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The Conspiracy Within, Part 2: Capture is the thirty-first chapter of the fanon series, Kyoshi Revolts, and is a follow-up to the first part. This chapter, along with The Conspiracy Within, Part 1: Infiltration, forms a two part special revolving around a conspiracy within the Rebel City. The chapter will mark the beginning of the action-packed second half of Book 2, ending the light and goofy first half. In terms of importance and writing, "The Conspiracy Within, Part 2: Capture" and the chapter before it are equivalent to that of season finale chapters, like the canonical The Day of Black Sun, Part 1: The Invasion and The Day of Black Sun, Part 2: The Eclipse chapters.

The chapter's main plot centers around the cunning conspiracy set afoot by Mitsuki, while Mina, Kaila, Chen, Giu, and Ray try to stop her and Yi from capturing the city. Out of these conflicts comes yet another battle determining the fate of the Rebel City and its inhabitants. In the process of the conspiracy, Mitsuki severely injures Chen and duels Mina. Team Rebel is forced to flee, and the Fire Nation claims victory over the city.

The chapter was released in March, 2010, and was nominated to be the Featured Fanon Article of September, 2010. It became the earliest Kyoshi Revolts chapter to include dialogue after Vaznock decided to make it more "Featured Article worthy". This chapter is the second one to be written in dialogue format; it's successor, "Born Under Dirt" was the first.


With Kambi under arrest, it is up to Mina, Kaila, Chen, Ray and Giu to foil Mitsuki's effective conspiracy over the city. Matters are made worst when Mitsuki calls upon General Yi for assistance.


Kein Forest

Mina, Kaila, Chen, Ray, and Giu drag themselves through Kein Forest, following their day-long journey to the western coast of the Earth Kingdom.

"We're almost there!" Mina yells jubilantly. "I think I see the city!"

"Hey guys, since Kama isn't with us anymore, whaddaya say I give us a quicker ride?" Giu says slyly.

Mina, Kaila, and Chen are confused, though Ray catches on. "Giu, don't even think about-"

Before Ray can finish, however, Giu shoots a huge slab of earth up from under their feet. He proceeds to bend the slab forward, and the five kids are thrust along. Ray, Mina, and Kaila, despite being scared at first, laugh and smile as their hair blows in the wind and they shoot forward. Chen, however, is not as lucky, as Momo begins clinging on to his forehead.

"Gah! Momo, get off of me!" Chen yells, while trying to remove the lemur from his face.

Suddenly, Giu hits a bump, and the five children fall to the ground. Giu laughs nervously after receiving an angry look from Ray, who fell into a pile of dirt.

Underground Rebel City

Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee take Kambi, who is now their prisoner, down to a secret prison, which Mitsuki discovered in the master plans. As Tam Mee and Quanlee drag him down the corridor leading to the prison, Kambi begins to struggle, due to the fact that Tam Mee's Chi-blocking on him has worn off.

"Tam Mee, block him again. Quanlee, tighten the cloth over his mouth. We can't have him revealing our identity." Mitsuki orders. Tam Mee makes a few quick jabs at Kambi's body, reducing him to a "limp noodle" once more. Kambi attempts to yell for help, though his screams are muffled as Quanlee yanks at his cloth.

Finally, the three girls arrive at the prison. In front of them is a long metal door, securely shut. Mitsuki knocks on it. Two large guards answer it.

"What are you doing here?" The first guard says in a booming voice. "Civilians aren't allowed down here!"

"Oh, I'm no civilian." Mitsuki says slyly. She moves out of the way, revealing Kambi, paralyzed and gagged, while being held by Quanlee at dagger-point.

"Kambi!" the guards gasp, seeing their faithful ruler being threatened with death before them.

"If you want your leader to live, you'll let us in." Mitsuki says gruffly. The guards comply, and let the three girls enter. The prison appears to be aligned with a row of prison cells, each being guarded by a single rebel soldier. The rebel guards of the prison turn in terror as they see Kambi entering the room, being held hostage. Mitsuki's entrance immediately gains reaction from the imprisoned Fire Nation soldiers, who bow upon seeing their Princess.

"I'm sure you've all figured out by now that we are from the Fire Nation. Let me elaborate more for you." Mitsuki says, making sure to stay close to Kambi so as to not let a guard rescue him. "I am Princess Mitsuki, daughter of Azula. You may remember me from the previous siege I inflicted on you all. Well, to make it short, I'm back. Now, if you want your leader to survive this day, you'll release all of your prisoners and stand down."

The rebel guards reluctantly comply, and they all unlock the cells. The prisoners run out, and get behind Mitsuki, ready to fight for their evil rescuer. The guards lift their hands up in surrender, determined to not threaten the trio of girls and get their leader killed. Tam Mee springs into action, and quickly blocks the chi of all the rebel guards.

The freed Fire Nation soldiers strip the guards of their keys at uniforms, and lock them in the cells. Mitsuki smirks, having now gained her necessary team of fighters.

When each guard is arrested, Mitsuki throws Kambi and the Head Guard into an empty cell.

As Kambi falls into the cell, the cloth over his mouth falls off. "You'll never get away with this!" Kambi yells, while turning to Mitsuki.

Mitsuki smirks. "Oh, I already have." Mitsuki turns to leave, with Tam Mee and Quanlee following. "I want half of you to stay here and stand guard. The rest of you – come with me. We have officials to meet."

Rebel City Council Room

Kambi's ten officials sit along a long table, waiting anxiously for their leader to show up.

"Where's Kambi?" one of the officials asks, while sitting at a table with the other nine members. "It's not like him to show up late."

"I know." the other council member says. "I hope everything's alright." The council members all turn when they see a disguised Mitsuki in the doorway.

"Ah, Miss Care, nice to see you." a council member says, while politely getting out of his seat. The poor man had no idea what was about to happen. "Have you seen Kambi?"

"Yes, I have, and so will the ten of you in a few minutes." Mitsuki says, while waiting to give her team the signal. "Now!"

Suddenly, twenty men flood the room, along with Tam Mee and Quanlee. The ten leaders attempt to fight back, though they are overwhelmed, and eventually all ten of them are captured. The twenty soldiers restrain them, and tear them out of their seats, proceeding to take them down to the underground prison.

"And why exactly are we arresting these officials?" Quanlee asks the princess.

"Because Quanlee, without Kambi or the military officials to lead them, the rebel soldiers will fall apart in confusion, allowing Yi to easily invade the city. Now ladies, why don't you go assist our 'friends' in arresting those rebels. I have an old friend to greet." Mitsuki leaves the back entrance of the palace to go talk to Yi.

Fire Nation airships

The Airships approach the Rebel City

Rebel City Entrance

The members of Team Rebel finally arrive in the city. Ray and Giu run over the paved road to the palace, ecstatic to see Kambi again, with Mina, Kaila, and Chen following. They run through the door to Kambi's throne room.

"Kambi! We're here!" Ray yells, as she runs through the doorway. Oddly, the entire palace seems to be empty.

"Kambi?" Chen says, while looking around for him.

"Where is he?" Mina murmurs.

"It's not like him to just disappear." Kaila adds.

Ray looks up, and suddenly, notices scorch marks on the ceiling. "Uh oh." Ray runs into Kambi's council room, only to see the room is completely deserted, with more scorch marks on the ceiling.

Ray runs back to the throne room. "Guys, I think there may be some unwanted visitors in the city."

"What do you mean by that?" Chen asks Ray.

Before Ray can answer, Giu spots something even worse outside of the window: a small armada of airships heading toward the city.

"Guys, look at this." Giu says, pointing the other four kids to the sky outside.

"Oh no!" Mina yells.

The five kids dash out of the building, and their fears worsen when the city's emergency alarm sounds, terrifying all of the citizens and the city's soldiers.

"Mina, Kaila, Chen, stay outside!" Ray says to the three kids.

"We'll go find Kambi!" Giu adds. "Stay safe." Ray and Giu run back into the palace.

Rebel City Outskirts

Yi's invasion easily breaks through the limits of the city, while the rebel battalions remain in a state of chaos as they are unable to find Kambi and his officials, as Mitsuki planned.

Yi, while looking over a map, is greeted by Mitsuki herself.

"Princess Mitsuki." Yi says, bowing down to the princess in respect.

"I'll cut to the chase. The Rebel City is most vulnerable on the east side. The rebel soldiers are in chaos, so your men should easily be able to defeat them. Meet me at the palace." Mitsuki tells the general.

"Yes princess." Yi replies.

Mitsuki goes to leave, though she stops and turns around once more, with a dark expression in her eyes. "Oh, by the way general, if you fail me, as you've failed my mother before, you won't have to worry about your life anymore. Because I'll put a permanent end to it!"

With that threat etched in Yi's mind, Mitsuki turns and leaves.

Hovering from above, the airships begin to deploy some more Fire Nation soldiers on the city, and the invasion officially begins.

Palace Throne Room

Subsequently, Ray and Giu run into the throne room to look for Kambi, though they are shocked when they come across Tam Mee and Quanlee instead. Giu and Ray take a fighting stance, though Tam Mee quickly springs into action. She jumps out toward Giu, and attempts to block his chi, though he throws her back a couple feet with a small boulder. Quanlee jumps up into the air, and fires a vicious assault of daggers at Ray, one of which cuts her hand.

"Well, if it isn't 'Miss God's Gift to Humanity' herself!" Quanlee says, while firing another set of daggers.

Ray attempts to freeze Quanlee to the wall, though the gothic heiress jumps away and shoots three stilettos through Ray's shirt, pinning her to the wall. Tam Mee cartwheels closer to Giu.

"Hey, anyone ever tell you you're kinda cute?" Giu says flirtatiously.

"GIU!" Ray yells back to the womanizing Earthbender.

Tam Mee giggles. "All the time." She hits Giu with a few jabs by surprise, blocking his chi. "So like I care what you think." Quanlee then shoots four stilettos at Giu, pinning him to the wall alongside Ray.

Blue fire shield

Mitsuki shields herself from Mina's attacks

Rebel Palace Stairs

Meanwhile, Mitsuki proceeds to run up the stairs into the palace. She is stopped in her tracks, however, by Mina, Kaila, and Chen. The trio is shocked to see her, though the shock is quickly replaced by anger. Mitsuki is surprised, and moves back a few steps. Chen gets closer to his sister.

"Your little game is over." Chen says angrily as he, Mina, and Kaila approach Mitsuki.

Mitsuki attempts to make a bluff. "It's too late fools! Your leader has been arrested and the city is sealed off by Firebenders."

"Oh, I doubt the invasion can continue if the person leading it all is a mere prisoner." Chen says darkly.

Mitsuki's eyes widen, and a bead of sweat drips down her forehead. She steps back away from the three kids. It becomes clear that for the first time ever, Mitsuki is exhibiting fear. The princess finds herself outnumbered and unable to escape, with her mind and thoughts racing. Suddenly, Mitsuki reveals her normal sadistic smirk, and all her fear disappears.

"I can't lose now, Chenny. I've gotten too far already. I mean, losing would be such a waste. I already had to sacrifice Quanlee's life to take down Kambi."

Chen is horrified. "You... you had Quanlee killed?!" Chen yells, as rage and sadness builds up in him.

"Oh, what's the matter Chenny. Are you sad that your little girlfriend died?" Mitsuki taunts.

Chen is thrown into a stage of rage, and charges at Mitsuki violently. "YOU BITCH!!!" he screams, as his hands fill with burning orange flame. Little to Chen's knowledge, he has left his chest area completely vulnerable.

Mitsuki notices the weak spot, and in an instant, hurls a powerful jet of blue fire straight at Chen. It collides violently with his chest, and throws him back all the way to Mina and Kaila.

Chen falls on the ground unconscious. Mina and Kaila are terrified. "Oh my god! Ray! RAY!! We need you!" Mina yells. "Where are you Ray!?"

Kaila grabs Chen, and starts screaming in horror. Mitsuki laughs evilly. "I'd assume Ray's fighting Quanlee!" Mitsuki yells, revealing that she was lying about Quanlee dying all along.

"Kaila, stay with Chen. I'm going to fight Mitsuki myself."

Rebel City Middle Region

Yi's invasion dominates the battle as the rebel soldiers run around in complete chaos. Eventually, he comes across a crying little boy.

"I can't find my mommy." The boy says, with sadness glowing in his eyes.

Yi laughs, grabs the little boy by the neck, and burns him to death. The revolting smell of burning flesh disgusts the other soldiers, though Yi begins laughing at the incredibly gruesome scene.

Rebel Palace Stairs

Mina readies her bow and arrow, while Mitsuki gets into a fighting stance.

"It's been a while since we last fought." Mitsuki slyly says to Mina.

Mina commences the battle by unleashing two sharp arrows at Mitsuki. The princess spins through the air and kicks the arrows to the ground. Mina runs at her, and attempts to strike an arrow through Mitsuki's skull. Mitsuki jumps into the air, and kicks a swirling flame right at Mina, causing her to stumble. Mitsuki continues to attack her head on.

"Why do even try fighting me? You pathetic slave!" Mitsuki says while violently attacking Mina, igniting her arrows with flames.

"I will not back down!" Mina yells, while shooting two more arrows at Mitsuki.

Mina runs over to Mitsuki and shoots three flaming arrows at her upper body. The princess shields herself, and attempts to decapitate Mina with a fire whip. Mina dodges it, and Mitsuki begins to get annoyed.

"I'm not playing games anymore." Mitsuki says, while generating a powerful bolt of lightning. She shoots it straight at Mina, though Mina is able to dodge the powerful bolt, falling on her head in the process. She tries to jump up, though she is forced to flip to the side to avoid a powerful shot of flame. Mitsuki jets herself forward, and readies another bolt.

Mina stands up, and shoots three more arrows at Mitsuki, disabling her lightning attack. The princess begins to get frustrated, and jets herself closer to Mina. Mina shoots two more arrows, which pierce Mitsuki's shirt sleeves, subsequently pinning her to the ground. Mitsuki, using her Firebending, tears the arrows through the shirt, and proceeds to stand up again. Mina runs toward her, and tries to punch Mitsuki in the face, though her strength is by far inferior, and she is punched to the ground by Mitsuki. Mina begins to bleed from her cheek. Mitsuki prepares to burn Mina to death, though Mina is able to trip her to the ground. Mitsuki rolls back up, and pushes Mina back ten feet with a powerful wall of fire.

"Do you realize how pathetic you are? You try fighting me, even though you're bound to lose! As we speak, your city is being destroyed and your people raped and pillaged! You have lost!" Mitsuki yells to Mina.

"I will never accept defeat!" Mina says, and in a rage, she shoots an arrow at Mitsuki's chest.

The arrow nearly pierces Mitsuki's body, though it is stopped in its tracks by Tam Mee, who kicks the arrow away. Quanlee and Yi also appear to back up Mitsuki. Mina realizes she has been trapped by the four of them.

"No, no!" Mina says, as she realizes that she has been cornered.

Suddenly, a battalion of rebels appears behind Mitsuki, Tam Mee, Quanlee, and Yi, ready to attack them. The four of them decide to focus their attention on the rebel soldiers instead, and a brief battle ensues between the soldiers and the Fire Nation officials. Mina is able to run back to Kaila and Chen.

Ray and Giu run up to Mina, Kaila, and Chen, having escaped from Quanlee's dagger trap. They notice Chen, and are terrified to see a gaping wound on his chest.

"Oh my god!" Giu says, while noticing the fresh wound.

"We need to leave now, for Chen's sake." Ray says to Mina and Kaila, realizing that Chen is in dire need of medical attention.

"Yes. We do." Kaila says, while gripping Chen close to her. The kids proceed to pick up Chen, and run past the palace towards the river behind it.

Ray is able to locate an empty riverboat in the water. The kids jump in, and softly place Chen in the middle of the boat. "He has a pulse, but his injury is very serious. Giu, unhook the boat." Giu does so, and the boat begins sailing down the river.

Rebel Throne Room

As the team escapes, Mitsuki sits prominently on Kambi's throne as the official conqueror of the city, with Tam Mee and Quanlee standing beside her. Yi then enters the throne room.

"Princess, the conspiracy was a success. The soldiers have arrested Kambi, his officials, his soldiers, and all of the rebel citizens." Yi says, while not mentioning the fact that Team Rebel escaped.

The princess smirks. "Good work Yi. You have earned your title of General back. Congratulations."

"Thank you." Yi says, while bowing respectfully to the princess. He turns around, and leaves the throne room.

Mitsuki stands up. "We have done it ladies. After one-hundred and thirty years of courageous fighting, the world is ours."

"Yay, we did it!" Tam Mee cheers. Quanlee, however, is not as enthusiastic.

"Mitsuki, I know we won, and that's great and all, but... do you think you... killed Chen?" Quanlee says, worried for her friend.

"Oh, I doubt I did. I'm sure he'll be back." Mitsuki says in response. She sits back on to her throne. "Kein Forest is now mine."

Flag burning

The Fire Nation banner is hoisted upon the palace as the Rebel City is officially conquered

The River

As the boat sails away, Ray begins to heal Chen's chest. Mina, Kaila, and Giu looks out to the fallen city as the screams of captured rebels can be heard throughout the forest. Mina, while holding Momo in her arms, begins to cry.

"We may never see Kambi again." Giu says, while a tear drips down his eye.

"It's okay guys, I'm sure we'll..." Kaila cannot hold her tears back, and begins to cry as well.

Suddenly, Chen briefly awakens, though he seems unable to speak.

"He's awake!" Mina says, as Chen begins to cough.

"Chen, please be alright." Kaila says, while holding on to him.

"We need to travel to New Ozai and find Chen medical help." Ray says. "It's his only hope."

Mina, Kaila, and Giu nod in agreement.

"We... we lost." Chen mutters quietly, so that only Kaila can hear him. The five kids look up at their beloved city one more time, as a Fire Nation flag waves triumphantly over the palace.

Production History

The Conspiracy Within, Part 2: Capture was thought up early on in the series creation. Unlike the previous chapters, the chapter, along with its predecessor, was thought of after the series was underway. Originally, it was planned that Mina, Kaila, and Chen would eventually leave Kein Forest in a more casual and less forceful matter. As Waterkai and Vaznock began elaborating on the Rebel City arc of the story, Vaznock proposed the idea of Mitsuki conquering the city. Waterkai readily supported the idea. Coinciding with this decision, the characters of Ray, Giu, and Kambi were created. Originally, Waterkai and Vaznock planned to write the chapters together, though it was then decided that Vaznock would write both chapters, while Waterkai wrote both Book 2 finale chapters. The storyline of the chapter also evolved over time. Originally, Vaznock did not include Yi in the storyline, as his character wasm't thought up until a bit later. The characters of Giu and Ray were also premature in their creation, and they were not included in the original proposal. Kaila was also originally supposed to be the sick one, though the creation of Kambi's grandmother Kama changed this. The chapters were going to be released sometime in September 2009. Vaznock, however, went into a long state of inactivity. He finally returned in February, and the series started up again. Both chapters were written externally from the wiki three days after Vaznock returned.

After the chapter was nominated to be September's Featured Fanon Article, Vaznock decided to convert the chapter to dialogue format, which he already decided he would do for the rest of the Kyoshi Revolts chapters. He also made a few edits, so as to make it more "Featured Article friendly".

Emailed Proposal

Vaznock's original E-mail to Waterkai on the chapter's storyline is as follows, many of the corresponding details from the original Email were obviously changed:

Mitsuki, Tam Mee and Quanlee infiltrate the Rebel Camp, disguised as, of course, rebels. Kaila gets sick and Mina and Chen find medical help somewhere else in the forest, so her identity won't be revealed. Mitsuki, deciding to gain their popularity, stages an act were Tam Mee and Quanlee save the rebels from "Princess Mitsuki" (in other words, Mitsuki will undisguise herself, pretend to be trying to steal information from the rebels, and then Tam Mee and Quanlee pretend to defeat her). This victory causes the rebels to very much respect the girls, and they let Mitsuki, being the supposed leader, in on the war meetings, allowing her access to all their secrets. Mitsuki then steals a map of their secret hideouts, and secretly sends a messenger hawk to a general. Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee then kidnap the leader of the rebels in order to weaken them in the invasion. The plan works, and the rebels have trouble fighting. Mina, Kaila, and Chen come back try to stop Mitsuki, but Mitsuki berates Chen that being a rebel is not what their father (Yin Lee) wanted, and that he is now rolling in his grave because of this betrayal. While Chen is upset and distracted, Mitsuki zaps him with lightning in the chest. Mina and Kaila try to fight, but eventually lose. The rebel's leader, however, distracts the three girls, allowing Mina, Kaila, and an injured Chen to escape.


  • The chapter was written before Chapter 28 was released.
  • The Fire Nation has officially conquered the entire world.

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