Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Days of Fire in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The Days Of Fire
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Avatar: The Last Airbender


Fire Lord Ozai has escaped his prison, Thanks to the help of some of the Fire Nation guards. When he escapes, he seeks to destroy Zuko and take back his throne. Zuko loses his sight and is thrown out of the Fire Nation. Ozai's return could not come at a worse time, the Avatar, Aang, has vanished once again, but is found by Katara. Now Aang must stop Fire Lord Ozai before he takes over the other three nations.


Aang- Two years after defeating Fire Lord Ozai, Aang is trapped in the Southern Air Temple for Six years, stuck in the Avatar State trying to communicate with Avatar Roku. Katara thinks the worst, but still searches for Aang. When she finds him using Appa (who comes back to find her), the 20-year-old Aang awakens to realize that the world he knew when he went into the Avatar State is not the same.

Katara- Now a master of waterbending, 22-year-old Katara is able to fend for herself and help others in need. Therefore, Katara is more confident, but after Aang goes missing after she got into an argument with him over his Avatar duties, and Fire Lord Ozai returned, she feels helpless, as if there is no hope. Until Appa comes and takes her to where Aang is.

Sokka- Sokka has not seen or heard from Aang, or Katara since Aang went missing. He leaves to return to the Southern Water Tribe to fulfill his duties of protecting the Water Tribe from the now free Ozai. When 23-year-old Sokka gets word that Katara has found Appa, he returns to help with whatever he can, and fight back to save the four nations and find Aang.

Toph- After Aang defeated the Fire Lord, Toph returned home to her parents in hope they would take her back and their relationship would get better, but once she gets word that Aang goes missing, she leaves once again, and is told by her father never to return again. 20-year-old Toph has now mastered metalbending and has used it as an advantage to her fighting.

Zuko- Now the Fire Lord, 24-year-old Zuko has doubled his responsibility's, making the Fire Nation a peaceful nation once again. When his father escapes, Zuko is beaten by his father's firebending and losses his sight. Zuko is thrown out of the Fire Nation with his sight gone and in agonizing pain, he cannot go anywhere, but is found by his Uncle Iroh. With the help of his uncle, he returns to the north to find Aang and Katara. When he gets there, he is told that Aang is missing. He then thinks what his father has done to him and says he will do whatever he can to help, and with the help of Toph he does just that.

Iroh- After his nephew Zuko takes over as Fire Lord, Iroh is freed. Still upset about how Zuko acted, Iroh leaves the Fire Nation and begins living in the forest. When he sees Zuko hurt, he does whatever he can to heal him. Iroh then leaves for the north with Zuko to find Aang and Katara.

Ozai- Fire Lord Ozai escapes from his cell by bribing some Fire Nation guards, and, with the help of the guards, he escapes and is set to take back the Fire Nation and conquer all four nations. He first starts by freeing Azula in secret, and takes away Zuko's sight using his firebending, and takes back his throne.

Azula- Azula is freed by her father after he escaped from his prison cell and takes the throne of Fire Lord from Zuko. Azula is freed in secret so she could train with her father and learn to become more powerful then ever and take over all four nations.

Appa- Appa is Aang's flying bison. He has been asleep for six years while Aang is stuck in the Avatar State. When Appa awakens, he finds Aang still in the Avatar State and goes to find Katara.

Momo- Momo is Aang's lemur. He stays with Katara while Aang and Appa are gone and is an important part of the group and is Appa's best friend.


  1. Have You Seen This Avatar?
  2. The Return Of Ozia
  3. A Princes Journey To The North
  4. The Bicon
  5. Finding Saka
  6. Return To The North/Return Of A Prince
  7. Boy In The Temple
  8. The Plan
  9. The Earth Kingdom
  10. The Water Tribe
  11. Azula
  12. Retreat
  13. Raid
  14. Taking Back The Water
  15. What must be done
  16. Final Battle
  17. The Aftermath

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