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May 12, 2015

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A Day at Avatar Korra Park

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Electricity Lockdown

Fire, Air, Water, Earth. Someday, The Lost Earthbender will bring balance to the world.

Team Avatar was running to the City Hall back gates; they presumed that they were late after spending the day at Avatar Korra Park; they arrived at the back gates.

"Are we late?" Jing said.

"No, you just made it," replied the receptionist.

Team Avatar cheered as they made it on time and entered through the front gates so they would go out the front gates and enter the steps of the City Hall to announce to the world that the Avatar had returned.

The normal programming went dark and a man on television said, "We now interrupt your normal programming as the President of Republic City delivers an important announcement."

The front gates were opened and President Ru walked towards the podium and all cameras were looking at him; he stood and addressed the world.

President Ru addressed them. "Hello, people of the world; I bring you such important news, the Avatar, the most important figure in the world, has RETURNED!"

The world erupted in cheers as they watched the news; some were shocked, but happy with tears of joy.

President Ru continued to speak. "Yes, we have found The Lost Earthbender. He has returned safe and sound to bring balance to our and the Spirit World."

"What do you think his name is?" said a man from the crowd.

"Another Kyoshi would be nice," said the girl.

"But Kyoshi's a girl," he replied.

President Ru continued to speak again. "The Avatar is here tonight. Here he is... The Avatar."

Jing took a slow walk and saw people looking at him; he took the podium and spoke to the public for the first time.

Jing addressed them. "Um... hello, my name is Jing... Your new Avatar!"

Those words were the exact words that Korra said when she addressed Republic City. The crowd cheered and threw confetti.

"Hello, I am from the Republic Express, where have you been for all these years?" said the reporter.

Jing said, "16 years ago, I was kidnapped by some crazy earthbender who pretended to be my mother. Luli and Chang...and Bo, thank you for opening my eyes and letting me see my inner self. Avatar Korra would have wanted me to continue bringing balance and harmony to both the human and Spirit World. Although I've never been to the Spirit World. Republic City, all I can tell you is that I will protect you. In every city, temple, tribes, kingdom, swamps and nation, the Avatar will not be lost ANYMORE!"

The crowd cheered and people were in tears of joy after Jing's speech. Luli, Chang and Bo hugged Jing when confetti was flying everywhere.

President Ru returned to the podium and said, "On this day, this day shall now be known as Avatar Jing Day! A public holiday which will now be known to Republic City for many years to come."

Television starts spreading the news of Jing's return.

RCTV News: "The Avatar reincarnation is back! As an Earthbender named Jing."

Fire Nation Today: "Jing is the name! The new Avatar is back on our streets."

WNN: "Water Tribes, Avatar Jing! Yes, I said it, Avatar!"

AirNews: "Aang, Korra and now Jing! Earthbending Avatar is found at last."

EarthNC: "Earthbenders are getting more popular today as the new Avatar is finally found after 16 years of waiting!"

While the news was on in Jing's parents' house, the parents who did not hear the television were in their room, getting changed for their dinner; the father was crying, however, the mother wiped the tears off his cheek and comforted him as his son reached 16.

Meanwhile, a huge party was held at the Grand Hall of the City Hall. Everyone, including Lu-Pan, who was eating lots of greens. Jing came in the hall and everyone clapped. Everyone wanted to see his bending.

"I cannot bend tonight, for I had no real training yet," said Jing.

Bo wanted to talk to Jing about joining the Avatar team and helping him.

Bo said, "Jing, I know we just met today and..."

Jing interrupted, "Um... Together?" he blushed.

"No! Eww! I mean I want to join your team, I don't really have anywhere to go," replied Bo.

"Sure," Jing accepted.

Jinora then came towards Jing.

"Jing, I am so proud of you! Korra would be proud too," said Jinora.

Jing replied, "She would be, even though I am Korra."

Jing chuckled and Jinora stared at Jing.

"I'm just going to go this way to the fondue," said Jinora.

Jinora walked away. However, a surprise guest was behind Jing.

Asami Sato!

"Avatar Jing!" said Asami.

Jing turned around and saw Asami behind him.

"Do I know you?" said Jing.

"Oh, my name is Asami Sato... Me and Avatar Korra go way back," replied Asami.

"Well, um... nice to meet you, Asami," said Jing.

They shook hands and Jing looked in Asami's eyes as he could remember. Asami and Jing continued to talk. The mysterious man returned after seeing Jing last time at the flying bison transport. He went towards the power station and ripped the battery out of the system. Every light in Republic City died. Everyone in the Grand Hall screamed. Jing got a candle and lit it with firebending, which made him get a minor burn mark.

"Someone destroyed the power!" said President Ru.

"I said I will protect the world, and so I will," said Jing.

Jing bravely found three flashlights and gave them to Luli and Chang. They went on a quest to find power.

End of Chapter

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