The Death of Katara
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The Death of Katara is the fifteenth chapter of The Avatar of the Fire Temple.


In the Fire Temple, Aang could not find Katara. He hurried through the fire temple in a panic, searching for her.

He saw Fire Lord Ozai wandering through the fire temple. He had a triumphant look in his eyes that made Aang suspicious.

The Avatar followed him to an upper balcony of the fire temple, where he stared out at the Place of Grieving in the distance.

Aang followed the direction of the Fire Sage's gaze, and saw a figure in blue being carried up to the gallows.

Aang gasped in horror! He hought he recognized the figure far below.

The noose was tied to the gallows and the ladder was kicked away. As the truth dawned, Aang's heart almost stopped: it was Katara.

As the rope around her neck tightened, Fire Lord Ozai let out a terrible, evil cackle of delight. His curse had gone forever. "At last!" cackled Ozai.

In a fury, Aang rushed forward and did what he should have done long before now. He pushed the cruel Fire Sage over the balcony edge. "Damnation!" screamed Ozai in terror.

Ozai hung desperately to one of the stone gargoyles! Below in the square, people heard the noises and looked up. "Aang, my son, please help me!" begged Ozai.

But Aang did not even look at the Fire Lord. He was staring into the square, tears rolling down his face.

Finally, the Fire Sage fell. He spinned through the air, his robes flapping in the wind. He let out a scream.

As he plummeted to earth, his fall was broken by a rooftop. He struggled to stop himself slipping further but was too weak to hang on. "Help me!" called Ozai helplessly.

With a sickening thud he hit the cobbles below. Crowds gathered around the crumpled, broken body: Fire Lord Ozai was dead.

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