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The Disappointment
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Book 1 : "A New Era Of Love And Peace"



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4 September 2011

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Zuko : "Five guards will be guarding you twenty four seven, Azula. You won't have a chance"

Azula : "If you haven't noticed yet, I am also the grand-granddaughter of Avatar Roku, So his good bloodline runs in me, not just in you. I went through many thoughts while in the mental hospital, those were the hardest times of my life, besides, I am your sister! Are you still using your forefathers' style ? Or will you use the Avatar's style: forgiveness ?"

Zuko : "Maybe not a lifetime arrest, but for now, I said it. You will be guarded well for now, but we'll see what to do with you in the future"

Azula thought Stupid Zuko, I'll have to cut my way through the prison then said : "Okay! It's nice of you to think about it."

Zuko : "Very nice!"

Aang, Appa, and ten Fire Nation airships attacked Plains Village, After a long battle, Aang had the back of the three remaining airships and surrendered.

Aang told the remaining Fire Nation forces to tell the whole story to Zuko and to tell him to put his eyes on the village and to do that with the Earth King's help.

Aang flew back home to the Southern Water Tribe with Appa, both sad with the battle's outcome.

Chapter 8 : The Disappointment

Aang flew back home to the Southern Water Tribe with Appa, who was pretty tired but could go on. They arrived at night, went into their home in Katara City, where Katara was waiting for Aang. Aang told Katara : "We couldn't do it, Zhao noticed us quickly"

Katara : "Zhao is the most ruthless living person on earth"

Aang : "Along with Sozin, Azulon and Ozai"

Katara : "Don't worry Aang, we will do it... Don't forget that we could do it with Ozai"

Then Katara started crying and Aang had a few tears in his eyes, but big fear in his heart.

Aang : "I better fly to City Of Sokka and tell Sokka"

Katara : "No, they all slept while I stayed awake"

Aang : "Okay, let's go to sleep"

They both went to sleep. In the same time, airships arrived at the Fire Nation Capital, firebenders told Zuko the whole story, he was so angry, he wanted to burn everything but he calmed himself down.

The next morning, Aang woke up then flew immediately to City Of Sokka, he knocked Sokka's house's door.

Sokka : "Hey there Aang! Energybending went well ?"

Aang : "Lets talk inside, with Suki and your father"

Sokka : "Okay, buddy!"

Aang went and sat inside with Sokka, Suki, and Hakoda.

Aang : "The battle didn't go well for our side..."

Sokka : "Oh no!"

Aang : "Zhao noticed me quickly and ordered to bend the mountain immediately, I couldn't defend the airships, and I was almost dead if Appa didn't intervene. The man named Jong Kong, who I met when I was flying from Omashu to Ba Sing Se, he is very strong and muscular. He hit me hard..."

Suki : "Oh my god! Are you okay now ?"

Aang : "Kinda yes. One airship was captured and six were knocked down, That was a big loss for Zuko"

Hakoda : "This ain't right, Sokka told me what you two planned. The plan was amazing!"

Aang : "It was amazing, but we didn't have the element of surprise, that's why Zhao could stop us from the beginning"

Hakoda : "Oh.. I see"

Aang : "We were positive, we had hopes. But I learned from my times in the Serpent's Pass that hope isn't always good"

Suki : "Good point"

Sokka : "I guess we should've spent a little more time on the plan"

Aang : "That's not what matters now. I'll stay with my family for a few days now then fly to the Fire Nation Capital, I think Zuko should be organizing a meeting which I and Earth King Hinku should be attending"

Suki : "You better inform him before you come, tell him that a meeting is needed"

Aang : "You're right. Can I borrow Hawky, Sokka ?"

Sokka : "Absolutely"

Aang : "Thank you"

Aang wrote a message to Zuko and sent Hawky to deliver it. When Hawky arrived, Zuko read the message :

Your Majesty Fire Lord Zuko,

I am Aang writing from the Southern Water Tribe.

I guess you know about what happened yesterday, I think we need to meet in the War Meeting Room.

You, me, Earth King Hinku, and the generals of the Fire Nation. We need a big plan.


Avatar Aang.

P.S. : Please do not make the meeting today or tomorrow, if you can push it for a later time I'd be pleased. I need some time with my family. Thank you

Zuko sent a message with Hawky back :

Dear Aang,

We will meet (by we I mean everybody you mentioned) in three days.


Fire Lord Zuko.

While Hawky was flying back, Azula tried to escape prison.

Azula started shooting blue fire at the five guards, but she couldn't burn her metal dungeon. She wounded one of the five guards, while the other started firing at her, she could get out of her dungeon, she started flying with fire but before she could leave the building two guards could arrest her and put her in a "cooler" which looks exactly like the Boiling Rock's cooler. The wounded guard was replaced by another one and news were reported to the Fire Lord.

In the same time, Zhao declared the renaming of Plains Village to New ZeaZhao.

Hawky arrived and Aang was pleased.

Zuko ordered to put Azula one more time in the cooler, and wrote a message sent through a messenger hawk to the Earth King about the meeting.

In Zuang, Roy Dest could free himself out of the prison, and he sneaked out of the prison before anybody could notice. He started traveling to what he did know as New ZeaZhao on foot, hoping to reach it in the safest way possible.

Ba Sing Se Earth King Hinku believed that Zuko was good, and apologized for telling him that he is as mean as his father. Hinku thought about using The Mechanist to help them, to make them new Earthbending Powered Tanks and to invent more big weapons.

Aang was spending good time with Katara and his children and he thought This family is really bringing happiness back to me. I really can't be happy without them.

The day ended after a ceremony was celebrated in New ZeaZhao, the ceremony was about beating the Avatar and the rise of the OGG.


  • New ZeaZhao is a mix of "New Zealand" and "Zhao".

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