The Death of a Waterbender
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The Darkness Within


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Severing the Ties

A Plain Near the Southern Air Temple

The Earthbender stared into the eyes of her opponent. She had seen those eyes many times before. She knew what the Waterbender was capable of doing. The Waterbender lashed out, only to be hit by a large boulder. The battle was over before it even began.

"Alright, Toph, you win this round," the Waterbender joked, "but I'll beat you down next time."

"In your dreams, Katara," Toph replied. Toph had been having a great time lately, and she had nearly forgotten all about her parents. Her parents. Tears welled up in her eyes. Once again she remembered the horror of what she had done. I'll never tell them, she thought. They'll never need to know. Never. "Hey, Toph. What's wrong?" Katara asked. Toph thought up a quick lie.

"Oh, I was just... remembering my pet... it died..." Ouch. That wasn't very convincing.

"Aww, that's so sad," Katara sympathized. "I had a pet tiger seal that died once. It was so sad..." At this point, Toph was not listening. She was crying, hoping that what had happened would never happen again. But she was worried that it would. Just then Ty Lee appeared, walking towards them on her hands and carrying a platter. "Hey guys!" she called. "Anybody want some snacks?"

Katara replied, "Not right now, Ty Lee. Toph is really upset." Ty Lee gasped, "What? Why are you so sad? Did it not go well with your parents?" Toph became enraged at this statement. She realized that her eyes began to feel great pain, and she knew what was about to happen. "No. NO!!" It was too late. Everything turned black. Toph rose into the air, and the pillars of shadow began to rise from the ground. Ty Lee managed to avoid the columns, but Katara was not nearly as agile and was engulfed in the darkness, leaving her dead. Her corpse looked no worse for the wear, except for that her eyes were dark as the void.

Just then, Sokka entered the room, and he saw his sister. He ran towards Toph with his sword, but he was quickly knocked down with a large boulder. He looked up, and suddenly icicles flew towards him and impaled his legs, leaving him stuck to the ground. When he began yelling, Aang heard the commotion and rushed in, wondering what had happened. Then he saw Katara's lifeless body. Enraged, he entered the Avatar State, but almost immediately was taken down by Toph. Ty Lee came to her senses and chi blocked Toph, ending the battle. Aang walked to Katara's body, then fell to his knees and began to cry.

Zuko then entered and asked, "So... I take it you're not coming to the royal ball next week?" Zuko's comment was met with glares all around.

"No Zuko," Aang solemnly responded, "we're not." Mai asked what had happened, and Sokka informed them both that Toph was clearly a threat. While Mai wanted to let Toph stay and learn to control the state, no one else wanted her around. Sokka attempted to charge at Toph and stab her, but he was too gravely injured. The Gaang decided that they would go the North Pole so that Sokka could be healed and Aang could ask Roku for wisdom. But perhaps the wisdom of one is not enough...


-Once again, there is foreshadowing in this chapter that can only be understood once Aang speaks with the first Avatar.

-Toph's sudden ability to Waterbend will be thoroughly explained, but you may be able to guess what happened.

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