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Blue Spirit
The Consumer
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The Reaper, The Masquerader

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Koh's Realm


Void space

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Transparent Black

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Koh, Jonzu Wa


Avatar, Wan Shi Tong, Amon

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Grim Raeper

The Consumer is a spirit that feeds off of false identities. He is rather malevolent, as he will attempt to cause fighting so that one may need a false identity.


The Consumer is a shapeshifter, but he does frequent three appearances: A transparent, black, hooded cloak wearing either Amon's or the Blue Spirit's mask. He can also appear as a giant, transparent, black vulture with one of those two masks instead of a face or a black tree with a mask nestled in its branches.


The Consumer feeds off of false identities. When somebody left an alias behind, the Consumer steals every facet of the alias's identity. He will also add your disguise to his collection. If he has fed off of your alias, he will come for you, and strip you of your personality right before you die.

Known Victims

Zuko- The Consumer devoured the Blue Spirit and stripped Zuko of his personality when he died.

Noatok - The Consumer devoured Amon. He also may have taught him how to remove another's bending.


The Consumer attempts to cause war and dissent where ever he can. He will lead people astray so that they have need of a false persona, and then he will consume them when they die. He fears the Avatar, though, because he banished him from both the Spirit World and the Mortal World, causing him to become a shadow in between the two. The Consumer is a master strategist, sometimes influencing one person so that one of their distant descendants are affected.


The Consumer formed in Koh's cave from the emotions of those who's faces Koh stole. Around the time of the eleventh Avatar, the Consumer realized that he could consume the identities of those who his "father" had killed. For years, he journeyed between the two realms, feeding off of the souls of the dying. However, the Avatar eventually found out and put these restrictions on him: For ten thousand years, he could consume the souls if those who lied to themselves about their identity. After that time, he must ferry the spirits of the dead to the Spirit World. He was still allowed to consume their souls, but he must spend the rest of his life ferrying the dead. At some point after he was vanished into void space, the Consumer broke into Wan Shi Tong's Library and stole a book about bending. Later, he taught Amon to remove another's bending.



The Consumer considers Koh his father, as he was created through actions of Koh. Before he was banished, he and Koh shared a habitation, and Koh shared his "kills" with him.

The Avatar

The Consumer hates and fears the Avatar, as he is the one who banished him to void space.

Wan Shi Tong

Wan Shi Tong dislikes the Consumer, as he has stolen from him on at tleast one occasion. The Knowledge Spirit does not consider him a spirit, as he is made up of the emotions of mortals.


The Consumer taught Noatok (later Amon) to take another's bending so that he would make himself an alias which the Consumer could then consume. Amon may have actually liked the Consumer, though, as he taught him the skills that he used to found the Equalists.

Jonzu Wa

The two brothers were formed years apart, so they hardly saw each other at all. However, the Consumer considers his brother to flighty and unfocused.


The Consumer can shapeshift. Due to his large amounts of forms, he has many abilities, such as flight, that depend on his form. He has a practical knowledge of martial arts, and a theoretical but vast knowledge of bending.


  • The Consumer's appearance is based on No Face, from spirited away.
  • The Consumer's "job" is based on both Davy Jones (from Pirates of the Caribbean) and the Grim Reaper


Fell free to use him, just give me credit and don't kill him or make him marry the Avatar or anything.

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