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~~The Waterfall~~

As I woke on that rather sunny I watched the beauty of nature surrounding me. The calming yet mighty water of the nearby waterfall, the beautiful colours of the roses, which were blooming and the sky, the wonderful blue sky. I took some of that "deliciously" tasting bread, if that's even what you can call it made a fire, so that I could heat my tea cup filled with water. As I ate the peace of bread and drank by tea along, just to make the taste a little more bearable a not so pleasant thought appeared as I looked down on the map. I was just a few hundred feat away from the Si Wong Desert, the hottest, most despicable place on Earth.

I started packing my few belongings into my pockets and headed out. Once again, I refilled my flash with that, that was like liquid sunshine to me, water. Fresh and cool water. As I started walking towards the desert I only thought about my former home. The orphanage. I thought about my only real friend in life, Sai. I thought about...what did I think about?...

There wasn't much to think about. My whole life rotated around the orphanage and the few pleasant conversations with Sai. That was my life. Dull and boring. Finally, after several attempts I finally managed to delete those thoughts from my head, unfortunately just for now. But I couldn't think of anything other to think about. My head was empty of any thoughts. As I walked for about four hours I could see and feel the landscape changing. There were no more trees, no more cooling shades, no more grass... just sand, sand and nothing else. And surprisingly enough I was okay with it. I knew, that I had to be strong, that I couldn't give up.

~~The Si Wong Desert~~

The next two hours of walking took so long. As if I was walking for ages. Then, finally I saw something as beautiful as things can be, in the desert of course. I saw a rock, a giant rock and its shadow. As I sat down I realized, that I've only been walking for a couple of hours, but the sheer heat was getting to me. So I decided that it would be best to sit down and wait for night fall, when it gets cooler. But I couldn't sleep. Every time I'd close my eyes I'd see the family on that Flying Bison. What did they mean, why did I have these dreams of visions of them? Finally after a not so restful afternoon nightfall finally came. I stood up started walking. I walked for hours, only drinking the smallest amount of water I could. The night wasn't the same as I expected. I thought the nights in the desert were cool and refreshing, but I was wrong, terribly wrong.

The nights were freezing, the coldest I've ever been in. As I looked around I could see the Sun rising. I saw a small cave about a mile ahead. I slowly walked towards the cave of salvation, as I called it.

~~The Cave~~

When I entered the cave I entered a different world. Outside, even in the morning the sun rained supreme, making everything bow before its might. But here was different. The temperature was perfect and surprisingly it was quite moist – perfect refreshment in the middle of the desert. Before I went to bed I checked my water supply. I still had about two thirds of water left, so I was revealed. As I lay down and started drifting to sleep I started hearing quiet little sounds, that were coming from the back of the cave. I went to check and saw that tiny drops of water were drifting down from the moist sealing.

I took my cup out of my pocked and placed it on the floor, where the drops were drifting. Then, finally, revealed, that I solved my water supply problem, I went to bed. As I woke up I could see the Sun setting. I went to the back of the cave, where I left my cup and saw that water was already pouring from the sides, as the cup was entirely full. I should have bought a bigger cup. I drank a small sip of water and I poured the rest of it into my flask. I decided, that I wasn't in a particular rush, so I spent the entire night and following day resting and refilling my flask, until it was full. I even drank a whole cup of water, when the flask was already full. With my new strength and more importantly refilled water supply I continued my journey towards the Southern Air Temple.

~~The Si Wong Desert~~

The next few days passed without anything special. Each day I would rest and each night I would be on the move, walking evermore slowly and with less strength towards my new home. I kind of became obsessed. Each time that I doubt my abilities and thought that I would succeed I thought about my present life. Up until now I was always seen as a quitter, I was seen depressed and without life. But this had to change. I didn't know what would be my destiny, my purpose in life, I still don't, but I'm certain that I was on this earth for far more important reasons than to be an orphan, with nothing to do with my life. For inspiration I looked into the future and into the past. I thought about what I wanted to become, which things interest me, and I found the answer in the Air Acolytes. But I also thought about the things that happened long ago, long before I was born. I had several books about the previous Avatar, Aang and about his Friends, how they overcame great obstacles, even when it seemed that they were doomed, and that nothing good was going to happen. You might think that I was too idealistic, but that was the thing that kept me going. A few days passed and I became worried.

I only had a few sips of water left and I knew that I wouldn't make it without more than I had. It was the eleventh day that I was walking in the desert and even with all of my "happy" thoughts my morale fell. I couldn't go onward. I collapsed onto the ground, knowing that these might be my finally minutes. I tilted my head up, so that I couldn't see the blue skies one last time, but that wasn't what I saw. I saw a settlement. I saw an Oasis. I saw salvation. With the remainder of my strength I lifted myself up and slowly started walking towards the settlement. The last steps felt like an eternity, as I slowly entered the gates of the what seemed to me as the most beautiful place in the world.

~~The Misty Palms Oasis~~

Slowly I walked into the local tavern, first drank all of the water I still had... only a few sips, and then I ordered a smoothie. As the waiter was making the cool smoothie I was looking at the map, and finally I found the place that I was right now. The Misty Palms Oasis. And more importantly I was at the other side of the Si Wong Desert, the place that nearly took my life.

Only a few miles separated me from the coast of the Southeastern Earth Kingdom, and the Southern Sea, the only thing that still divided me from the Southern Air Temple. As I drank and payed for my refreshing smoothie I found the neared shade and fell asleep. I woke up the next day, refreshed and ready for the remainder of the journey.

There were still a few miles separating me from the coastline, but these miles were nothing compared to even a single foot of desert. The landscape was green again and filled with life. As I walked by a creek, the smoothing waters calmed me down and the five hours I walked flew by in a hearth beat.

~~The city of Shau~~

As I reached the city of Shau, I immediately went to the nearby Pier, where fishing and transport boats were stationed. I asked a fisherman if there were any boats going to the area of the Southern Air Temple, the Patola mountain range and he, not very kindly, directed me towards a nearby fisherman, who frequently fished around those parts. When I got to the Fisherman I faced my "first" serious problem. Money. He told me that he would give me a "huge" discount if I got enough money until next Monday...that was only four days away. I spend the entire time I wanted to have for rest and relaxation working, just scraping together enough money, so that I could go with the fisherman.

The journey lasted only a few hours, but I was more tired than excited. I woke up when I felt that we were slowing down. I went out of my small cabin and onto the main deck of the ship. When I got there my Hearth sank into my trousers. For the first time I saw the Patola Mountain Range with my own eyes. They were huge, the biggest mountains I've ever seen. And at that point I knew, that the hard part of my journey just started.


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