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The Cult of Sozin
General information


Notable members

Shaoshang, Pantu, Xiani, The Twins, Azula




Formerly Zhao's Skyship, The Imperial Right


Former Fire Lords, Azula


To spread Fire Nation culture across the world through the medium of war

The Cult of Sozin is an antagonistic organization in MightyBrit's Child of Destiny. Its members are hellbent on restarting the war to further spread the Fire Nation culture.

Background & Purpose

Little has been revealed about the founding days of the Cult of Sozin. It is known that it was founded after the War had been ended by Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko by the former Admiral Zhao after he escaped from the Spirit World. He recruited former airship captain Shaoshang as his right-hand man shortly after the Cult's founding.

Since its founding, the Cult has grown dramatically in size. It has enough resources to build and operate Zhao's massive skyship, The Imperial Right, which is twice the size of the Fire Nation airships used during the War. It also has enough manpower to man the ship almost completely and it is crewed by both firebenders and nonbenders that are loyal to the old ideal of the Fire Nation.

The Cult's major purpose is to put the Fire Nation in the hands of a Fire Lord who approves of the War once more. They believe that Zuko's pacifist ways have damaged the economy and prosperity of the Fire Nation and that the War should be restarted to restore that former prosperity. Shaoshang and Pantu have both spoken of how they wish to spread their glorious culture around the world - a piece of old wartime propaganda by the Fire Nation that has become part of the Cult's ideals.


The Cult are an underhanded organization that will commit various atrocities to further their goals. Most notable of these are their various assassination attempts against Fire Lord Zuko, some of which have left him even more horribly scarred than before, but all have ultimately failed. There was also an assassination attempts against Fire Lady Mai's family, which was foiled by a visiting Ty Lee. Zhao is personally responsible for the murder of Yue.

The Cult are also responsible for various acts of terrorism including the firebombing of the home of Han Dre, the Fire Nation's ambassador to the Northern Water Tribe, which resulted in the death of the ambassador's youngest sister. Xiani and her squad of cultists terrorized Ba Sing Se, resulting in the deaths of several innocent civilians and the near death of Toph Bei Fong.

Kidnapping has graced the Cult's list of crimes as well as Shaoshang knocked out and kidnapped the moon spirit, Yue. A squad of cultists led by Xiani also attempted to kidnap Ursa in Ba Sing Se.

After the death of Yue, the Cultists became more bold in their movements. They have declared full-scale war on the Water Tribe and attacked the Southern Water Tribe with a large armada that forced the Water Tribe to retreat from their homeland and escape aboard Sokka's skyship, which he had, ironically, stolen from the Cult.

All of these atrocities are often marked with the phrase, Sozin was Right. It was graffitied onto a house destroyed by the Cult and written on the hilt of a knife used in an assassination attempt against Fire Lord Zuko. This phrase has become synonymous with the Cult's ideals.

Notable members

Zhao - Zhao is the founder and leader of the Cult of Sozin. His skyship also serves as their headquarters.

Shaoshang - Shaoshang is Zhao's right-hand man. All other members of the Cult answer to him.

Pantu - Pantu was a mid-ranking member of the Cult that was sent to the Earth Kingdom to attack the Earth King.

Azula - Azula first pledged her support to the Cult's ideals when she was visited by Zhao while she was imprisoned in the House of Fengkuang. She has seemingly joined the Cult after her escape as she was seen with a band of cultists attacking Ba Sing Se.

Xiani - A beautiful young archer prodigy. She serves as the right hand of Azula in the Cult.

The Twins - Powerful firebenders under the command of Xiani. They are always seen clutching their hands together and are able to use their combined firebending to produce the combustion effect, like the Combustion Man.


  • Members of the Cult where the traditional Fire Nation armor with a telling brand on the forearm that identifies as members of the Cult.
  • Many cultists also use the phrase It begins! as a form of battlecry.
  • Yue has hinted that Zhao's motives for forming the Cult are not actually for the sake of the Fire Nation.
  • The headquarters of the Cult are lavishly decorated with Fire Nation flags and portraits of former Fire Lords.

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