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"I believe you've learned your lesson..."

The room was pitch black, damp, and reeked of death. For a moment, it was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop, but a figure in the corner soon shuffled and stuttered. "Y- yes... my lord." The voice of Kimma was shivering. Her eyes were bloodshot, some of her hair had fallen out, her nails her bitten, and her skin was pale as ever.

"That's good to hear."

"I- I'll... never do it again, my lord." Kimma flinched as she got up.

"Then I am prepared to offer you my forgiveness. I was saddened to see you betray me."

"I know, Onjing. Your forgiveness is undying. I don't know what I was thinking."

"Perhaps you too sensed that Phronk was dead?"

Kimma's face turned to shock, and although she wasn't visible in the dark, Onjing could see. "His presence is no longer in this world."

"Then you could bring him back, right?" Kimma was desperate.

"You know the rules Kofaru gave me. He rises dead Cha Jin De's that we have... cleansed. Nothing else."

"I know. I'm sorry."

"I promise you, soon he will be avenged. We will bring this city- this world to its knees, but it all starts with the pro-bending tournament. I'm giving you a second chance: can I trust you."

Kimma's fear vanished and her trembling lips formed a cynical smile. "Of course."

"All participating teams sign up here!" A short, plump woman yelled through a megaphone on a small platform outside the bustling Republic City pro-bending arena. "See the lines on the ground? Waterbenders to the left column, Earthbenders in the middle, Firebenders on the right. C'mon, this isn't difficult people!"

The Isha trio of Kimma, Sangti, and Zhouray stood side by side in the order they were told, behind two other teams in a line to demonstrate their bending abilities. Shortly enough, it was there turn.

"Team name?" An older man sat at a desk with a clipboard.

"The Avengers," announced Kimma. The name struck the other two as odd.

"And are you the team captain?"

Zhouray opened his mouth, but Kimma cut him off. "Yes. My name is Serra."

"Please step forward."

The Waterbender complied and walked to a small blocked-off square and faced a red line. On the other side, three targets popped up, and Kimma flung water from grates beneath her to clinched three bulls-eyes. Then a disc flew in the air in front of her and she struck it down with powerful stream. Lastly, a catapult on the other side of the red line sprung up and fired a rock at her, which she evaded before jumping over a line of confetti meant to represent fire.

"The Avengers' Waterbender qualifies," announced the man. "Earthbender, step forward."

Sangti and Zhouray eached pass their respective tests and The Avengers were assigned a match against the Omashu Cave-Hoppers on the second night of the tournament. They walked away quietly, making sure not to draw too much attention or make eye contact with anyone.

"Alright Avatar," Keric cleared his throat in the room of the three pools in his massive gym. "We've been working together for weeks, and I want you to go over every move you've learned on that platform in the center of the pool here.

Brek nodded and got right to it, taking note of the water floating both around him and under where he was standing through metal bars. He exhaled deeply, then made an wave movement with his arms, exaggerating it in his writs. As he did so, a line of water rose up vertically in front of him. He slid his left foot farther to the left, moving his left arm in the same direction- the water followed. He did the same to his right. As Keric nodded, pleased, Brek used both arms to force the water to circumnavigate his body. When it reached his front, he shot his right arm up, his hand flat, sending the stream shooting for the ceiling. As it fell, he waited patiently before bringing his hands together and pulling them apart again, splitting the water into two blobs. Concentrating, he attempted to freeze both, but one fell awkwardly to the ground.

"Keep going," said Keric softly, hoping his pupil would not be discouraged from his mistake.

The Avatar shook it off and pulled another stream from the pool, immediately firing it to his right as a water whip. He then sent a jet of water to the left, and a more powerful blast to his front.


Brek drew more water from the pull and made his most impressive water blast yet before Keric exploded it. It was time for his last move- a wave. Brek took a deep breath and put all of his focus on the water in front of him in the pool.

Suddenly, the door burst open; it was Berani. "Brek! Come outside, quickly! It's the Isha!"

"What? Onjing?"

"No! Just some of their followers! Kaeta saw them down at the park!"

Brek nodded and rushed to the door, followed by Keric.

"I'm coming, too," asserted the Councilman and Waterbending master.

It took a few minutes for the group to arrive at the park, but when they reached the bridge to the once-peaceful public resting place, they saw Zola trying to advance into the park, blocking fire blasts from four men in red jumpsuits and sending some of her own.

"Brek! They've taken the park. They've killed the non-benders and are holding the benders hostage." She ducked under a bolt of lightning as she finished the sentence.

Brek raised a wall of rock to buy some time. Berani commenced with firing arrows at the Firebenders as Keric shot ice spears from a pond and blocked their attacks with water shields.

"What are their demands?" asked Brek.

"They want eleven non-benders from the police to sacrifice themselves for the hostages."

The Avatar didn't have time to think ab out the Isha's horrendous offer. "Where's Kaeta."

Zola, holding back tears, answered her friend. "They have him."

"Wh-" With an ear-busting boom, the wall exploded on impact from another lightning bolt. Brek and Zola fell backwards and looked up to see the four men approaching with a whips of electricity. Brek formed a 90 degree angle with his arm and forced his palm straight into the ground, causing the bridge underneath the Isha to collapse into the river below. Keric, without being able to see the drowning Firebenders, froze them in place.

"Frozen isn't good enough," muttered Zola. With that she ran across the bridge and down the gap Brek had created, the other three then saw flames burst out of the area, followed by Zola propelling herself with intense fire. Before she landed, she threw a right hook, sending an attack at a group of jumpsuits.

Brek paused. "It sure has been a while since we've dealt with jumpsuit people. At least they're better than the zombies." He then threw his arms back to blast him, Berani, and Keric forward with wind, and the flew over the hole in the bridge to the greater battle scene.

The Councilman was displaying Waterbending like Brek had never seen. His ammunition was water he took from the lush grass, that blackened and died as he sapped their water. He even drew water from a tree and sent an icicle into the heart of an attacker.

Zola blocked a fire wheel with a field of lightning, then hurled discs of hot flames. Meanwhile, Berani was more than capable of fending off the Isha with her katana.

Brek, on the other hand, was determined to free the hostages, and found that they were heavily guarded in the park's center, by a fountain. Suddenly, his eyes glowed for a brief second, and he crumbled part of the fountain with long-distance Earthbending. He followed by sending a few guards flying with a powerful strike of air. As he prepared his next move, everyone else in the park had vanished.

Brek couldn't believe his eyes. The place seemed as if it was glowing. When the Avatar noticed that the fountain looked as if he had never destroyed it, and that the bridge was still in tact, he thought he had traveled back in time.

"Hello, young Earthbender. Or should I call you young Firebender? Airbender?"

Brek turned to see a familiar old woman in Water Tribe clothing. "Avatar Korra! What are you doing here? What am I doing here?"

"I thought you could use some help. You're not the only Avatar who has had to deal with problems in this city. Although in my case, the situation was quite the opposite."

"That's right... you stopped a non-bender revolt! That's what caused this... reaction!"

"I've told you already that our actions always have consequences. That wisdom has been passed down to every Avatar since Kyoshi."

"How do I stop this, then? How did you stop the Equalists?"

"It wasn't easy. It took courage, which you have, skill, which you have, but it also took some thinking outside the box. If you face the enemy dead-on in a pure match of strength, you will lose, but you can't run away from them either, as fate will bring you closer."

"So what should I do."

"Get a little... creative. May I also add that the key to the element you are currently learning, Water, is using your opponents' force against them." With those final words, Brek blinked and finished the attack he started before the conversation. Virtually no time had passed.

Using their own force against them? Bending... Onjing... force... forces? I got it! Without explaining his plan, he fled the battle and ignored Berani's cries out to him. He didn't know where exactly he was going; he just needed a lot of people. When he found a street he felt was busy enough, he stood on a bench and called out, "People of Republic City, I am your Avatar!" Without hesitating he breathed fire from his mouth while levitating himself on an earth pillar. He then sent a gust of wind from his fingertips, and people halted in a dead stop to stare at him in utter silence.

"The people of this city are in trouble, and I'm going to need all of your help. If you are brave enough to help save the world and stop the Isha, come with me!"

To Brek's surprise he managed to muster up over 100 supporters. Knowing that time was of the essence, he instructed them to walk, not run, to the park, emotionlessly.

The Isha guards back at the park, blocking off an entrance from the city, were surprised to see a mass of risen Cha Jin De's approach.

"You think Onjing sent them? As back up?" one asked the other.

"He must have. We can use their help too."

The two guards welcomed the newcomers and began to give them orders. The people kept walking with blank faces, and reached the hostages whom they were told to guard while fighting the Avatar's forces. Little did the Isha know that among the people was Brek himself, who promptly shouted "Now!" just before the people he had gathered revolted against the men in jumpsuits, much to their astonishment.

It didn't take long for the benders and non-benders alike of the city to overcome the Isha. Fire flew in all directions, water was tossed around in both a liquid and sold form, lightning sprung through the air, and rocks went in every direction. Sure enough, Brek's plan prevailed.

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