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True Justice



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October 19, 2012

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A gentleman was walking down a dark street with his hands behind his back whistling casually. The tune echoed off the walls of the dimly lit street. A loud crash of metal made him stop underneath a street lamp and look around the tall buildings. All he saw was the windows that scattered the structures. He shrugged and kept walking with just a little bit of anxiety. A man dressed in a blue suit stepped out from one of the alleys in front of him and smirked. At the same time, another man dressed in a green suit stepped out from behind him. Seeing the suspicious man in front of him, the man looked over his shoulder and saw the second man behind him.

He went to cross the street but a man dressed in a dark red suit stepped out from the darkness of another alley. The three slowly closed in on the man and he found himself trapped in a triangle of Triple Threat Triad thugs. The one in the red suit had a bright white katana at his side adding a somewhat deadly grace to his otherwise sly appearance.

"I see you walked into the wrong neighbourhood," The man in blue said. "Look, I don't want any trouble fellas," The gentleman pleaded with his hands raised in the air.

"Oh don't worry, we don't want any trouble either. It's just you have to pay a toll to get through here." He unclipped his water skin and hovered his hand over it, ready to strike.

"Okay, okay. Let's just calm down."

The man's attempt to reason was shot down when the thug in the green suit lifted a small rock out of the ground and levitated it in the air, ready to strike. "Give us the money," he demanded.

The gentleman reached in his pocket to pull out his wallet, but the man with the sword read it differently and drew his katana. He flinched and dropped his wallet as he was pulling it out. When it landed the waterbender and earthbender made a dash for it and the man, acting in defence, desperately reached out for it to protect the dear memories that were held inside.

His fingers brushed the top of the wallet but were stopped by a sharp pain in his side. He looked at the red thug who was looking at him with a tilt of his head. It was then he saw the shining silver jabbed into his side. The thug yanked out the sword and instantly the man dropped to the floor with a scream of pain.

Toph Beifong, who was patrolling the nearby park heard the scream and ran towards its source as quickly as she could, her metal armour rattling all the way.

Mean while the man lay on the floor with a pool of blood quickly spilling onto the cobblestone road. The earthbender and waterbender looked at him with shock and horror, but the man with the sword smiled as he saw the man's life slowly draining onto the road. He glanced at his pure white sword which was now dotted with crimson blood with a satisfied grin and sheathed it into its scabbard.

"You! Stop!" Toph stood at the end of the street pointing at the criminals. They quickly grabbed the wallet and took off, trying to get to the darkness and out of sight. Toph ran after them and threw a metal cable to catch the red suited man, but he turned and sliced the cable before it reached him and continued to run. Toph went to pursue him, but she felt another persons heartbeat close to her.

She ran over to the beat and knelt down at the persons side, her metal armour clanking across the cobblestone. She ran her fingers on his face and after passing his eyes and nose she realised who it was. With a gasp she lost her professional image and started to panic. "Ohev?"

"Toph, my love..." He muttered out.

His voice sounded weak and his breath was soft. She put one of her hands on the floor and immediately retracted when she felt the cold liquid. Toph rubbed it on her fingertips and brought it up to her nose to smell it. She recognised the smell and its thick texture. It was blood.

"I'm going to get you out of here Ohev." She picked up his limp body and stood up. Toph jerked her left leg up and raised a hill of earth. "Just hold on." She stepped forward and started to earth walk to the hospital.


Tenzin and Lin were walking through Wuye park, hand in hand. The stone pathway was illuminated by the newly installed electric lamps, which cast a warm yellow glow on its surroundings. The soft inclines of green grass were turned black by the arrival of night and the trees were just eerie shadows under the moon's light. At the centre of the park stood a large white marble fountain. Its water had a light blue glow that encompassed the circle it was stood in.

Lin wore a black dress with golden linings, the silk crafted to fit her perfectly. Tenzin had recently gained his airbending mastery tattoos and he wore them with pride, almost as much as his new robes that were the usual yellow and orange scheme apart from his cloak which was a dark red.

Tenzin stopped the stroll and gave Lin a warm smile. She looked at him with narrowed eyes. "Okay Tenzin. What's your game?"

"Nothing..." He slyly replied with a smirk on his face.

Lin turned to face him. "Garbage. We go out to celebrate you getting your tattoos and you end up taking me out to my favourite restaurant, then my favourite spot in Republic City."

The blue glow of the fountain clashed with Lin's green eyes and gave them a turquoise colour. Her black hair also contrasted with the light and it was giving it a tint of grey. Tenzin made a warm smile at her beauty and grabbed her hands. "I think you've been doing too much detective work," he joked. Lin pouted and huffed. "I was joking. Listen, Lin, I-um-we've been seeing each other for a while now."

Lin looked up into his grey eyes. "Tenzin it has been eleven years."

Tenzin sighed to recuperate himself. "I've been thinking about that a lot recently and I-" he scratched the back of his neck, his confidence that was in abundance before was shot.

"Spit it out Tenzin!" She demanded.

"I was wondering if you would answer me a question," Tenzin sternly said, trying to keep his posture.

"What is it?" Lin softly said to try and get him to relax.

"Lin, I-"

"Miss Beifong, miss Beifong." A woman with a squeaky voice ran towards the fountain waving a piece of paper in her hand. She came to a stop at the couple and hunched over trying to catch her breath. Her glasses teetering off the edge of her nose. "What? Can't you see I'm busy here!"

"Yes miss Beifong, but I have an important message. It's about your father." Lin's angered expression started to relax into one of worry and her heart skipped a beat. "He was attacked and sent to the hospital. Your mother wants to see you urgently."

Lin's legs started to feel weak and she found herself starting to lean on Tenzin for support. She looked up at him with watery eyes. "I'll call Oogi." Tenzin pulled out a bison whistle from the inside of his robe and blew into it. Almost straight after, Oogi's roar could be heard breaking through the silent sky and his gigantic form landed landed on the grass with a large thud.

Lin and Tenzin ran for the bison and Tenzin leapt onto its saddle with a gust of air. He held out his hand for Lin and she grabbed onto it tightly. When she was securely in the saddle, Tenzin took the reigns. "Yip yip!" The sky bison growled and took off with a large smack of its tail.


Lin sat shivering in the bison's saddle looking at the darkness of the sky. Her arms were folded across her chest so she could stay warm, but they were also there for the comfort. Her mind was a mash up of emotions, she did not know how to feel. Concern was her main thought, but also anger at the ones who did this. The thought of her father held her heart like a vice and it often caused her to lose breath and her arms to shake.

She traced the great ravines of buildings with her eyes and as the wind blew her hair wildly, a single tear from her eye was taken by the wind and it landed on Tenzin's shoulder, slightly staining his robe. He felt the water and looked back at Lin, who was wiping her face with her black sleeve.

She was never usually like this. She was always the one who was tough and stuck through it all, but Tenzin had never seen her cry before. Ever.

The hospital stood as a tall beacon of light that sliced into the sky above. Tenzin looked back at Lin. "We're here." He heard a sniffle and Lin turned around to see his saddened expression.

She said nothing and just continued to stare on at the hospital where her father was being held, both fear and anticipation making her shiver and locking her in place. "Hold on father. I'm coming."


Lin sat at the edge of her father's hospital bed holding his cold hand that lay limp at his side. The tears had dried on her cheeks and her eyes were puffy and red. He felt like he was going to die, she could feel his heartbeat slowly falling but his rising chest proved her senses otherwise. Toph was outside talking to a doctor in the corridor about her husbands deteriorating condition.

Her mother said he'd been stabbed during a mugging and she got there just after the criminals took off. In all truth Lin did not care why he was hurt, just that he was hurt and she was losing him every second.

Her gaze was averted to him when he took a sharp breath in and slowly opened his brown eyes. He smiled softly when he saw his daughter. Lin smirked a little. "Dad?" "Lin," he weakly said whilst grasping her hand.

"I'm here dad," she reassured.

"I-I haven't got long left Lin."

Lin sat up. "Don't say that!" She protested. He never gave up, why now?

"Calm Lin. We all go eventually. Just tell me you will-" he coughed violently and Lin felt a slight pang in her heart which showed as a look of worry on her face.. "Protect your mother. She might not get through this."

"How do you think I feel?" She wept.

"You are a str-" He coughed again and Lin started to cry, "You're a strong girl Lin. You always have been." His eyelids started to flutter and his grasp on Lin's hand become weaker. "I love you..." His final breath was stammered. His eyes slowly closed and his chest stopped moving, signalling the end of the pain, and his life.

Lin bit her lip and her back started to jerk as she tried to hold back the tears. She let go of his hand and smothered her face in her palms. Her mind was blank, it was her instinct that made her cry, not sorrow, not anger, nothing else but instinct.

After five minutes she slid open the door and stepped outside with red eyes. Everyone was there: Aang, Katara, Bumi, Kya, Sokka, Suki and... Tenzin hugged her and drew her in close. She returned the gesture and held him tight, quietly sobbing in his shoulder whilst embracing the warmth he gave her. She felt a slight glimmer of happiness in his embrace, but it was still not enough to fill the void that drained away her thoughts.

When they pulled away from each other Toph looked at Lin with dread in her eyes. Lin closed her eyes and looked away as the tears managed to worm their way out of the corners. Toph may of been blind but she could still feel her abdomen jumping up and down. She walked over to Lin and hugged her, tears streaming from her white, lifeless eyes.

All of the gaang looked down at the floor in sorrow and Suki started crying on Sokka's shoulder. Without saying anything Toph let go of Lin and went into the room of her dead husband.

The group of her old friends could hear the weeps coming through the walls. Each break in her cries drilled into Lin's ears and stained them with her mother's anguish. It was only then everything rushed into to her and made a torrent storm of emotions in her brain. Hate, sadness, fear, love, anger all clashed together to make one thought so diabolical; so evil, yet so pure.


When Tenzin tried to comfort her, his voice was blocked out of her mind and all she could hear was that of her fathers. "You're a strong girl Lin... I love you." The words echoed in her mind and were intensified by her mothers grief. Without realising she was doing it, her hands turned into a fist until her knuckles were a pale white and her nails dug deep into her skin. Nobody else saw it but Aang who looked over to her with worried eyes.

Author's Notes

  • This is the idea I got whilst having an extended period of writer's block. I though it was a good idea and I wrote it down. I'm planning to make this a short story.
  • If you can tell me if I should add or remove anything to improve the fanon I would appreciate it greatly as I want to make sure I can make this fanon as good as it can be.

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