The Cycle Must Continue
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The Long Road Ahead

"When I was a young girl, my father, Tenzin, told me the story of how he trained the Avatar and her friends. After defeating spirits and the Red Lotus, Avatar Korra taught young benders. Republic City was burnt down and destroyed, after a rebel attack. My father was a great man, but left the world while it was in a bad place. There are hardly any benders left on the planet and the Earth Kingdom is ready to invade. Eventually, both Korra's and Tenzin's time on the Earth were done. And the cycle must continue," a 47-year old Jinora narrated.

"You can't get me!" Taizin, who is 16-years old, yelled at his younger sister.

"Yes, I can!" Mikassa, who is 12-years old, screamed back.

"What is all this racket back here?!" Liu-Yi, leader of the Dai Li, hollered.

"Sorry father," Taizin replied.

"Get inside now!" Liu-Yi demanded.

"Yes, father," Taizin replied.

"Who do you think you are, screaming? You're sixteen years old for goodness sake! Grow up!" Liu-Yi beat Taizin until he fell to the ground.

"I hate you ..." Taizin whispered.

"What did you say?" Liu-Yi asked.

"I said that I hate you," Taizin replied.

"Well, I hate you too," Liu-Yi walked away.

Taizin began to cry and he ran up in his room.

"I hate my life. I wish I had bending like him so I could hurt him!" Taizin packed his bags, "I'm running away!"

"You are not," Mikassa walked in, "Without me!"

"No, you are young. Ba Sing Se is very dangerous."

"We live in the Upper Ring. How dangerous could it get?"

"We want to escape Ba Sing Se. We must go through all three rings."

"I still want to go."


"You guys are not going! It's too dangerous!" Kenchi, Taizin and Mikassa's twenty-year old brother barged in.

"Kenchi, just because you're Dad's favorite, doesn't mean you can't leave with us," Taizin replied.

"No, I have a duty," Kenchi explained.

"Kenchi, the only reason you work for the Dai Li is because Dad is in charge," Mikassa said.

"We're leaving!" Taizin said as he escaped through the window with Mikassa.

"I'm getting father!" Kenchi yelled out the window.

Taizin replied, "He's on his shift. See you Kenchi!"

"Ugh!" Kenchi kicked the wall.

"Taizin! We're almost in the Lower Ring," Mikassa yelled.

"What do you two think you are doing?" a Dai Li soldier hollered.

"Oh! We lost our father and he was in the Lower Ring," Taizin replied.

"Hey! It's Liu-Yi's brats! Put 'em in the truck," the soldier demanded.

"PUT THEM DOWN!" screamed a young Water Tribe boy.

"Yeah, and we are scared of a young little boy," the soldier sarcastically mentioned.

"You should be," he replied.

The boy lifted the water from the river nearby and shot it towards the soldiers.

"Oh, no! A little water...," the soldier laughed.

The boy froze the water and the soldiers couldn't move.

"Put them down and I will set you all free," the boy explained.

The soldiers dropped Taizin and Mikassa.

"Follow me!" the boy yelled and the three ran away.

"What about us?" the Dai Li soldier hollered.

"Who are you?" Taizin asked.

"I am Kodai from the Northern Water Tribe," the boy said.

"You are the first bender I have ever seen in my entire life!" Mikassa hollered.

"Yes, I was born with it," Kodai replied.

"Bending still exists. There is still hope for the Avatar!" Taizin exclaimed.

"He can save us all from the Earth King," Mikassa started crying.

"The Earth King?" Kodai asked.

"He took our mother...," Taizin sulked.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," Kodai said.

"And my father was all behind it," Taizin said.

"Let's get off this topic!" Mikassa yelled.

"Maybe the Avatar just doesn't know yet," Kodai proclaimed.

"Well, why don't we search for him or her?" Mikassa asked.

"We can go on an adventure around the world!" Taizin exclaimed.

"We have never left Ba Sing Se," Mikassa said.

"But how will we travel?" Taizin asked.

"My flying bison, Wewak," Kodai replied.

"Oh, wait! We can't leave yet," Taizin said.

"Why not?" Mikassa asked.

"We need food," Taizin replied.

"I have food!" Kodai exclaimed. "Wait! Where is all the food?"

Wewak burps.

"I'll sneak home real quick," Taizin said.

"Be careful," Kodai replied.

"Good luck bro!" Mikassa hugged Taizin.

Taizin arrived home and sneaked into his room. He ran downstairs, opened the cupboard, and grabbed multiple bags of snacks. He went back upstairs and climbed through his window, when Kenchi barged in again.

"Wait, Taizin!" Kenchi yelled.

"What do you want?" Taizin asked.

"You are the Avatar."

"I am the what?!"

"You are the Avatar."

I hope you enjoyed the first episode. I will premiere the second episode later today. Please tell me what you thought in the comments.

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The Cycle Must Continue - The Long Road Ahead - Firelord Riku

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