The Dark Lord Returns
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Iroh to the Rescue

Katara bolted toward Aang, tears stinging her eyes.

"Please God no..." she whispered crouching over Aang's body.

Cable soon realized that his shot was a direct hit.

"He's out! All right men, take out the girl! Move! Move! Move!" Cable yelled.

Cable opened fire on Katara.

"NO!" Katara screamed.

Suddenly, Cable's arm started moving around uncontrollably. Then, Cable lost control of his whole body.

"What kind of magic is this?!" Cable hollered.

"It's not's bloodbending," Katara said.

"You're a witch!" Cable spat.

Enraged by Cable's statement, Katara rammed his head into the side of a house, knocking him out.

"Impressive. Most impressive," boomed a voice.

Darth Vader stepped out to face Katara and ignited his lightsaber.

Sokka and Toph ran up to Katara.

"We'll handle this. Get Aang inside!" Sokka said.

Katara scooped Aang up in her arms, and raced inside.

Placing Aang on the couch, she began to heal him.

Back outside, Sokka drew his sword, and charged at Vader. The Dark Lord used the Force and pushed him away.

"All too easy," Vader said.

Vader was suddenly knocked off his feet by an earth pillar. Vader struggled to his feet, and saw Toph sliding in his direction. Vader swung at Toph, but she quickly covered herself in rock armor. Toph then slammed her fist into the earth. Vader was sent flying, but he landed on his feet. Toph removed her armor and charged.

The duel had just begun.

Katara had taken several minutes attempting to heal Aang. Finally, the Avatar opened his eyes.

"What...just happened?" Aang said sitting up. Then, he began to groan in pain and fell back down.

"Lie down. You're still badly injured," Katara said placing her hand on Aang's cheek.

Aang was staring up at her.

"What?" she said.

"I've lost count of how many times you've saved my life," the Avatar said managing a small smile.

Katara chuckled at Aang's comment. Suddenly, Katara heard Toph screaming.

"Toph's in trouble, I have to go." Katara said.

"Katara!...Be careful," Aang said.

Katara smiled, faced the door, and ran off to rescue Toph.

Katara raced outside to find Toph on the ground, and Darth Vader with his weapon raised, ready to deliver the final blow. Katara suddenly froze Vader.

Darth Vader busted out of the ice in an instant.

Knowing that Toph was too weak to fight, The Dark Lord turned to face Katara.

Back inside the house, Aang laid on the couch. He felt very tired. Suddenly, he heard Toph and Katara scream. "NO!" Sokka screamed. Aang raced outside. Toph was out cold, blood soaking from her back. Katara had blood on her face, and a red burn was running up her entire arm and onto her neck.

Aang faced Vader.

"You could you..." Aang whispered.

Tears streaked down his face. Then, he roared in anger. His eyes and tattoos lit up, and Aang was no longer in control.

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