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The Dark Avatar



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Bumi man

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It was a time of celebration in all four nations. Word had spread. The next Avatar had been born. In a lowly Water Tribe hut, all were celebrating. And why not? A protector had been born. A young couple cradled their child, giving him adoring gazes. The child's charcoal hair shifted as a cold breeze shifted through the hut. It was a full moon with no clouds in the sky. It was the perfect night. Abruptly, the child's mother frowned. "Dear, why are his eyes red? That doesn't look normal." Indeed the child's eyes had transformed from hazel brown to blood red. Everyone in the room gasped. Almost as if it was listening the moon that had once been full faded from view. Lightening filled the sky. And yet there still were no clouds. The newborn's eyes glowed, and in the sky the lightning formed a single name Yin-Ying.

It too, faded almost as soon as it had appeared. And when it did, a surge of fire, water, earth and air swept through the entire village. Not a living thing was left. That is except one. So what happened to the child left in the devastation of the village? It was left crying in the arms of a bleach white skeleton. A howl filled the air, and everything faded from view. It was replaced by the murky blackness of a dingy cave. The child froze, expressionless. It was almost as if he had sensed something. A soft scuttle echoed throughout the cave, along with an eerie voice. "Interesting. It is not often when enters the Spirit World in my home." The voice itself was enough to make any lose their sanity, and yet the child remained motionless. "Not that I would complain, and it is gratifying to add yet another face to my collection. It is unfortunate that it be the one of a child so dreadfully young. Ah, such is life, or in your case, death." The hidden creature burst from the shadows onto the young one, sure that its fate was inevitable. The child however, was not startled in the least bit of the beast. Instead, he just curiously observed it. The creature was incredibly long, insect-like and had a different face each time you looked at it. It seemed bewildered by the lack of emotion. "How can this be? Only one person has ever withstood me. The...." A smile curled on his face, this time the one of an old man. "Avatar." It crept back from the child, lost in thought. "I could just wait for you to show your true fear of me, or.... I could use you to my advantage. The Avatar wields incredible might. If one were to be at my side, the possibilities would be endless." It slowly came toward the child, it's smile growing with each step. "Yin-Ying, son of Koh. Yes, I could become quite used to that."

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