Air Nomad Genocide
The Second Genocide?
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Avatar Phoa



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March 16, 2012

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The First Defiance (Avatar Phoa)

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Leaving the Island (Avatar Phoa)

The Destruction is the fourth chapter of Avatar Phoa series, written by AcerEvan.


Air Temple Island, 16:00

The fires blaze through the temple. All of the old relics burned, the dining room was destroyed, all of the statue was crashed. The zombies start to destroy the temple. The chaos of the second genocide was raging, while the Avatar and the team was survived, defend the rest of the ruins.

"Help..! Help...! Somebody can hear me?!" said Lily, a young airbender yelled, surrounded by the raging fire.

"I've heard something. Joy, defend the relics!" Ratih ordered.

The teenager waterbender ran away, through the fire, while the little girl yelled searching for help.

"I'm here, don't worry." Ratih said to the girl.

"My scrolls was there, Ratih. Aww...!" Lily yelled.

"Hand burned. Don't worry, be calm. Here you are." Ratih calmed Lily, then give her a first-aid. "Alright, stand here, tries to defend yourself while I put your scroll. If the fire starts raging onto you, call me."

Ratih, after took the scroll, ran and get Lily after her. They two jump, and fall down in a river. After get the safe place, Lily ran to the Flying Bison Stable, searching her parents. While Lily was split up with her, Ratih uses the water to stopped the blazes.

"Ough... Ough...! It's too much!" Ratih yelled.

Suddenly, when the horizon became black, while the golden sphere spreads up onto the sky, almost indigo, the fire burned all the young waterbender. She can't handle the fire.

"Guys...! Cough.... Guys! Where are you?!"

"Ratih...!" Lily suddenly yelled.

Tortoise Beach, 19:20

"Where's Ratih?" Joy yelled.

"She was ran away for saving a girl in the temple. I'm not sure.... Is she saved." Fansha said.

The young firebender ran after his love interest. He ignored the fire that burned his hand, the branches that make his face was fulled by blood.

"Ratih....!" Joy screamed.

"Ratih! Ratih!" Lily tried to call Ratih. "My feet burned!"

Suddenly, with his brave and trustful, he ran to the girl, get her, and put the injured girl with his love interest on the beach. Fortunately, he has a first aid experience so he can save them both.

"Joy, is Ratih save?" Fansha wondered.

"Absolutely, I hope so." Joy responded.

The Monks and Sisters, after saving all young airbenders, ran and held the fire.

"Lio, throw the lady through the sea." Monk Meethu said.

Finally, Oblivia thrown onto the sea, floated at the raging thunderstorm. The rest of fire on wrecked temple is start to stop. Some sisters cried, and someone else tries to held the fire. Fortunately, the zombie automatically die along with the fainted Mindmaster

Main Air Temple, 20:00

The horizon full filled by the stars, while the roots became charcoal, all of the temple was ruined. The sea shores echoing onto the Main Hall, while the Avatar walks entered the room.

"Those who don't saved."

The relics, all of the glider, burned. The statue of Avatar Aang was destroyed. The paintings of flying bison was turned black onto a rustic wall, while the smoke covers the paints. It was very destructed temple, while the mist wets the island.

Can the Avatar saved the World? See more in next chapters: Leaving the Island.

Author's Note

The same things that I imagine about the genocide. I was very confused with the idea of any words. But, with your hands, I can. Thanks for someone who help me in grammar and spelling!

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