Siege of Ba Sing Se
The Assault
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The Crossing of Two Rivers



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June 9, 2013

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The War

The FSB team stepped over the dead bodies leading to the outside. They then soon came into contact with a massive force of airships and police surrounding the building.

"Come out with your hands above your head and drop your weapons!" A loudspeaker said.

"See Vladimir now we are screwed!" Natasha said.

"Shut up Natasha we are fine these Svoloches don't know how to fight us." Vladimir said confidently. Then the guards heard a distant rumble and Vladimir grinned under his mask. Then through the wall behind the FSB team a BMP-2 armoured vehicle appeared.

"Chyort! Seriously Anatoly!" Natasha said on her radio.

"Oh come on Nat why can't I have a little fun with my big toy!" Anatoly said childishly. The BMP-2 fired it's 30mm main cannon at the nearest airship causing it to crash to the ground. The Guards responded with a mass of giant boulder. The BMP-2's new counter system instantly moved the cannon to fire to deflect the incoming missiles. The rocks were all destroyed before they hit their target. Vladimir and his team opened fire with their AKs the Guards were falling in mass swathes by the minute. Then all of the sudden the portal suddenly expanded and over 20 T-90 tanks came pouring through followed by 2,000 Infantry. The sight of this massive force routed the Earth Kingdom soldiers who retreated to the royal palace. The Russians had suffered 12 casualties, The Earth Kingdom 150 dead, 200 wounded.

As the Russian forces approached the royal palace the Earth King was greeted much to his dismay by a force 1/3 of the size he had sent.

"Sire the Invaders obliterated us with these contraptions!" General Fong II said.

"This is unacceptable I demand a counter attack!" The Earth King shouted.

"With what forces, sire? What I returned with is all we have left of the guard. Plus your 25 royal guards were are extremely outnumbered." Fong said urgently.

"Contact Chief Yakoda of the Southern Water Tribe and Fire Lord Zuko of the Fire Nation tell them we will assemble a grand force of 10,000 men!" The Earth King said.

Down in the Southern Water Tribe Elderly Sokka was talking with the rest of the elders when Yakoda barged in.

"Yes Chief Yakoda what do you need?" Sokka said.

"I need access to all of our armed forces to join with the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation." Yakoda said.

"No Yakoda, you have already stretched your powers too far you have- Ack!" Elderly Sokka said before he fell to the ground with a spear in his chest. The Elders gasped.

"Listen to me you old bags. I am in charge now and you will obey my every wish understand!" Yakoda demanded.

Meanwhile the Assault on the royal palace continued with a massive infantry assault on the great steps before finally cutting through to the throne room. "Place breaching charges on the door!" Vladimir ordered. 3 Troops attached C4 to the door blowing the door off it's hinges. The Earth King's guards were quickly shot down.

"Surrender! And we will spare your life!" Vladimir said. The Earth King stood up.

"I will never surrender!" The Earth King said as pulled out a bow and shot a soldier killing him.

"FIRE!!!" Vladimir shouted. 80 guns roared piercing multiple holes in the Earth King's body. The Earth Kingdom was now destroyed and the great city of Ba Sing Se had fell.

Vladimir ordered his men to secure the palace while he and Natasha investigated the Earth Kings corpse.

"What kind of king was this man? King of Rocks? Why were they throwing rocks at us? Pathetic..." Vladimir snorted. 

That's when the invasion force appeared. 100s of airships dotted the sky above Ba Sing Se.

"Drop your weapons and come peacefully!" A voice said on a loudspeaker, it was Yakoda. A 9K22m Tungunska AA tank aimed at an airship and fire its 30 mm cannons ripping the airships' hull to shreds The other vehicles followed suit and soon .50 cal machine gun bullets, tank shells and missile were filling the air, Airships were falling by the dozens. Yakoda recognized the dire situation and ordered his elite troop of metal benders to take action. they slid down wires and landed on the ground with a hard thud. The first Metalbender attacked a GAZ Vodnik twisting its doors off and he earthbended the crew into the air before he got a bullet in his back. The metal benders tried attacking the tanks next but found the metal to be to heavy and dense as it was composite titanium. The metal benders were soon defeated and had only disabled 5 jeeps.

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