The Death of Tui
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For those who may be wondering, Yin-Ying in Chinese means "shadow" and Guang-Si means "Light is dead".

Part 1

10 years later...

Yin-Ying stood expectantly in Koh's cavern, waiting for his master to return. After hours of waiting, he had expected a response by now. At long last, a faint skittering could be heard. Yin-Ying scarcely smiled, he knew what was coming. Although he could not see Koh, he could feel the air become suddenly cold.

My son," Koh whispered "It is time."

Yin-Ying smirked with satisfaction. After years of training, the time had finally come. "I am ready father."

Koh nodded. "I know you are." The cave started to fade, replaced by the ruins of a Water Tribe village. "It is time to unleash you unto the world." As he said this, he thought back to the words of Fire Lord Zuko, "...and begin a new era of love and peace." An era of love and peace? Thought Koh. Today begins an era of fear and domination.

Yin-Ying walked away not even bothering to look back. His mind was set on the domination of this world. He scanned his surroundings intensely. Nothing was left in the village except for a single pond in the center. As he approached it he saw there were two fish swimming inside of it. He recognized them from Koh's description. "In your birthplace there is a small oasis which houses two spirits. Tui and La. They are the opposing forces that keep balance in the world. Yin and Yang. Good and Evil. Light and Shadow." Yin-Ying looked at Tui the way a lion looks at its prey. "Tui has died once so I suppose it won't mind doing it once more." He waved his hand and immediately Tui was lifted up in a sphere of water. Tui frantically swam around, trying to escape. Yin-Ying smiled then closed his hand. The sphere around Tui started to shrink, increasing the pressure inside gradually. Tui continued to struggle, to no avail. The sphere became smaller and smaller, then ceased to exist.

Tui was no more.

The earth shook as the bright sky grew blood red. Yin-Ying glanced back at La, then snarled. "It seems you still have a part of your sister in you," he said noticing the white dot on his back. "We can't have that, now can we." He opened his palm and created a sphere of shadow, taken from his essence. He pushed the sphere forward, into the pond. La tried to swim away from it, but was engulfed by the darkness. As it did, the white spot on La was replaced with utter shadow.

"My task is complete. Now there is only evil and shadow in this land." His eyes glowed, but instead of the light blue that usually comes with the Avatar State, crimson beams of light flared. "I hereby name you Guang-Si. For now, all light has been extinguished."

Part 2

Word of this attack had spread throughout the four nations. The Council of Five was thrown into turmoil.

"We must find this disturbance and extinguish it as soon as possible! We cannot afford to wait any longer!" General Sung said.

"No! We need to learn more about them before we attack!" General Shili countered. "If we attack now, we may fall right into a trap!"

"I believe the destruction of this menace is well worth the risk." General How answered. "As soon as we get the Earth King's seal, we march-To the Northern Water Tribe!" Some of the other generals muttered their disagreement but slowly filed out of the room. How did it come to this? How wondered. Ever since Avatar Aang was murdered by the Dai Li, everything seemed to have turned for the worst. Another Avatar was born but it was killed in the explosion of the Northern Water Tribe. He sighed. What could possibly go wrong this time?

The process of getting the King's seal went rather quickly and 30 Fleets of Earth Kingdom Ships left for the once glorious Northern Water Tribe. The soldiers on these ships had mixed feelings about investigating this phenomenon. Many welcomed the excitement, but many more dreaded what they might find. Who could challenge a being with the power to kill Tui? Whatever their feelings, the entire Military was quite for the journey. But little did any know, they would meet their end in the land of snow and ice.

Part 3

Yin-Ying stood, facing the ocean, on a towering cliff. Through the water and ice, he could feel the presence of the Earth Kingdom Navy churning toward him. "My enemy is coming to me. Saves me a trip." It would be the first time he had seen his own kind in his entire life. Would he show mercy? He chuckled at the thought. Not in my lifetime.

The ships were full of confusion. They were coming up to the Northern Water Tribe ruins and had all seen just who they were here to attack. "Wait is that... a kid?"

"What's he doing here? This place has been deserted for years."

"He couldn't have caused this, could he?"

"Look at his skin! It's pale, as if he has never seen light!" How grimaced, not liking what he was about to do. "We have to assume he is the cause of this. Ready the missiles!" The missiles were spear-shaped chunks of rock, filled with a highly explosive substance that detonated on impact. "Ready, Aim..." he sighed, trying not to think about this. "Fire!"

The Earthbenders, stomped, lifting their missile into the air, and launched them. The Navy held their breaths, and watched as the missiles hurled toward their target. Surprisingly, the boy made no move to escape the barrage. Closer. Closer. They were just about to hit when the boy calmly held up his hand. The storm of rock stopped immediately, and hung suspended in midair. The sailors on board all gasped in wonder. Yin-Ying made a twirling motion with his hand, and all the missiles turned slowly toward the fleet.

Part 4

All was silent on board the ships. Many stared in disbelief at the child who they were sure would bring about their end. Yin-Ying pushed his hand forward sending a storm of rock headed toward the ships. The fleet exploded into a panic as soldiers all tried to hit the deck, all fearing the worst. They waited but nothing happened.

General How looked up, and saw nothing but the red sky. He stood, trying to see what had happened. At first, he saw nothing, and then he glanced behind. There they were, thousands of missiles speeding in the direction they had all come. Sadly, the general understood. "The Earth Kingdom..." But there was no time to dwell on that possible loss. For seconds after he stood, he heard the metal beneath him start to twist and bend. "What-"

He wasn't able to finish, for his ship had come to life. Metal hands erupted from the floor and started to stretch and tear his body. The same was happening all around him. The screams of hundreds of soldiers filled the air, as they were torn apart by their own ships. And all the while, Yin-Ying just smirked with satisfaction. True to his word, he didn't show mercy. It would have been a mercy to just kill them right then and there. Instead, he let the ships mangle and destroy the crew, just barely keeping them alive. Yin-Ying moved his hand down, and engulfed the soldiers in small cases in the metal, leaving them to starve to death.

My first victory. Yin-Ying thought. But hardly my last.

Part 5

Yin-Ying surveyed his surroundings with disgust. "I will need a fortress to reside in, in the days to come."

Suddenly Koh's voice could be heard in his ear. "The world is yours boy, do with it as you wish."

Usually with bending, all he needed was a slight motion, but with this he needed to focus all of his willpower. He stood in a stance, then painfully, thrust both hands skyward. The event that followed was, to say the least, astonishing. For as he continued to raise his hands, a monstrous chunk of metal slowly rose out of the water. It glowed bright red as if it had been taken out of a fire. It was a piece of the Earth's core. It was held in place by a multitude of metal strands that connected to the ocean floor. Slowly, Yin-Ying lowered his arms. He floated into the air by a twister of wind.

I do not have need of this and any further. he thought as he turned to face the North Pole ruins. He breathed in deeply and exhaled a mighty blast of flame, devouring every last inch of the glacier.

"Well done my son." Koh whispered.

A small portal appeared in front of Yin-Ying. As he looked into it he saw massive storms of sand billowing across an endless desert. Yin-Ying backed away, but was forced into it as if by invisible hands.

He snarled, "Why have you brought me here father? It's just a wasteland, nothing worth conquering."

"This is a journey of knowledge, not of conquest."

"Knowledge? From a place like this?"

"Yes... for beneath this exterior, is a vast library with every piece of knowledge on earth. Including... how to bend light and shadow."

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