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The Dai Li Part 2 - Kyoshi's Revenge
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August 17, 2010

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The Dai Li Part 2 - Kyoshi's Revenge is the fortieth chapter of Avatar: Guardian. It is the second part of the Book 2 finale.

By the end of this chapter, the Dai Li are no longer a threat to the World of Avatar in the Guardian continuity.

Author's Note Edit

This chapter cannot be understood in its full meaning unless one has seen/read about the events contained in the Escape from the Spirit World page. Please familiarize yourself with that information so that you can understand this chapter for all it is.

Synopsis Edit

The Dai Li continue their advance into Ba Sing Se, as Team Avatar tries to stop them. Eventually, a past leader of the Dai Li comes forward to stop them.

Plot Edit

The Dai Li continued their advance towards the center of Ba Sing Se. The Earthbenders of the Agrarian Zone had been brushed aside by the quickly moving agents. They were quickly approaching the Inner Wall. The soldiers on the top of the wall see them coming, and begin throwing down large boulders from the top of the wall. The agents knock those aside, and some begin climbing the walls while avoiding the boulders that are still falling. They slip into the walls before they reach the top, and emerge from the center of the floor on top of the walls. The agents create a massive wave of earth that knocks the soldiers onto the ground.

The remaining agents begin creating another tunnel through the Inner Wall, but are suddenly thrust back as the hole in the wall repairs itself. Unknown to the agents, the Avatar was on the other side of the wall. The agents on the top of the wall look down at their disorientated allies, while being confused themselves. They look over the other side only to be knocked back by the Avatar flying up on his glider.

Aang quickly lands and sends a swipe of air towards the agents. The agents are knocked over by the force of the swipe but manage to recover. At that moment, Appa flies overhead and Zuko jets down towards the agents. He sends an arc of fire at the agents, and they create earth pillars to get out of the way. Aang stomps on the ground and the pillars crack. Zuko then sends a horizontal arc of flame at the pillars, causing the agents to come crashing to the ground. The agents sink into the ground, causing Aang and Zuko to look around the top of the wall for them. Eventually, they find that they went down to the main battle going on at the bottom of the wall.

Appa lands on the ground of the Agrarian Zone. He lets his tail fall, creating a massive gust that knocks a few agents unconscious. Long Feng spins around, in shock at the beast that cost him his city. "I should have cooked you when I had the chance!" he screams at the bison, trapping Appa's feet in earth.

Toph jumps off Appa, but Long Feng was ready for her this time. He shifts his footing, and when Toph hits the ground, she sinks in quicksand that quickly solidifies. "Now you're mine!" the leader says, raising a boulder from behind him and readying to deal the final blow. Toph gives a smirk while moving her head back in a fast, jerking motion. Long Feng is thrown over Appa by a powerful earth column formed under him. He almost hits Sokka, who is getting out of the saddle.

Long Feng and Appa

"I should have cooked you when I had the chance!"

"Bumi taught me well Loser Feng!" Toph yells to the leader while she raises herself from underground. Appa is looking into his former captor's face, and a deep scowl is on the bison's face.

"I can take you on, myself!" Long Feng says, getting up and assuming a fighting stance. He quickly tightens the earth bonds around Appa's legs, but fails to notice the bison inhaling. Appa quickly exhales, blowing Long Feng back a clear twenty feet. Appa then propels himself up with his tail, overcoming Long Feng's shackles and soaring into the air. Appa looks around, but Long Feng sinks into the ground. He emerges quickly, and Appa rushes to confront him. When the bison is close to the ground, Long Feng reaches into his sleeve and unveils a spit dart. He blows quickly, and three darts hit Appa. Appa lands, and slowly collapses. "Stupid animal." Long Feng remarks as he passes the bison, heading back into the fray.

Sokka and Katara managed to get out of the saddle before Appa's battle with Long Feng, and Katara began using her water to fight the Dai Li. Eventually, the agent raised sand and trapped the water. "Sokka, I'm out of water!"

"What do you want me to do about it?" Sokka asks while throwing his boomerang. "I saw a lake over there before we landed! Try there!" Sokka ducks to avoid a rock while pointing his sword in another direction.

The agent sends a rock glove at Katara, who he now realizes is defenseless. Katara condenses some water from the air and swipes the glove down the middle. She makes a powerful jet with the small amount of water, knocking the agent off his feet. She bends the water back into her water skin and begins running for the lake Sokka mentioned.

She sees Aang flying overhead and when he sees her, he flies down to her level. "What are you doing out here? Are you okay?" he asks her.

"I'm fine, I'm just out of water, so I was getting more from that lake over there," Katara replies. Aang turns away from her, and stomps on the ground, raising four earth slabs that attached on the sides in a rectangle. He hops onto his glider and flies over to the lake. Entering the Avatar State, he bends a large amount of water and places it in his makeshift water container. He returns to Katara, asks her to stay safe, kisses her, and flies off.

Aang looks into the distance, and sees Appa collapsed on the ground. He swerves off and lands at Appa's side. "Are you okay Appa?" he says to the bison, who simply lets out a small moan. Aang looks onto his font leg, and sees the darts. "Who did this to you..." Aang says as he pulls the darts out. He swirls his staff around and flies into battle, with a dark look on his face.

Toph was dueling Long Feng and another agent simultaneously, knocking them both back. Long Feng recovered and began attacking Toph again, using large mounds of earth crashing towards her. She split the earth in half and sent a torrent of earth at Long Feng. He is knocked back while the agent resumes his attack on Toph. "When will you guys give up?"

Two Dai Li agents sneak up on Toph's battle with Long Feng. From a distance, they use their gloves to grab Toph by her shirt and lift her into the air. "Let me down! What's happening?" Toph yells down to the agents. Sokka hears her and throws his boomerang at one of the agents holding her up. Katara then uses a long water whip to grab the other agent by his legs and hoist him into the air. Toph falls back to the ground, and resumes her battle with Long Feng. He would send many powerful attacks, but she was just too quick for him. He eventually put too much power in an attack, something Toph was waiting for. She slides to the side and sends an earth column at an angle, knocking Long Feng out.

Katara assumes the Octopus form again, just like she had to do the last time the Dai Li had her in a corner in Ba Sing Se. She used an arm to throw an agent into others, knocking them down. She then sent water and froze them to the ground, eliminating them as a threat. She turned to find Zuko propelling himself away from 10 agents. She looked at him, worried, until he stopped running. The agents chasing him did not expect this, and were barely able to avoid a large fire wall created in their path. Zuko had the wall begin to move towards them, and the agents began riding the earth to get away. One rode off to the side, and emerged to continue attacking Zuko. Zuko sent a large fire whip and knocked the agent off balance.

The agent hit the ground and when he attempted to rise, was stopped by a metal sword in his face. "Stay down!" Sokka yells at the agent before he was frozen to the ground by Katara.

Zuko shoots down the rocks that were sent at him by the many agents. The original agent, who had raced to attack him had been knocked out by his fall and was quickly replaced by new ones. Zuko leans down and sends a low arc of fire towards the agents. The agents step back to avoid it, but Katara grabs them from behind and throws them away from the battle.

Toph is still battling many agents, knocking them into the air, only for them to quickly resume attacking her. "Why don't you just give up?" she asks as she sends a large earth wave at an agent.

"We want what's best for our Kingdom! We're the only ones who know how to fix our problems! To do that, we need absolute control! It's the only way!" the agent replies, while sending a pillar of earth at Toph. She halts the column and sends another one at the agent, knocking him into the air and far away.

Aang lands in the center of the agents surrounding Toph, using an earth pillar to knock an agent away. The agent does a flip in the air and lands, sending a wave of earth at Aang and Toph. Aang stops the wave, and Aang knocks him over with an air blast. Toph engulfs the agent in earth, though he quickly escapes.

"Aang, they won't stay down!" Toph yells to Aang as she knocks away another agent.

"Go find some metal Toph! We will need it to keep them down!" Aang replies, sending an air jet at another agent. Toph nods her head in agreement and jumps over the agents near her to locate metal.

Sand whirlwind

Avatar Kyoshi emerges

The Founder Edit

The Dai Li swarmed around Aang. One yelled towards him "Stand down Avatar, or we will take you down!"

They all began firing their rock bullets towards Aang, who began forming an air sphere. The air currents disintegrated all the rocks as they approached. His eyes had closed, and his tattoos began glowing. His mouth opened, and with a white glow emitting from it, he said in a voice of a thousand "No, you will not." The air sphere slowly became a tornado and began to be colored brown. The column of air seemed to vanish as quickly as it had come, and Avatar Kyoshi emerged.

"You have corrupted my good intentions. I will put an end to this, permanently." Her face was obviously furious, and her legs widened slightly. After a brief inhale, she attacked the dumbstruck Dai Li. She created a fire ring around her and spread it out around her at an incredibly fast speed. The Dai Li nearby were able to pull up an earth wall, but it was crushed and the Dai Li were knocked back. She then blasted a jet of air through the Dai Li immediately in front of her. For some reason, the Dai Li hadn't attacked her yet, but they soon realized they had to for their survival.

After the air blast ended, Kyoshi raised an earth wall behind her and blocked the sneak rock thrown by a Dai Li agent. She turned around and began punching the wall, sending pieces of the wall out faster than the Dai Li's rock bullets. All agents in the area were either hit or had to dive out of the way. Some tried to block them, but they pierced through all the walls they could raise. There was a mighty crash to Kyoshi's left, as a dozen Dai Li agents raised a massive hill-sized boulder out of the ground and hurled it towards her. She waited and as it approached her, she thrust her palm out, crushing the entire rock. She then fired the chunks back towards the dozen Dai Li, knocking them all away.

Long Feng finally got up, and upon seeing Kyoshi, realized that his plan had begun to fail. "No! This will not happen!" He began firing off many small fragments of earth at the mighty Avatar, whose back was turned. An air sphere crushed the fragments that approached her, and she turned around.

"Long Feng! You have corrupted the guardians of the city of Ba Sing Se! Now, you will suffer the consequences of your actions!" The echo of the voice was enough to scare Long Feng, but he stood his ground.

Kyoshi raised her hand and swiped it down, bringing down a powerful fire swipe that Long Feng barely managed to dodge. Its impact on the ground caused a scorch mark in the ground and sent sparks everywhere. She followed by raising her other hand and swiping it horizontally, with a wave of air following its path. Long Feng raised a wall to protect himself, and after it blocked the air wave, raised a boulder from behind him and sent it towards Kyoshi. She vaporized it by creating a fire wall, and sent the wall moving towards Long Feng. Terrified, he began riding the earth to try and out run it. It began gaining on him, and he raised an earth pillar below him to get above it. This managed to work, and he used his newly created earth pillar to resume attacking Kyoshi.

Stretched out fan

Kyoshi swipes at Long Feng

Long Feng stomped on the pillar, and sections began flying towards Kyoshi. She created an earth wall to block it, and began generating lightning behind the barrier. After she knew the rocks were done, she forced the wall back down and fired the lightning into the earth pillar. The force of the lightning destroyed a section of the column, sending Long Feng crashing to the ground. Kyoshi stomped on the ground and it opened enough to engulf Long Feng entirely.

He struggled for a few moments before an agent came and freed him. Kyoshi was busy fighting five more agents, she began Firebending out of her mouth as well as her arms, and knocked out three immediately before she closed her arms in and took out the remaining two. The Dai Li's numbers were thinning quickly, and they were running out of options against their creator. Long Feng began firing massive boulders at Kyoshi. She deflected them all, walking towards him. "Stop this futile fighting, Long Feng. Surrender now!"

"Never! You can't beat me!" Long Feng assumes a stance and sends a wave of earth towards Kyoshi. Kyoshi jumps into the air, over the wave, and slams back into the ground. Long Feng loses his footing, and is knocked over by a massive air jet. He falls and sinks into the ground and emerges behind Kyoshi, sending a torrent of land towards her. She rises off the ground in an air sphere and sends a condensed fire ball at him. Long Feng manages to dodge a large portion of the fire, but sparks fly out from the impact and burn his hands while he falls to the ground.

"Long Feng! This is enough!" Kyoshi screams. She condenses water from the air and freezes his hands and feet to the ground. "The Earth Kingdom will no longer live under you and your tyranny!" Another agent rides from behind with a large earth wave beneath him, attempting to attack the mighty Avatar. Kyoshi spins and punches the ground and sends the agent soaring off of his wave and onto the floor. The agent manages to land on the ground, but is blown away by a massive current of air.

Toph sprints into the room followed by a large ball of metal. "I hope this is enough Twinkle Toes!" A massive dust column swirls around Kyoshi and Aang reemerges, looking at Long Feng.

"You're lucky Kyoshi didn't kill you."

"I don't need your mercy, or hers!" Long Feng begins sinking into the earth, but Toph sees it coming. She quickly bends some of the metal under the earth beneath Long Feng, blocking his escape route while bringing him back to the surface. The metal bends and screeches, engulfing the leader of the Dai Li and rendering him immobile. "Let me go!" he screams, writhing his head around.

"So, you are glad I brought the metal?" Toph says, gesturing towards Aang.

"Very." Aang says while leaving to go help the others, closely followed by Toph.

A Kingdom at Peace Edit

The few agents remaining were quickly defeated. Aang and Katara used the massive water supply in the nearby lake to freeze the agents down so they could not continue fighting. One managed to break free, and was knocked out by Sokka's boomerang. Long Feng continues writhing inside his metal encasement, trying in vain to break free. "Release me at once!" he calls out as he is moved onto a cart brought out by the Earth Kingdom army.

"Now Long Feng is Long Gone!" Sokka says to the rest of the team as Long Feng is carted away to the city's prison. Aang is rubbing the newly awakened Appa.

"Good boy." Aang says. Appa replies with a small groan and a lick to Aang's face. Aang laughs and walks back to the rest of the team.

"So Kyoshi just came out and took out Long Feng?" Katara asks Aang, as she was not there for Kyoshi's emergence.

"Yeah, she showed up and took them out." Aang replies.

"Why would she do that? Why her?" Zuko asks.

"Kyoshi was the founder of the Dai Li. She was apparently angered that they became so corrupt."

"Well, she got her revenge." Toph adds.

The team gets on Appa and flies towards the palace, after a long journey, they decided that they would have a day's rest.

Production Information Edit

Writing Edit

The Bos came up with the idea for this chapter in the middle of Book 1. He had already decided that the bulk of Book 2 would be spent dealing with the Dai Li, and came up with the idea of Kyoshi ending the Dai Li in the same area in which she trained the original agents. He wrote the section "The Founder" first, finishing the first part of the battle between Kyoshi and her agents. He was then taken with writer's block, and left the chapter for a few months while he worked on other chapters. He eventually returned to the project after finishing the previous chapter, in the days after the release of Ursa's Story. This chapter ended up easily being the longest chapter of Avatar: Guardian ever, easily topping 3,000 words and taking up 6 pages.

Reception Edit

Reviews for this chapter have been overwhelmingly positive. Vaznock complimented the chapter on its originality on having Kyoshi end the Dai Li, stating that "you really have done your research". Firelord Avatar Suzon gave the chapter "6/5 stars" while Evatar114 said that it was an epic end to Book 2. Themuffinrox agreed, saying that the chapter was "intense", and applauded The Bos' effort.

Kibo100 referred to the chapter as "AMAZING,PHENOMENAL,EPIC," as well as "The very essence of GRANDEURISM". MightyBrit said that the chapter had an epic battle, making the chapter a great finale. Stormfire found the chapter to be "awesome", while Dragon of The West had even more favorable comments. After his first readthrough, he found himself at "at a loss right now...". He returned later, saying that the chapter was comparable to a scene from an action movie.

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