Asami overcoming her anger
Diamond's Destiny
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The Destiny of Diamond





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December 25, 2012

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The Secret

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The Leader's Name?

"Diamond, what about the leader?" asks Diamond's mother.

"You told me I was the Avatar, and I will accept my destiny - my target is their leader!" says Diamond.

"But you're gonna get hurt," says Diamond's father.

"I don't care! It's my destiny now!" says Diamond. "No matter how much hurt I will get, I will do it!"

"Diamond - are you sure about this?" ask her mother.

"I'm sure." says Diamond.

Meanwhile at the Equalist alley

"Sir, what should we do about the Avatar?" ask an Equalist.

"Let her go - she will learn her lesson," answers the leader.

So Diamond went to Republic City to visit Zen..

"Zen, should we attack now?" ask Diamond.

"No - you are an Avatar that doesn't know all elements! So I suggest we go to Desdemona's place - it's the safest house," answers Zen.

"Who's Desdemona?" ask Diamond.

"Dean's girlfriend, Dean is my childhood friend and a Firebender," answers Zen.

"Great! Maybe he can taught me how to bend fire," says Diamond.

"That is why we're going there," says Zen.

So they went to Desdemona's place..

"This is Avatar Diamond," says Zen.

"Hi, I'm Desdemona. Our place is the safest!" says Desdemona.

"Our?" ask Diamond.

"I meant me, my father and Dean's. We live here. And so is Zen gonna," says Desdemona.

"So where's Dean?" ask Diamond. Dean came.

"I'm Dean," says Dean.

"So you're gonna teach me how to Firebend?" ask Diamond excitedly.

"Yeah - how to firebend, for beginners!" says Dean.

"What do you mean for beginners?" ask Diamond.

"You're a beginner," answers Dean.

"Am not!" shouts Diamond.

"Am too!" shouts Dean. Then a few Equalist arrive.

"I thought you said this was the safest!" says Zen.

"I don't know - my father said so!" says Desdemona.

To be continued..

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