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On a small farm on the flat rolling steppes of Russia a Farmer was tending his livestock when he a strange bluish hue emanating from the field. He walked over to it and looked at the portal.

"What the hell is this?!" The farmer shouted in disbelief.

He looked through the other side and saw a whole different world. He sprinted back to his house. He picked the phone up and called the Moscow Police Department. 

"Hello is this the Moscow Police Department!?" The farmer said frantically.

"Yes this what is the emergency?" The Operator asked.

"There is this glowing portal thing in my field. Please send someone fast!" 

"Sir calm down a unit is on it's way to investigate." The Operator said.

"Okay bye sir." The farmer said before he hung up.

Soon a Russian FSB team from the Ministry of Internal Fairs was at the farm AK-12s in hand went through the portal weapons raised. On the other side 3 guards were puzzled by the sight of such abnormal apparel they instantly questioned the 4 FSB troopers who appeared in their world.

"Who are you!? What do you want with the Earth Kingdom!?." The leader of the Earth Kingdom guards shouted.

"We are from the sovereign Motherland, the great Mother Russia we are FSB agents put your... Rocks down. Or we shoot," said Vladimir, the leader of the FSB Spetsnaz group said. The Earth Kingdom soldiers did not comply and a hail of bullets was unleashed from the squad hitting all the guards bringing them to the ground.

"Vladimir you didn't have to kill them. They would probably have not surrendered but still you could have at least waited longer Commander sir." Sergeant Natasha said.

"Natasha you might be my wife but I am still in command here so don't ever question my orders again understand." Vladimir

"Yes sir"

Back at the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace news of the massacre of the 3 guards reached the Earth King.

"Sire strange men have murdered 3 of your best guardsmen sir... Including your son..." The Messenger stuttered. 

"Who is responsible for the murder of my son they will pay for this!" The Old King shouted as he rose out of his chair before his old age forced him back down. 

"Avatar Aang what do think of this act of intolerable violence." 

Aang let out a deep breath. He then prepared to make his statement.

"Sire I say we try to negotiate with these strange men" Elderly Aang stated.

"Peace Blah Blah it's always the same with you Avatar! General Fong II mobilize our forces for all out war!"

"Yes my liege." General Fong II said...

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