Pro-bending battle
The Last Battle
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Darksome Knights: Resurrection


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April 25, 2013

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A Whole New World

The Cycle Renews is the second chapter of Darksome Knights: Resurrection and the second chapter of Book 1: After the Battle, Before the War


Combine to battle darkness might...

The sound of steel on steel flooded my ears in the cacophony of battle. I gripped my spear and stared up at the giant black monster in front of me. The ground was soaked in blood and littered with corpses.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked behind me. It was Aina. She smiled at me then walked in front of me. She breathed in deep and exhaled, releasing a cloud of golden pollen over the battlefield. Pink flowers burst into bloom and she started to glow with energy. Her hair grew to a vibrant green, her dress changed into a set of armor and she carried a long green scythe.

I took another look behind me. The rest of the team was getting ready for action. Hiroshi had his hammer across his back, Lisa was twirling her wand, Dong-Min had his swords readied, Are was shooting lightning between his fingers, Marius was forming tornadoes around his hands, and Sagitarria had her bow loaded.

I turned back to the monster. Aina smiled at me and I smiled back. I spun my bow and...

And then I don't remember what happened. When I came to, everyone was gone. All of the bad guys had disappeared and the nine of us were alone. The stars were going out, one by one, overhead. Aina was resting her head on my shoulder, her armor fading.

We watched as we were stranded on this world, the other worlds going away.

Soon we found a quiet spot out in the countryside. We recruited a few of the other people who had also been stranded here. For years, we toiled to make a place to monitor the worlds in peace. Once everything was in place, we started to look deep in the worlds. That's how we learned about the energies, the Convergence, and the true evil.

And now it has returned.

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