now a mere assassin. However, none of them are yet aware of Yi's secret technique, and trouble arises.


The chapter opens with Mina, Kaila, Chen, and Momo all sitting around Kambi's throne room. Ray, Giu, and Kambi come, with servants carrying their bags. Mina whines about not being able to go with them. Giu walks up to Mina, and tells her that, if she wants, she can come as a servant, and maybe share a room with him. Mina rolls her eyes, and walks back to her seat. Kambi apologizes to them, and says that the weapon owners only want to talk to the high-ranking members of the rebel government. Chen, however, asks why he's not allowed to come, as he is the Avatar. Kambi tells him that he is needed for a very special task. Chen's face is bright with joy, until Kambi tells him that the secret job is babysitting Kama.

A huge carriage approaches, while being pulled by five ostrich-horses. Kambi, Ray, and Giu dash out of the palace, while being followed by three guards. They pile into the carriage, and Kambi tells Chen to remember his mission. Chen says he wishes he would forget, and the carriage leaves. Kaila then bursts out in joy, saying that now they have the palace all to themselves. However, a guard comes over, and tells them that without Kambi's presence, all nobles are required to leave the palace and stay in rented huts, which are revealed to be made of straw and are only inhabited by lowly ex-Fire Nation soldiers and even extremely well-behaved prisoners. The guard tells Chen that because he is caring for Kama, he can stay in the palace. Chen laughs at Mina and Kaila, though a dirty look from Kaila quickly scares him.

Meanwhile, another carriage passes by the forest: a Fire Nation one. The carriage stops at a small base, and out of the carriage steps Yi, who is wearing the uniform of a mere soldier. Five other soldiers exit the carriage, all of them mocking Yi for his appearance. Yi threatens to burn them all to a crisp, though he backs down when a tall man steps from the base: Colonel Xan. Xan looks at Yi and scoffs, saying that he still can't believe his legend of a friend has been reduced to a mere assassin. Yi tells him that Azula is an idiot, and that he did not deserve any punishment at all. Xan, both angrily and fearfully, tells Yi not to talk such slander about her, and reminds him of the price for showing disloyalty. Yi angrily walks into the forest, quietly swearing death upon Azula.

While traveling to the weapons base, Kambi asks Ray and Giu if they think their relationship will ever blossom. Ray gives him an annoyed look, and tells him that they were just meant to be friends. Kambi nods, but says he still thinks they would look good together. Suddenly, the carriage comes to a halt. Kambi's guards then come in, and they reveal that they have "hit" a Fire Nation soldier. As if by instinct, Kambi, Ray, and Giu jump out of the carriage, and they spot Yi, lying on the ground. Yi angrily jumps up, but then, he recognizes all three of them, and in shock, realizes that he has just come across the three most high-ranking rebels in the world. He smiles, and goes into a fighting position. The guards surround Kambi, Ray, and Giu, but Yi blasts them all backwards with a single explosion.

Back at Kambi's palace, Chen finds himself forced to do bizarre chores for Kama, such as clipping her toenails with an axe, testing her fake teeth out for her, and checking under her bed for Firebenders. Eventually, after being asked to drink expired prune juice for her, Chen runs over to Mina and Kaila's straw hut to try to trade positions with them. Mina and Kaila are hesitant to trade at first after Chen tells them what Kama is like, but suddenly, Mina decides to stay in the palace with Kama. Kaila asks why, and Mina simply says, "no reason" and tells them to "have fun together". Kaila and Chen, however, do not understand Mina's motives, and they go along with her decision, with Chen happy to be away from Kama.

Kambi, Giu, and Ray are terrified by Yi's superheated air technique, though they still stand their ground. The assassin, however, simply laughs in a cruel and blunt tone. Kambi proceeds to grab Yi and throw him to the ground, though Yi superheats the air around him, which causes him to be thrown 15 feet in the air into a nearby river. Ray and Giu look in horror as Kambi's body plummets into the river. In fury, Giu shoots three sharp rock spikes at Yi, though he is able to create a fire shield around his body. In an instant, Yi shoots the fire shield back at Giu, which throws him backwards into the river. Infuriated at Yi's attack on her friends, Ray creates a sharp dagger of ice in her hand. She runs toward Yi to stab him, though he superheats the air around the ice dagger, which melts it. Meanwhile, at the palace, Mina arrives to find Kama, but she is no where to be seen. Mina is thrown into a state of panic.

Ray, realizing Yi's technique is overwhelmingly powerful, decides to retreat, much to her dismay and frustration. Yi remains in vicious pursuit. He begins mocking Ray about her people, saying that they were weak, and easy to wipe out. This infuriates Ray, though she is forced to keep on running due to a huge trail of superheated air following her and practically clinging to her back. Ray suddenly begins to feel a burning sensation on her back area. To prevent a severe burning injury, Ray smothers the heat on her back with her last bit of water, while running desperately at the same time. The burning feeling disappears, but the immense fiery blaze continues to trail close behind her. Finally, Ray stumbles over a rock. She falls to the ground. Yi looks over at her and, while laughing maniacally, prepares to murder her.

Suddenly, a small grenade is thrown over to Yi. The grenade explodes, and sends Yi thirty feet through the air, in which he falls into a tree. Kama walks over to Ray, and helps her up, saying that she "finally got the grenade to work". Ray thanks her profusely, and Kama rubs Ray's stomach, telling her that she would do "anything for the baby". Yi, while stuck in the tree, is approached by Colonel Xan. He helps Yi out of the tree by shaking it viciously, and then orders him to flee, and that if they do, they might escape the rebels' wrath. Yi and Colonel Xan barely make it out before Kambi's soldiers show up at the scene. Giu and Kambi are recovered from the river, alive, but with moderate burns.

Ray, Kama, Kambi, and Giu all return to the palace. Mina, Chen, and Kaila are relieved to see Kama, and are also surprised to learn that Kama saved Ray from certain death. That night, Ray tells them about her encounter with Yi. She says she doesn't think there may be any technique to defeat him. Kaila, however, nonchalantly tells Ray that all you need to do is run in circles and that without his powers he poses barely any threat at all. Ray, feeling like an idiot, simply says, "you gotta be kidding me." Kambi says that he will give his soldiers the information at once. Kama then walks into the room, and throws her dirty underwear at Chen, telling him that she wants him to see if it smells bad for her. In horror, Chen sets the underwear on fire.


  • Of every single Chapter, this Chapter has taken the longest to have been released.
  • Colonel Xan has been mentioned previously in the chapter Things That Ended, as the colonel who carried out the destruction of Kaila's village.
  • Kama mistakes Ray as pregnant again due to her brief affair with Giu in the previous chapter.

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