By SSJ-Trunks Part of the The Black Shadow continuity.
The Dark Warrior Program
General information

Fire Lord Shinzo

Notable members

Krios, Hong


Fire Lord Shinzo




Fire Lord Shinzo


To complete the Ultimate Warrior

The Dark Warrior Program

The Dark Warrior Program is a series of experiments to try and create the ideal super-soldier. It's best result so far was the successful creation of Krios however, the program resumed after it was discovered he could be easily killed by the Avatar. Therefore the project resumed to try and correct the problem. The new project was divided into 'tiers' and was personally overseen by Krios. It has currently been accelerated to Tier III to combat the threat of the return Fire Lord Zuko and Avatar Aang.


Tier I- Tier I is when potential subjects are captured and prepared for basic testing(Eye color and Hair color gene change)

Tier II- Tier II is when subjects are submitted to severe biological changes(Reinforced Skeleton and High Increases in Intelligence and Strength)

Tier III- No Information Currently Known.


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