Hei Bai
The Curse
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The Hei Bai of The Fire Nation

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January 28, 2012

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Gyatso Arrives


"I have a manuscript in my pocket. It is an old manuscript from the early eighteenth century." Gyatso said.

"I guessed as much. You have had it peeking out of your pocket the whole time. Judging from the little monograph, I think it dates to 1730." stated Sokka.

"1742, to be precise. This paper was given to me by Sir Iroh, who died three months ago, which was the talk of the town for weeks." Gyatso stated.

"Yes, but what is written on the paper." Aang queried.

"I will read it aloud. Of the origin of the Hei Bai of the Fire Nation there have been many statements. The manor during the Great Rebellion of 1699 was held by Sozin. He was a wild and profane man. He came to love a yeoman's daughter by the name of Ty Lee, who rejected him. One Winter Solstice, Sozin and his friends swooped down on the farm and carried off Ty Lee. Ty Lee was terrified by the feasting and swearing that came from below. She climbed the ivy down the south wall and ran off. Sozin discovered that she had fled and swore his soul to Koh if he could only catch Ty Lee. Everyone mounted ostrich horses in pursuit. When the revelers reached the valley, they discovered Ty Lee's body where she had fallen of exhaustion. Standing over the body of Sozin was the creature known as Hei Bai tearing out Sozin's throat. Thus did the curse begin." Gyatso concluded.

"I do not see the point in taking the case. Spirits do not exist, Gyatso, despite your people's beliefs." Sokka stated flatly.

"Perhaps this will persuade you. Sir Iroh went out for his nocturnal cigar and at 12:00, Ozai became worried and went out with a lantern and discovered his master's body. He had evidently waited for some time in the yew alley. When I examined the body, I discovered the footprints of a gigantic panda, Mr. Sokka." Gyatso said.


I am very pleased with the progress so far. Three chapters done, twelve to go.

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