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The Dai Li Arise
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Avatar: Guardian





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The Bos

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August 21, 2009

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The Dai Li Arise is the third chapter of Avatar: Guardian.


The Team searches the skies for signs of the Phoenix Warriors. After deciding that they are gone, they return for a nights rest. The next day, while they are interrogating a captured Phoenix Warrior, the Dai Li attack.


Toph creates a back to the invaders casing and stands them upright. More civilians arrive to attend to the wounded. Zuko orders the recently arrived imperial guard to move the invaders to the interrogation room Ozai had built. He adds not to execute them.

Aang, startled by this, exclaims "Wait, What?"

Zuko, understanding his distress, assures him "Don't worry Aang, I said not. I'm making sure the guards don't follow Ozai's policy."

The Team gets on Appa and soar into the air. They circle the capital and the route down to the Royal Plaza. They find no ships or signs of a battle. Toph exclaims "Wait! There they are!" while pointing in front of her. The entire team turns towards her then toward the place she was pointing at, then back at her, irritated. "Jeez, I thought you'd have learned by now..."

Toph's blindness

"Jeez, I thought you'd have learned by now..."

Zuko, ignoring Toph's statement, says "Obviously we can't find them. We should go back and get some rest. We can interrogate the traitors tomorrow. I have rooms prepared for all of you."

The team agrees and Aang circles Appa back to the capital.


The next day, in a dimly lit room the invader is secured in a rock sleeve covering all but his head. The invader was staring at the wall, blankly, waiting for what he expected to be a long interrogation. Zuko and Aang walked in followed by Katara and Toph. Zuko got right down to business, asking "Who is your leader?"

Ignoring everyone, the prisoner continued staring at the wall, and muttered "You will not get anything out of me. You will not get anything out of any of us. We have all taken an oath to die before being traitorous vermin... like the rest the nation."

Zuko again, asks a straight forward question "Where is my father?"

The invader never even looked up while answering "The Phoenix King is safe; far away from his scourge of a son."

Aang asked him who he was working for. This time the invader looked up at Aang, before turning his head to look at the rest of Team Avatar. "None of you are very bright, are you? I told you, I don't talk."

The lanterns begin to get brighter as Zuko's temper begins to flare. Aang calms him down as he asks the prisoner why they took Ozai. The prisoner took a liking to that question, beginning to rant "We believe that the war is not over. The Fire Nation is still superior to the other savage tribes that claim to be nations. We will burn down this world and rise from the ashes..." As he finishes the word, massive crashes are heard from outside the room.


Toph immediately identifies the crashes as walls being destroyed. Zuko, in disbelief, tells her "These walls are made of solid rock feet thick. No one in the Fire Nation could break them down."

A mysterious voice echoes throughout the room "Good thing we're not from the Fire Nation!" As the voice echoes, rock bullets fly at the group. Aang and Toph create shields of earth to block the bullets. Several Dai Li agents enter the room, either by coming from the ceiling, floor or walls. Aang, trying to solve the situation without fighting, sinks while sinking the wall to get a view of some of the agents, while asking them "What do you want?"

All the Dai Li agents reply in unison "Revenge!" before launching rocks at the team.

Toph and Aang create more earth walls and stop the attacks. Aang sinks into the earth and appears behind an agent blasting him away with an air wave. Toph breaks her section of the wall into smaller pieces and launches them at different Dai Li agents. Some agents manage to stop the boulders but Zuko's agent dodged a fireball right into Toph's boulder.

Zuko compliments her on the timing of the attacks. Toph replies while sinking a Dai Li agent in earth "Yeah, I am awesome like that." Another agent frees him and starts firing more rock bullets at Zuko, who creates a fire wall to absorb them. A Dai Li agent jumps off of the ground toward Toph, and Zuko uses a fire whip to knock him away. The agent falls to the ground, before spring boarding into the wall and vanishing.

Aang asks "What was that about?"

Toph replies with her usual sass "Judging from what they said, revenge." Katara asks what they would want revenge for.

Zuko says he has an answer to the question "Shame. When you've lost your honor, you want it back. They probably felt shameful after a group of kids beat them. A lot. Then they were disbanded. Plus you imprisoned their leader, then I-" pauses while looking at Katara "we defeated their new leader."

Aang agreed with Zuko "We need to get the rest of the team back if we're going to be ready for what happens next." The rest of the team agrees. They leave while forgetting the prisoner who was still staring at the wall, which has massive holes in it.

The Dai Li Report

Later, on an Earth Kingdom boat, a man is standing on the deck looking at the sunset. Another few men appear and bow in respect. One speaks "Sir, we failed."

The leader coolly says in a stern, harsh voice "Since I was freed, there has been one failure after another. I will not stand for this!" He turns around in rage "Long Feng will not stand for this!"

The same agent tries to make up for what he said, "We will not fail again. The Dai Li will never betray you."

Long Feng brushes this off, bringing up their recent failures in an increasingly angry tone "You failed to kill the Fire Lord with that cave in at his capital. Then you failed facing him directly." He pauses for a moment to regain his composure "Why do you displease me?"

Another agent speaks "If I may, sir: we managed to free you."

Long Feng acknowledges this, "That you did, but you were the reason I was imprisoned to begin with! You all betrayed me!"

Yet another agent tries to claim his loyalty to his leader, but Long Feng grows too angry and orders them all to leave, before turning to look back out at the sunset.


  • The Phoenix Warrior's actions were inspired by the Joker in the Dark Knight.


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