The Dark Fairy (JTTEOTW)
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Journey To The End of The World





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March 25th, 2013

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Bringing Magic Back

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Long due! A month! But this has finally arrived.

At a cave

Diamond opened her eyes. She saw a girl with orange hair wearing a black blouse and dark blue pants.

"Who are you? And what do you what?" She asked.

"What I want? Well then, after a few months we didn't meet already you have forgotten me?" Bloom asked.

"Bloom?" Diamond frowned.

"Diamond! We're no longer friends! Let the past be the past!" Bloom angrily shouts.

"But..we, we share everything together! Bloom, you don't have to do what your lord asks you to! You are the boss of yourself!" Diamond said.

"I am the boss of myself! And I say I wanted to be evil!" Bloom shouted.

"BLOOM!! You can still be good. There's still good inside of you," Diamond advised her old friend and she smiled.

Bloom turned around. She didn't want to see Diamond's face. Slowly, she shed a tear.

"No! You are wrong!" Bloom said after she took a deep breath. She took out a knife out of her pocket.

"Huh!" Diamond was surprised Bloom would attack her. She quickly transform into fairy mode.

Bloom transformed. "You are going away from your friends!!"

"I don't want to hurt you!" Diamond tried not to hurt Bloom.

"Then I'll hurt you!" Bloom attacked.

"Whoa!" Diamond created a shield and took a deep breath.

Meanwhile at the desert

"Another desert?" Katara said, frowned.

"Yes. She might be trapped at Lord Anubis' lair at the Magic Dimension. It is near the desert." Liana answered.

"Awh man. I didn't bring any shoes. And now I have to walk without shoes," Sugar said.

"Or maybe, just, transform." Layla suggested.

"Sure!" Sugar transform into fairy mode.

"Who is Lord Anubis?" Zuko asked.

"He's an Egypt—"

"Ghost!" Sokka cut off before Stella could say a word.

"He's an Egypt god, he's evil," Stella continued and she stare at Sokka angrily.

"Egypt! I'm interested!" Aang said.

"Guys, where are we again?" Toph asked. "I mean, my feet can't feel anything!"

"The desert!" They all said together to Toph.

"Look! It's mud!" Sugar pointed to mud.

"Quick! Let's transform! Harmonix!" Layla, Aisha, Liana and Stella transformed into fairy mode.

"What's wrong with mud?" Suki asked.

"It will break a wing," Aisha answered.

"Look! There's a portal!" Liana pointed to a portal.

"Then let's get into it," Zuko said.

The Team and fairies entered the portal.

Back at the cave

"Bloom, I don't want to do this," Diamond said.

"We all have destinies. And this is mine!" Bloom shouted and blasted fire.

A man came out suddenly.

"Diamond, you have finally arrived," Lord Anubis, the man said.

"What do you want from me?" Diamond asked.

"Your powers, skills. You have everything I need," Lord Anubis answered.

"Everything?" Bloom asked and looked at him angrily.

"Not exactly everything." Lord Anubis grinned and he created a magic ball.

"Fire Arrow!" Diamond blasted. Lord Anubis quickly absorb her powers with the magic ball.

"STOP!" The other fairies and Team Avatar arrived.

"Diamond, let's go!" Sugar flew to Diamond and hold her hand.

"But what about Bloom? She's my old–"

"Diamond, the past is the past." Sugar said. "What matters is now,"

Diamond shed a tear and she followed Sugar out of the cave while Team Avatar and other fairies escaped using a portal.

To be continued....

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