The Coronation of Fire Lord Zuko
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Chapter 10: The Coronation of Zuko

This morning, I am at the Fire Nation Capital. There are burnt roofs and destruction everywhere. However, it is a great day. The War is officially over. Ozai is now defeated. I learned from Katara that Zuko had been seriously wounded by Azula's lightning and Katara had defeated Azula. After her defeat, Azula had lost her sanity and had been screaming and sobbing uncontrollably. I have to admit, I actually feel kind of sorry for her.

Right now, I have just found my Kyoshi Warrior attire from Azula's wardrobe and I got dressed. I then reunited with my fellow Kyoshi Warriors. Sokka then approached to us with crutches.

"There's my favorite warriors! I have to admit, I kinda missed the face paint. So how does it feel to be back in uniform?" Sokka asked.

"It feels great!" Ty Lee said cheerfully, popping up with the uniform and face paint.

"Careful Suki! Ty Lee's pretending to be a Kyoshi Warrior again!" Sokka warned.

"It's okay! She's one of us now," I said to Sokka. Sokka looked shocked and stared at me in disbelief.

"The girls and I really bonded in prison. And after a few chi blocking lessons, they let me join the group," Ty Lee explained. "We're going to be BEST friends forever!" she added. I smiled. With Ty Lee's bubbly, outgoing personality, she will be a great addition to the group.

Right then, Zuko walked out, followed by Aang. Zuko wore the traditional Fire Lord robes with his hair up in a topknot. Aang wore the traditional monk robes and an Air Nomad medallion. We all cheered.

"The real hero is the Avatar," Zuko announced, gesturing to Aang. We all clapped and cheered for Aang.

"A hundred years of fighting has left the world devastated. But with the Avatar's help, we will rebuild the world in an era of love and peace. And today, the War is finally over!" Zuko claimed.

"All hail Fire Lord Zuko!" the Fire Sage announced, planting the Fire Lord headpiece into Zuko's topknot. He stood up and we all applauded. Right after the coronation, I would go back to Kyoshi Island and receive a warm welcome. I would tell the story to my people. And when I am of age, I could marry Sokka. I could already see my future ahead of me. The rest of my days would be the greatest.

Author's Note

This is the conclusion to my mini series. Hope you all enjoyed it!

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