Nan Shan River
The Death of Her Savior
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The Death of Her Savior

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October 22nd, 2012

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A frustrated girl goes for a walk to calm herself down. Little did she know that this relxaing stroll would become her worst nightmare.

The Death of Her Savior

She stormed down the trail, more furious than a momma moose lion after someone's messed with her baby. Though her anger was enticing with every step, something... something mysterious, as mysterious as the Spirit World, in the back of her mind was telling her to stop. Stop and notice the flora. The colors, the emotions packed into a small being made her question why. Why is she still mad? She came out into the wilderness to calm down, and that's exactly what she was going to do.

She looked around and stared at each plant, gazing upon the hues and strenuously watched the leaves slightly move. Along the path she came upon a stream, slowly moving. The water was so clear the fish could be identified with ease. She looked at her reflection. The water somehow brought out her cerulean eyes and her black hair. The occasional duck would splash in the water, causing the at-ease girl to jolt. No matter the disturbance, she would soon resume her peaceful stroll. But soon, very soon, there would be another disturbance. One that would make her regret even stepping two feet into the wilderness...

An unusually loud rumble came from the water. She stopped dead in her tracks. The rumble came again, louder than before. Splash, splash When she realized that it was the stream erecting the ominous commotion she stared at it, noticing the water had turned dark.

Not one creature could be spotted. All of a sudden, an enormous Se tu jumped at her. She fell to the ground, pushing herself backwards until she bumped into a fuzzy-feeling object, assuming it was a tree heavily coated with moss. But then, she thought to herself that what she had been reclining on wasn't what she thought it was.

Slowly, yes slowly, she pivoted her head to gaze upon what could cause her near death. The mighty, ferocious, ruthless, tormenting, traumatizing sight of the pitch black platypus bear had locked eyes with the girl and they sat in what had seemed like silence for a short time, until the silence was shattered by an array of growls and shrieks.

The girl quickly got up, sprinting, away in fear. The birds and small animals fled, creating all sorts of noises throughout the deadly forest. This was just another day for those animals, fleeing from predators, predators that longed for their meat. Running away had been a trait handed down for generations, but this trait hadn't been instilled into the little girl.

She yelped and scowled, throwing rocks behind her in hopes of the predator tripping. But she, yes she, was the one who had tripped. Praying that she would get away, she crawled until she noticed a cliff was inches away.

Upon being defenseless and feet away from her fate, she just laid there, awaiting her doom. The bear went into its all-to-familiar stance (on its hind legs), growled and then all went silent. The adolescent slowly opened her eyes, watching a miracle badgermole fight off her death.

The noise grew too loud for her so she put her hands over her ears but kept those big, blue eyes on the brawl between beasts. Somehow the mole pinned the bear down, and scratched until the bear gave up.

The mole regained its composure and slowly crawled towards the girl, creepier with each step. It stopped and sat. They sat. For hours they sat, motionless... noiseless, except for the small groans from the badger. He girl didn't move because of the state of shock she was in. Then, quite abruptly, the savior got up.

Somehow her life was in danger. Before the badger could move, the bear was back. Caught off guard, he badger was pushed violently by the bear and stumbled, falling off the cliff shortly after. The only sounds heard were the thump! after the mole's descent to death and the cry of a little girl.

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