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Nobody cares about the Avatar Cycle anymore, anyway.

Avatar Korra will always be remembered as one of the greatest Avatars in history. She defeated many powerful enemies in her time and managed to bring peace and harmony to the world. But it didn't last for long.

In 180 AG, Korra headed for the Earth Republic, wishing to urgently speak to Kuvira for unknown reasons, but she never arrived there. Some think that she died during the journey. Some think that she was killed in the Earth Republic. Some think that she is still alive somewhere. But nobody has ever seen the Avatar again.

Two decades have passed, and the world has had to learn to live without the Avatar. But soon, a new threat rose. Soon after Avatar Korra's disappearance, a company called Spirits Industries appeared from nowhere. It didn't seem like any trouble then, but soon it proved to be so technologically advanced that it slowly started to take over the competition. It took over everything: technology, medicine, traveling. Future Industries, Varrick Industries, everything is gone.

The leader of Spirits Industries, a mysterious woman who calls herself The Spirit and stood behind all the Spirits Industries modernizations, was never seen in public, but the better part of the world was practically under her control. It was you either live from the Spirits Industries, or you die. She was rumored to have the power of spirits herself. Some thought that she was just a human, but nobody knew.

It was not a military conquest. It was a takeover.

World leaders recognized The Spirit as a threat, but there was no way to fight someone who controls everything. There was only one solution. To find the Avatar, whether it was Korra or the new Avatar, who will lead people against Spirits Industries. But the Avatar has not been seen for thirty years, and the former Team Avatar was unsuccessful in finding her.

By now, in 202 AG, Spirits Industries has complete control over our lives. They follow us, they know everything we do. But a few days ago, the Council for Security decided to send a team of children of the former allies of the Avatar, hoping that the next generation could be successful in finding the Avatar.

And the four of us will succeed.

The Council of Security Anti-SI project final meeting, Republic City, 202 AG

"There is no way that we are sending children to fight the Spirits Industries!" Fire Lord Iroh exclaimed furiously slamming the table with his hand.

The Council for Security meeting was held in an old shabby building from the times of Avatar Aang. Usually the Council met at the City Hall, but it was of the utmost importance that today's meeting remained a secret.

The room itself was dark, all the windows being covered with heavy curtains blocking the sunlight and the looks of people passing by. In the middle of the room, there was a long wooden table covered in thick layer of dust and about twenty people sitting around it.

Members of the Council, however, seemed to a complete opposite of the room, Fire Nation representatives with their expensive golden jewelry and Water Tribes chiefs in spruce robes trimmed with snow white fur.

The Council for Security was founded by world leaders not long after the takeover of the Spirits Industries, its primary duty being to resist The Spirit in any possible way.

"Dear Fire Lord, if everything goes as planned, they will not see anything of Spirits Industries at all. Their duty will be to find the Avatar to lead us against the Spirits industries," President Tayen said calmly.

"The Avatar has not seen in thirty years!" the Fire Lord opposed. "If no one succeeded, why do you think some random children will?"

"But they are not 'some random children'." The Northern Water Tribe chief rose from his seat. "Master Jinora," he nodded at the tall, serious woman in her early forties wearing traditional Air Nomads robes, "claims that her daughter inherited the spiritual connection with the Avatar. I assure you that our elite team will complete their mission as planned." He paused. "I stand by Tayen. To prove that, I nominate my son to join the quest. Who is with us?" the Chief continued.

About half of the people raised their hands, including president Feng and the Southern Water Tribe Chief. After a few seconds, Master Jinora and the Metal Clan patriarch rose their hands too. Only the Fire Lord remained silent.

"I believe we have a half," the chief nodded.

"Chief Desna, I can't believe that you're sending your only son into almost certain death!" the Fire Lord shouted angrily.

The chief's cold blue eyes met the accusing amber ones.

"You dare to accuse me of sacrificing my own son? We are sending those people to be the heroes and the saviors of their nations! They will bring hope for their people! For thirteen years, we had nothing to hope for! We can't live under the control of Spirits Industries anymore! Ever since the invention of that detestable computer, Spirits Industries owns everything, they practically own us! And if he falls, he will fall for his country and for the sake of the world, and I would be proud of him." He sat down to his seat, shooting the Fire Lord a gaze of disgust.

"Indeed. If my sons were old enough, I would be honored to send them to serve their nation," the woman next to him said.

The Metal Clan patriarch rose from his seat. "I not only stand by you, but I nominate my daughter to join the quest."

President Tayen shook her head. "I'm afraid that would not be possible. Your daughter is under age, and I will have to agree with the Fire Lord that we can't send children to fight."

"My daughter is seventeen, and she is a master earthbender. I am sure that she is more than capable of joining the quest. Besides, Avatar Korra was under age when she defeated Amon, Unalaq, and Zaheer, but she wasn't too young to fight. And what about Avatar Aang? He was twelve when he defeated Fire Lord Ozai, and he wasn't too young to fight," the Metal Clan patriarch insisted.

"Baatar, come to your senses, the Earth Republic has more than enough young soldiers who would be willing to join the quest," Tayen said.

"My daughter expressed her willingness to join the quest. I trust her judgment, and I send her at my own risk." The patriarch sat down.

"Very well. Chief Taruq, have you chosen your representative?" Chief Desna addressed the young chief sitting a few seats away from him.

The Southern Water Tribe chief stood up. "We have chosen our representative. Our tribe member, Darin, graduated at the Sato University with highest grades, best of his generation. The kid is a technological genius. He is also a skilled waterbender."

"Accepted," Chief Desna said. "You agree, Tayen?" The president nodded. "Jinora? Feng? Baatar?"

"Fire Lord? Have you chosen your representative?" President Tayen asked.

"I have made clear that I am not sending any Fire Nation citizen into this quest," he said, anger bursting from his every word. "I will not start a war for nothing."

"The war started the second that Varrick Industries went into bankruptcy!" Chief Desna lost his nerves.

"Very well. I have no business here anymore. I resign from the Project Anti-SI," the Fire Lord said flatly.

"I am very sorry to hear that. I counted on the Fire Nation to help us," Tayen pierced the Fire Lord with her bright green eyes.

Chief Desna returned to his seat. "As the head of Project Anti-SI, I declare this meeting over." The members of the Councils slowly walked out of the hall, each their own way, not looking at others.


Just to introduce some new characters.

President Tayen Tiequan is the new president of the United Republic, co-leader of the said Project Anti-SI alongside chief Desna.

President Feng is the new president of the Earth Republic and the member of Project Anti-SI.

Chief Taruq is the new chief of the Southern Water Tribe and the member of the project as well.

We already know Iroh II and Jinora, but they are now the leaders of their respective nations and the members of the project.

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