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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Corruption and Redemption.

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Shine On You Crazy Diamond

The Devil is the spirit that resides within Azula that represents the evil that is within her. It is a character from Corruption and Redemption, by Kilo99.


Creation and Early Life

The Devil was created when princess Azula was born, as well was it's rival, The Guardian. When Azula's mother, Ursa, started to neglect her in favor of her brother, Zuko, Azula started to grow closer to her cruel father, Ozai. When Ozai warped Azula to be his evil pawn, Azula started to grow more and more corrupt, and as she did, the Devil grew stronger and the Guardian grew weaker. By the time Azula had become involved in the century-long War against the other nations, The Devil became so strong from Azula's inner evil that it became nearly invincible against the Guardian.

Appearing to Azula

Sozin's dragon

The Devil's blue dragon form

When Azula was traveling through the Earth Kingdom and started to have a more humble life, the Guardian slowly grew stronger, slightly weakening the Devil. When the Guardian tried to show her more at the path of redemption, the Devil intervened and tried to keep Azula in turmoil. The Devil, in its Ozai form, tried to corrupt Azula into staying evil, but the Guardian, stronger and furious at it, tried to prevent the Devil from corrupting her. They both then went into a fierce duel, the Devil taking the form of Fire Lord Sozin and the Guardian taking the form of Avatar Roku. After launching huge blasts of red and blue fire at each other, the Guardian then took the form of a red dragon, while the Devil took the form of a blue dragon and continued to battle each other. After Azula left the traumatic experience, they both continued to battle each other, wanting supremacy over Azula's mind.


  • The Devil's original name was supposed to be the Corrupter, but the author felt that that would be too much of a cliche.

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