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The Dark Woods
Physical information

East of Tal Te, west of Ba Sing Se


Earth Kingdom (unexercised)

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Map of Earth

The Dark Woods are the largest woodland in that area of the Kingdom. The forest stretches on for miles, no roads or towns cutting into it. The trees here are so thick that the suns light does not find a way through and the Fire Nation has not dared to try and go in (due to the lack of sun to bend with.)

It is long believed to be the home to an amazing number of spirits, Earth Kingdom superstition states that whoever goes in is judged by the spirits and only the most pure can travel without being taken away to some unholy land. So far, no one has gone in and left.

The Fire Nation attempted to travel through it, ignoring the difficulty of bending and the stories. An entire platoon marched through bringing carts of burning pitch with them to use in bending if necessary. Cutting through the woods would shorten the trip to Ba Sing Se by days and they were happy to spare the time.

None of them came out, and the Fire Nation pretended they did not exist. However, they have yet to attempt and send any soldiers back in.

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