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The Darkness Within


Book 1: Uprising



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August 7, 2010

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Severing The Ties

The Northern Water Tribe

"Will Sokka walk again," Aang asked, "or am I to feel even worse about what has happened?" Yugoda scolded him. It was not his fault. He couldn't have known about this. It didn't matter. He was still distraught over the death of Katara. He wanted to kill Toph. But he wasn't sure he could. She had been his friend for a long time. Could he kill her? He knew he needed to talk to Roku for guidance.

"Yes, Aang?"

"Hello, Roku."

"I know why you have come to me for guidance. But sadly Aang, even I do not understand what has happened. You must speak to the first Avatar, and ask for his guidance," Roku explained.

Aang wondered, "What is his name?"

"Avatar Lee."


"Yes, Lee."

"Very well. Thank you Roku." Aang focused all of his chi to search his past for Avatar Lee.

"My spirit has not had a form in many years, Aang. Do not try to find me."

"AAAAAAAAAH," Aang yelled. "Who said that?"

"I am Avatar Lee. I am here to explain to you the Dark Avatar. The world is in balance always. Many believe that keeping this balance is the job of the Avatar. They are wrong. The Avatar is merely part of the balance. There is always good and evil throughout the world. They keep the universe in balance. You and the Fire Nation kept each other in balance. But the Fire Nation is defeated. Like a scale, there must be something great on both sides to keep balance. The Avatar is the great weight for good. The Dark Avatar is the great weight for evil. However, the Dark Avatar is only temporary. They will sustain balance until a worldly evil arises. The last Dark Avatar was a man named Ying Le. He was not like your friend Toph. He rarely entered the Dark Avatar State, but instead advised Fire Lord Sozin on how to start the war. Avatar Roku was unaware of his existence. To fully understand the Dark Avatar, you must learn of Ying Le's life. I will show you his life. It might take up the entire book though," Lee thought aloud.

"What book?"

"Never mind. I will show you the story of the life of the man named Ying Le...."


  • This chapter is very short because it introduces the main premise of most of the first book.

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