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The Conspiracy Within, Part 1: Infiltration
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The Conspiracy Within, Part 1: Infiltration is the thirtieth chapter of the fanon series, Kyoshi Revolts. It is the first part of a two-part chapter special, revolving around a conspiracy within the Rebel City. It is equivalent to a season finale chapter in terms of writing and importance.


After the temporary departure of his friends, Kambi happily welcomes the three rebel girls into his city. However, the three girls are not who they seem to be. Meanwhile, while Mina, Kaila, Chen, Ray, and Giu travel with Kama to cure her illness, they come across an old enemy.


Star and friends

Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee under their phony rebel persona

The chapter opens with Kambi sitting on his throne, with the three girls standing in front of him. Kambi welcomes the girls, and tells them that he is glad to have them in the city. The girls, with their faces now out of the shadows, are revealed to be none other than Princess Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee, unknown to Kambi. Mitsuki slyly says that she and her friends are happy to be in the city. Kambi thanks her, and then proceeds to tell them of his grandmother's sickness, (to which Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee feign pity) and that she is being helped by the Avatar and his friends themselves. Mitsuki smirks, and tells Kambi that she can't wait to meet the Avatar, as she has heard "so much about him". Kambi tells her that she and her friends would love him, and that Chen is "a great kid". Mitsuki, while smiling malevolently, simply says, "I bet he is."

Meanwhile, Mina, Kaila, Chen, Giu, Ray, and three guards carry Kama through the forest. Ray goes to bend a drink of water from her bottle, though she is disgusted to see a bunch of dead insects floating in it. She looks through everyone else's water bottles, and realizes that every single bottle is filled with dead bugs. Disgusted, the children are forced to dispose of their water. Giu, tired and thirsty, asks Chen where they are. Chen looks through the map, and says that they are still in the middle of Nightmare Forest. The kids groan, though Mina tries to maintain optimism, telling them that they'll be there soon. Kaila, however, irritable from thirst, replies by saying, "thank you for the encouragement Tam Mee!" Mina gets ready to retort, though Ray stops her, and says that they're all just a little cranky. Giu, however, begins chanting "Cat fight! Cat fight!" This results in Ray violently whipping him in the stomach.

Suddenly, the team is surprised when they see a fat, wealthy looking Fire Nation man jump out at them. The man addresses himself as Gian, and tells the children to hand Mina over, and they won't get hurt if they do. Mina asks who he is, and Gian tells her that when she was in Jang Hui, he was the man who told General Mung that she was from the Earth Kingdom. Mina is shocked, but before she can retort, Gian tells her that he has been sent by Mung to apprehend her, and that if she does, Mung will give him one-hundred gold pieces. The five kids, the three guards, and even Kama all burst into hysterical laughter. Gian smiles, and tells them that they won't be laughing for long. He then deploys his secret weapon on them: thirty highly skilled bodyguards.

Back in the rebel palace, Mitsuki and her friends remove their garmets. Quanlee asks Mitsuki what they're supposed to do now that they have infiltrated the city. Mitsuki tells Quanlee and Tam Mee that they are single-handedly going to conquer the entire world, much to Tam Mee and Quanlee's surprise. Mitsuki goes on to mention her mother's coup on Ba Sing Se, and says that now they have the chance to carry on with her mother's greatness. Tam Mee, confused, asks how they're going to carry out a plan like that. Mitsuki says that first they'll need to gain the city's utmost trust. She then reveals a bag that contains two Fire Nation soldier uniforms. Upon seeing the uniforms, Tam Mee whines that she doesn't want to wear another disguise. Mitsuki assures her that she won't have to wear the disguise, but that their "little friends" will, leaving Tam Mee and Quanlee confused once more.

Mina, Kaila, Chen, Giu, and Ray move into a fighting stance as Gian's thirty guards begin to attack them. The three rebel guards take Kama away into a safe area while she repeatedly yells at Ray to "protect the baby!" Two of the guards shoot a blade of fire at Kaila, though Ray jumps in front of her and extinguishes it with some water vapor. A huge battle then ensues, in which Gian watches from the sidelines. Chen attacks six guards head on, in which he attempts to do the same water vapor move as Ray. He is unsuccessful, and decides to only Firebend at them. Kaila is able to take down two guards, though she is knocked down by one female guard. Mina jumps in, and shoots arrow through the guard's arm, causing her to fall to the ground. Giu and Ray then decide to jump into the battle head on. Mina and Kaila quickly follow their example, and jump decide to attack the guard straightforward.

The guards, however, outnumber the team, and are able to capture Kaila, Chen, Ray, and Giu, leaving Mina completely outnumbered. Suddenly, an idea sparks into her head. She runs through the guards as fast as she can. Gian laughs, believing she is trying to escape, though he is surprised to see that she is heading toward him. He tries to run, but he falls to the ground, and Mina is able to hold him at "arrow-point". She tells the guards to let her friends go. The guards do as she says, and surrender. Once freed, all thirty guards are incapacitated by the kids. Gian begs Mina to spare him, and he cowardly says he sorry for "ratting her out to Mung". Mina, however, thanks him for what he did, saying that if he didn't, she would have never met all the people she is with now. Chen, Kaila, Giu, and Ray all smile. Mina, however, tells Gian that he won't get his money this time. She pauses and tells him that he can have a cancellation prize; she pins him to a tree.

Back in the Rebel City, Mitsuki has the two guards that accompanied her dress in their Fire Nation uniforms. She orders them to enter Kambi's throne room, and to pretend that they are there to assassinate him. The guards do as they are told, and jump out into the throne room, startling Kambi. They grab a servant boy, and tell Kambi the boy will die if he does anything. Suddenly, Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee, while in their rebel uniforms attack the guards (without Mitsuki Firebending) and throw them to the ground. Mitsuki releases the boy, and pats him on the head. Kambi joyously tells Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee that they saved the boy. The "defeated" Fire Nation guards are subsequently arrested. Kambi runs over to Mitsuki, and tells her that he wants to express his gratitude to her and her friends by allowing them to be his temporary associates until Ray and Giu return.

Earth Kingdom box

Kambi shows Mitsuki the master plans

He leads the three girls into a large room, in which ten other men and women sit. He tells them that each person in the room is the leader of a certain battalion. He then shows them an incredibly secret document: the city's master plans, which contain all the information and secret passageways in the city. He tells them that only military persona have access to it. As a small coronation, Kambi honors Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee by allowing them access to the plans, the military, and the palace. Mitsuki promises that Kambi will be able to trust her, and Kambi responds that he knows he can. He then tells Mitsuki to find a seat, as they have a meeting to cover. The three girls walk over to their seats, each with their fingers crossed behind their backs. Kambi does not notice, and has the rest of the rebel officials applaud. Mitsuki can only smirk out of utter amusement.

Finally, the members of Team Rebel reach their destination: Roki Forest. Mina and Kaila both shout "Finally!" as if in a chorus. Giu locates a Roki-berry tree. He quickly tears piece of bark off the tree, and hands it to Kama, telling her to eat it. Kama is disgusted, and yells "What are you senile??!" She goes on to say that all she has is a cold. All five kids are shocked, and Mina yells to Kama that she thought the doctor said that she had Purple Fever. A stupefied Kama says she thought they were the same things, leaving the whole entire group stunned. Ray, now furious, realizes that they went across the Earth Kingdom to get a cure that Kama never needed. Kama asks what the difference is anyway, and Chen furiously tells her that Purple Fever is deadly, while a cold isn't. Kama, however, falls asleep in the middle of his sentence, leaving the five kids terribly shocked and annoyed.

Back in the rebel palace, the meeting ends, and the ten officials and Kambi prepare to leave. Seeing her opportunity, Mitsuki tells Tam Mee and Quanlee to distract Kambi, while she steals the plans. Tam Mee runs over to Kambi, and begins flirting with him. Kambi is flattered, and he does not notice Mitsuki in the background. Tam Mee then directs his attention away from Mitsuki by performing amazing tricks for him: such as walking on her two pinkies, rolling her legs into a pretzel, and climbing up walls. Kambi is highly impressed by Tam Mee, and fails to acknowledge Mitsuki. She walks over to the documents, and slips the plans into her sleeve. She then puts the documents back into place. She signals to Tam Mee that she has retrieved the plans. The three ladies then exit the room, bidding Kambi a goodnight. As they leave, Mitsuki slyly tells Tam Mee and Quanlee that she has something that needs to be mailed, revealing the rolled up pieces of parchment to them.

As Mina, Kaila, Chen, Giu, and Ray get ready to leave, Kama approaches them. Mina asks if she's feeling better, and Kama says "yes, but I'm worried about the baby," acknowledging Ray, who doesn't bother saying anything back. Chen asks Kama if she's ready to leave, though Kama tells them that she has decided to go back to the Spartan Islands. Kaila, slightly upset, asks why. Kama tells her that she is too lazy to go all the way back to the Rebel City, and that all she needs to do is swim to the Spartan Islands. She goes on to say the rebel life isn't for her. Mina tells Kama that she respects her decision, but that she doesn't think Kama should be swimming with a cold. Before she can finish, Kama is already in the water swimming over to a faraway island. She turns around, and tells the kids to make sure to tell her grandson that she is okay. She smiles, and then begins swimming at a great speed over to the island, leaving the five kids baffled.

Meanwhile, Yi is angrily sulking in his bunk while at his assigned base. Colonel Xan approaches him, and tells him he has received a note from Princess Mitsuki. Yi reads the note, which says that Mitsuki is giving him the task of leading an attack on the rebel forces. Both Yi and Colonel Xan are shocked by this, though they are even more surprised when they learn that Princess Mitsuki is in the city herself under a fake persona. Yi goes on to read that by the time their small armada arrives in the city, Mitsuki will have already taken out the city's main officials, throwing their military into chaos. Yi, as appointed leader, tells Colonel Xan to gather up his men. The alarms are sounded, and Yi orders that ten airships, fifty tanks, and five hundred men be deployed, per Mitsuki's orders. The General smiles evilly as the members of the base prepare their armada.

Back in the palace, Kambi is approached by Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee in his throne room. He tells them that the master plans have been stolen, and that he is afraid they may be suspects. Mitsuki laughs, and asks Kambi if he is really stupid enough to have not remembered her. Kambi is puzzled, and he is still unable to recognize the girls. Mitsuki says she'll give him a hint: she shoots a spiral of blue fire through the air. Finally, he recognizes Mitsuki as a Fire Nation soldier, much to his dismay and terror. Mitsuki laughs, and tells Kambi that she's more than a soldier; she's the Princess behind it all. Kambi is shocked, and tries to sound his alarm, though his chi is quickly blocked by Tam Mee. He is then gagged with a cloth by Quanlee. Kambi struggles to yell for help, though he eventually realizes it is hopeless, and that he is Mitsuki's prisoner.


  • Originally, the identity of the three girls was going to be revealed in Chapter 9, though Vaznock decided to change this, and to create the illusion that Mitsuki and her friends actually died.

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