Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Demise and Rebuilding in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The Demise and Rebuilding
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Olorin The Black


July 26 to Aug 9 2011


Olorin The Black


Olorin The Black


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The Demise And Rebuilding

The Demise And Rebuilding is a fanon miniseries created by Olorin The Black. It Has 10 Episodes and is about the Southern Water Tribe.


This Fanon Is A History Of The Southern Water Tribe From 0BG to 110 AG. It gives an insight into the lives of so many waterbenders. This fanon is a miniseries of 10 episodes. More May Be Added On. It also gives insight into the government of the souther Water Tribe.

Chapters(Links When Finished With Chapter)

  • Chapter 1:War TBA
  • Chapter 2:Peace TBA
  • Chapter 3:Raids Pt. 1 TBA
  • Chapter 4:Raids Pt. 2 TBA
  • Chapter 5:Relations TBA
  • Chapter 6:Weapons TBA
  • Chapter 7:Leadership TBA
  • Chapter 8:Rebuilding TBA
  • Chapter 9:TBA TBA
  • Chapter 10:TBA TBA


  • Katara-Crown Princess
  • Sokka-Crown Prince
  • Aang-Avatar, Prince
  • Pakku-Waterbending Master
  • Hakoda-Chieftan
  • Hama-Former POW, Healing Master
  • Mechanist-Co-Building Designer(via Messenger Hawk)
  • Kanna-Advisor
  • Suki-Princess
  • Kya- Former Queen Chieftan(Deceased)
  • Klea-Current Queen Chieftan
  • Ubi- Prince
  • Bato-Vice Chieftan, Advisor, Builder, Co-Building Designer
  • Abaku-Crown Prince

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