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December 24, 2012

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Diamond's Destiny

Diamond and her family are hiding under an underground bunker, saving themselves from the Equalists.

"You stay here, Diamond," says Diamond's mother.

"Okay," says Diamond. Her parents walked away to get their weapon. Diamond knew her parents never have a weapon to protect them. So she walked to see what they're doing. She overheard them talking.

"We can't keep this secret forever, honey," says Diamond's mother.

"But we need to keep her away from the Equalists," says Diamond's father.

"We should tell Diamond that she's the Avatar - it's her destiny," says Diamond's mother. Diamond from behind gasped.

"But then the Equalists will attack her and capture her," says Diamond's mother.

"What does their leader know?" Diamond's father ask.

"I'm...the Avatar?" Diamond from behind spoke to herself. Diamond then walked to her parents. "Why did you keep me wait? Why didn't you just tell me?!" Diamond shouted.

"Tell what?" Diamond's mother asked.

"I heard you say I'm the Avatar, is that true?!" Diamond asked.

"Yes..." Diamond's father answered.

"Why didn't you tell me before?! What bender am I?!" Diamond shouted.

"Earthbender," Diamond's father answered. Diamond quickly ran away.

"Diamond!" Her mother shouted for her.

Somewhere in Republic City...

Diamond sobbed. "Hey girl, what's the problem?" A boy walked to her.

"My parents kept me a secret. And I finally know," answered Diamond.

"Tell me the secret," says the boy.

"I'm the Avatar," says Diamond.

"Holy chiz!" The boy gasped as he find out Diamond was the Avatar.

"Then you don't mind if I tell you to stop the--"

"I didn't know I was an Earthbender at all! Now I need to master all four elements and that--"

"I'm an Earthbender," whispered the boy. "my name is Zen,"

"Nice to meet you, Zen, I'm Diamond," says Diamond. The boy cheered her up.

"The Equalist leader wants you, so I suggest we hide," says the boy.

"Where?" Diamond asked.

"Anywhere - but not houses, the Equalists' leader search for the Avatar at all houses," says Zen.

"Then where should we hide?" Diamond asked.

"The forest," Zen answered.

They went to the forest...

"So where are your parents?" Zen asked.

"Oh, um...I sneaked out here because they..." Diamond didn't want to talk about it.

"Okay. Let's hide here forever," says Zen.

"Hide here forever?!" Diamond shouted. "I'm the Avatar - we need to go back to Republic City!!"

"But I thought you didn't want to be the Avatar," says Zen.

"I don't - but I care about other people!" Diamond shouted. "We need to go back there!!"

So they went back to Republic City and hide in a bush.

"So what's the plan?" Zen asked.

"You rock and I roll," says Diamond.

"What's our mission?" Zen asked.

"To meet their leader," answers Diamond.

At an Equalist valley...

Zen wear an Equalist outfit to disguise himself to get in there.

"Hey, it's me. An Equalist," he said. Diamond was behind him. The Equalists look at Zen.

"What?" Zen asked. He then Earthbend and the Equalist were crushed with rocks. "See ya!" Zen and Diamond entered the valley.

"Nice job," Diamond said.

"No prob," Zen said.

They sneaked into the leader's office...

"Hello, boss," says Diamond. The leader turned around and saw Diamond. "I'm not your friend, dummie!" Diamond said and kicked the leader in the face.

"And I'm not falling for your tricks," the leader said and jumped. He kicked and punched Diamond.

"And I'm the Avatar," says Diamond and Earthbend to the leader.

"Oh, little Avatar," the leader said and he punched Diamond. The other Equalists arrive. Diamond was outnumbered. Zen arrived.

"What we're you doing?!" Diamond shouted.

"Eating the food here," answered Zen.

"Plan B!!" Diamond shouted. They ran away.

Diamond went back to her parents...

"Diamond, where were you?" Her parents asked.

"We need to stop the Equalist. Their leader..." Diamond walked away from them. "is my target," Diamond then saw a poster of their leader and knew they've been here. She took the poster and crumbled it up.

To be continued...

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