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The Crossing
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The Crossing of Two Rivers


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The War

It was a long busy day in the Earth Kingdom of Ba Sing Se. However down deep in the massive city's warrens lay a mad scientist by the name of Lee Huok. He made millions of silver pieces by stealing precious artefacts from museums around the world and trying to tune into their mystical properties. One day after a massive heist involving the theft of Avatar Kyoshi's fans from the Avatar Museum in Ba Sing Se's royal district. He converted massive electric power into the fan releasing all of the spirit energy to the wall. 

"Lee you have stolen a very special treasure to the Earth Kingdom and for that you will pay."  a spiritual representation of Kyoshi said menacingly.

Lee Huok grabbed the nearest tool and destroyed the ancient weapons! The resulting explosion of energy opened up a space time rift in the dimensions leading to an extra-dimensional to an advanced and sophisticated world... Our world...

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