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Last time on TLAT An assassination attempt was foiled by the sixty-seven year old Avatar Gatton. But, when a maid is caught in the cross fire; the sages are in trouble.


"Why couldn't you save her?" asked Halois.

"I am sorry, the last time I actually had to used airbending was twenty-five years ago," replied the Avatar.

Halois responded, "I am surprised I am still alive."

"Halois, you need to go home. I will stay here and search for any more hazards," said Gatton.

After two hours of searching nothing out of the ordinary (besides a burnt hallway and ashes) showed up. As he was leaving a custodian came out of hiding.

"You are the Avatar, aren't you?" asked the janitor.

"Yes, I am what do you need?" asked Gatton.

"You know why I was in the closet over there." asked the man.

"No, actually I do not," said Gatton.

"A lady told me to stay in the closet. I said that was silly, but she threatened me. So, I listened," he said.

"Hmm, did you know her?" asked Gatton.

"I saw her with a group of maids every day at lunch. Where is she?" he asked.

"I am afraid she has left us tonight," said Gatton in a sad tone.

"Really, well I must be going. Bye now."

Gatton called his dragon Duma to him. Duma was a green dragon with large wings and a forked tail that was sharper than iron. He gave the dragon a pat on the head and took off. Gatton studied the ground beneath him. Almost two million people lived in the city, his city. He was the sole protector of the city; It could not fall.

He arrived home to the warmth, friendly welcome of a tired, grumpy family.

"Grandpa, you are finally home! By the way I didn't eat the fire flakes, Grandma-" said Finosa.

"Missed you, yes I missed you, honey," said Grandma cutting off Finosa.

"Son, you actually let my grand children stay up pass high-moon," asked Gatton.

"Well..." Sven didn't want to answer.

"Grandpa, Grandpa, why are you home so late. Were there evil Earth Kingdom thugs riding eel lizards? Or are there evil spirits lurking?" questioned Baizken.

"Not now children, I am taking my fire flakes and going to bed," said a tired Avatar.

"Um..." Grandma replied.

The next morning the sages called a meeting, and requested the Avatar's appearance. Both Gatton and Halois gave the sages there testimony, and the sages were deeply distraught.

"We must not tell a soul what is going on. If everyone knew there was a power struggle they would take sides. A civil war would erupt!" said Raingeous.

"Sir, as the Avatar I feel it is my duty to tell the people. They need to know to prepare themselves for what may happen," said the Avatar.

"Avatar, you are out of order. I agree with Raingeous. We need to dispose of this quietly," said Pytharus.

"True, we need to get rid of this conspiracy, but the people need to know. You know this, Raingeous," said Sven.

"You are a true pawn of your father. We need to silence the new group," remarked Raingeous.

"How can you silence something you can not hear. Something so silent a camelephent can not hear," Bard said.

"You and your poems, Bard; how did you become a High Sage? How?" Pytharus asked, glaring at the High Sage.

"Or did they..." said Sven.

"What do you mean, Sven?" Amax questioned.

"Who says they were after us? Actually, they may have been after your after maid, Halois," said Sven.

"This is absurd why would they go after a maid? Did she serve the wrong type of tea," said Raingeous.

"No, she knew something she knew what was going to happen. She told me these numbers as she died," said Gatton.

"Please, do not discuss this here. Tell me alone later," said Amax.

"Ears can here, eyes can see, feet can smell, and noses run. Please excuse this gross pun," replied Bard completely off subject.

"This meeting is over leave us now," Amax said as he ending the meeting. He stepped forward to the door.

"Yes, Head Sage Amax," all the sages reply.

After they all leave, Gatton and the Head Sage sat down. The same janitor swept the floor outside the room. The Sage's temper was extremely calm for someone who's country was being flipped upside-down.

"Now onto those numbers, Avatar Gatton..." Amax said.

To Be Continued...

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