Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Dirty War in the last hundred years.

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The dirty war was a conflict fought over a thousand years before the Great War between the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation. It came about in a similar way that the Great War did with an ineffective Avatar and a power-hungry ruler in this case Avatar Una and The 40th Earth King Huang Tsing. About five years before the war began Huang Tsing concocted the idea of conquering the Fire Nation and making the Earth Kingdom the worlds dominant nation. He figured that the Avatar Una of the Southern Water Tribe was too king and trusting to stop him and considering that the Earth Kingdom was already the worlds strongest military the war would be short.

Early Stages

Huang Tsing started by abolishing the Council of Five and then making himself the absolute ruler of the Earth Kingdom. Next he set his plan into action by sending a huge fleet to invade the Fire Nation on the day of a solar eclipse. The Earth Kingdom attack was so successful that the incident came to be known as the darkest day in Fire Nation history and Huang Tsings popularity in the Earth Kingdom soared. The Earth Kingdom armies moved from Island to Island through the first three years but the Firebenders fought back under Fire Lord Izusho but the Earth Kingdoms early victories were among the greatest in world history.

The Earth Kingdom Nears Victory

Huang Tsings army conquered every Fire Nation Island until only Ember Island and the Capital were left after ten years of war and both were under tight blockade. Avatar Una as Huang Tsing had predicted didn't take a side in the conflict and it soon became obvious that without her intervention the Earth Kingdom would destroy the Fire Nation and then many people belived it would attack the Air Nomads and the Water Tribe. The only peson who hadn't lost hope seemed to Fire Lord Izusho as he continued to heroically lead his troops from the front making him a hero to his people and a hated enemy of Huang Tsing. Izusho won a much needed victory for the Fire Nation on Ember Island eleven years into the war but unfortunantly Ember Island eventually fell a year later to Huang Tsing. Even so Izusho refused to submit to Huang Tsing even tough some of his advisers wanted to and the majority of the people of the Fire Nation were with him but still one by one they began to loose hope. In the wars 13th year of the war the Earth Kingdom launched a massive raid on the Fire Nations Capital the cities Fire Benders fought back heroically and eventually drove the Earth Benders off with Izushos help but damage was already done at that moment all hope was lost and Huang Tsing prepared to crown himself "Supreme Emperor" of the world.

The Avatar Intervenes

Buy the wars 14th year Avatar Una had finally taken action she formed a coalition of the Water Tribes the Air Nomads and what was left of the Fire Nation against the "Supreme Emperor" Huang Tsing. With Unas help the coalition won several enormous victories in the Fire Nation allowing Izusho to take back control. In the wars 18th year Una helped a group of Waterbenders and Firebenders invade the Earth Kingdom and using the Avatar State, using single hand she easily defeated thousands of Earth Kingdom soldiers in the city of Omashu leading to its capture and by the United Forces of the coalition. After years of inaction the Avatar was back.


Supreme Emperor Huang Tsing remained confident behind the walls of Ba Sing Se but Una devised a plan to defeat him. She dressed up as an Earth Kingdom refugee entering Ba Sing Se and once inside she entered the Avatar State. Not much is known about Avatar Unas battle in Ba Sing Se but it is know she fought her way into the upper ring and captured Huang Tsing thus effectivaly ending th dirty war. She then proceeded to appoint Huang Tsings brother Xin Chon as the 41st Earth King and imprisoning Huang Tsing on a metal rig in between the Earth Kingdom and the Southern Water Tribe. However Huang Tsing escaped eventually starting a civil war in the Earth Kingdom which was left to Unas successor Fuyen of the Earth Kingdom.

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