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The Final Battle, Part 1: Old Friends

Long Feng spread an evil grin across one side of his face as he gazed upon his captured enemies. "Who are you? How dare you hold us hostage?" Ursa started questioning Long Feng.

"His name is Long Feng, Ursa. We have a bit of a history," Katara answered.

"How did you escape?" Aang inquired.

"It was not hard, what with all the commotion that hit this place when Joo Dee took over," Long Feng responded. He then noticed Suki and noticeably became tense. "Hmmm, the last time I saw you, you were overthrowing me and turning my Dai Li agents against me!" He shouted at her.

"You must have the wrong Kyoshi Warrior," Suki replied.

"So you are a real Kyoshi Warrior? Very well then," Long Feng loosened up upon realizing this.

"How did you manage to re-organize the Dai Li again? I thought the Resistance rounded them up," Ai asked.

"Who said I recruited the Dai Li?" General Sung and the other members of the Council of Five emerged from the darkness, along with Smellerbee, Longshot, Sneers, and the members of the resistance Team Avatar met during their previous visit to the Earth Kingdom capital. "It turns out that after the people found out about my little conspiracy, there were those that supported it. I sought them out, recruited them to my cause, and had them brainwash as many people as they could." Long Feng elaborated. "I have been the ruler of this city for about a month, ever since Omar left."

"So, what do you plan on doing with us?" Aang asked what he had been anxious to know.

"I am not going to kill you; I will leave you to rot in prison like what you almost caused me to experience."

"Prisoners?" A voice asked. A man entered the scene, a man Team Avatar knew all too well.

"You again?" asked Toph, annoyed.

"What does it take to get rid of this guy?" Ai rhetorically questioned, also aggravated at the sight of one of Team Avatar's greatest enemies.

"Silence!" Hong Wu barked. "You are taking them as prisoners? These children have disgraced us both on unforgivable levels and you are not even thinking about killing them?!" There was silence in the room for the next minute. Finally, Hong Wu broke the silence. "Just let me deal with the Kyoshi Warrior and her boyfriend." Lin and Ling walked over, freed Sokka from the rock gloves, and carried him out of the throne room. "Take extra caution with that one," Hong Wu warned, pointing to Suki. General Sung and another one of the Council of Five Generals freed Suki and took her with them, out of the throne room. "They are all yours," Hong Wu said to Long Feng, before exiting the throne room himself.

The prison cell was dark and depressing. Kato had been studying his own, formulating ways to escape. He called out to the cell to his right. "Hey, Toph, are you okay in there?"

"I should have felt them coming!" said Toph, raising her voice. "Why couldn't I sense their vibrations?!"

"It's okay, Toph," Kato insisted.

"No, it is not!"

"Look, guys, let's not focus on whose fault it is, let's focus on figuring a way out of here," Aang said.

"Aang is right, we can't go beating ourselves up now," Katara agreed.

"If you think I'm going to beg for mercy you can forget it!" Suki yelled.

"Oh I will have you screaming 'uncle' in seconds," Hong Wu retorted.

"I don't think so," said General Sung. He fired a rock glove he had been supplied with straight at Hong Wu. "This is our city and we will not allow you to conquer it so easily." The other General in the room was already freeing Suki and Sokka.

"I thought Long Feng brainwashed you," Sokka said.

"Of course not, we Council of Five members have all been trained to resist brainwashing," said the other General.

"So the other Generals are in on this too?" Suki asked.

"Of course," Sung answered.

"Why have you guys been pretending to be brainwashed? Why didn't you just do something?" asked Sokka.

"We would not have stood a chance; Long Feng and Hong Wu have hypnotized every Earthbender in the city," the other General replied. "Oh, well thanks for telling us, uh, what is your name again?" Sokka questioned.

"The name's Danao," the General replied.

"Come on, we have to free the others!" Suki reminded everyone.

"Right, but we must not let anyone see us," Sung informed them. The four of them bolted out of the torture room, determined to free their friends.

Hong Wu regained consciousness and realized he had been tricked. "Hello!? Someone help me!" He called out. "They are headed for the prison cells!"

"Guys, I feel someone coming!" Toph alerted everyone else. The captured members of Team Avatar heard footsteps approaching their cells. Aang's was unlocked by Sokka, as was Katara's. Suki opened Ai's and Toph's. Kato and Mai were freed by Sung, and Danao released Zuko and Ursa.

"You guys are alive!" Katara said, happily as she hugged her brother.

"What happened to Hong Wu?" Aang wondered aloud.

"Don't worry about him, we need to find Long Feng and free the citizens from his control," Sokka pointed out. Team Avatar sprinted upstairs along with Ursa, Sung, and Danao.

Once they reached the throne room, they found two men already waiting for them. "Alright, Avatar, you and your friends had your chance to remain alive but now your deaths are certain," Long Feng threatened. He lifted a large earth coin out of the ground and hurled it at Aang. The Avatar countered by sending a large earth pillar into the earth coin's center, breaking it in half. "Destroy them!" Long Feng ordered.

"Konghe! Heng! It is now necessary to blow your cover!" shouted Sung. The other two Generals then nodded and started to attack Long Feng. The former Dai Li leader was caught by surprise and barely avoided their landslides by shooting himself into the air. "Ready for round three?" Suki asked Hong Wu as the two of them made deadly eye contact.

"Oh, I have been dreaming of it ever since we last met," Hong Wu answered. The knife-thrower drew one of his concealed, bladed weapons and threw it at Suki with much force. The Kyoshi Warrior opened her fan, stopping the knife before it could reach her face. She then leapt into the air, and landed behind Hong Wu, who had turned around to meet her. The two continued to fight while the rest of the throne room was in chaos.

"Mother, I want you to get out of here and don't come back until we come for you," Zuko urged his mother.

"Zuko, please be careful," Ursa pleaded as she ran out of the throne room, leaving the battle behind.

A brainwashed Li had found Ai and blasted her with a fire stream. Ai raised a wall of water to defend herself and then created a water pinwheel to knock Li down. "Li, it is me, Ai!" The Waterbender tried jogging her friend's memory. "Don't you remember? We liberated this city together!" It was no use, Li was not snapping out of it.

Sokka had begun fighting with Loki. She Firebent at the warrior but he was able to subdue her by using his boomerang.

Long Feng was battling Aang, Katara, and Zuko. Zuko lashed out with a large fireball which Long Feng avoided by encasing himself in an earth ball. He then Earthbent the ball off of him, sending the discarded pieces flying at his attackers. Aang and Zuko shot fire steams, burning he pieces before they could touch them, while Katara bent an ice shield to protect herself. Katara then converted the shield into many ice spikes and sent them at Long Feng. At the same time, Aang blasted air in the shape of his body at his enemy. Long Feng sidestepped Aang's attack but was blown back by Katara's ice spikes. The former Grand Secretariat was pinned against a wall and was now confronted by Katara and Zuko.

"General Sung, is there any way to snap these people out of it?" Aang called across the throne room.

"Yes, there is a secret code but only Long Feng knows what it is!" Sung responded.

"Find out what the code is, I'm going to help the others," Aang decided.

"Make this easy for yourself and tell us the code," Zuko demanded.

"I think not," Long Feng snapped back.

"Stop wasting our time and tell us!" Katara ordered.

Mai had been occupied with Lin and Ling. She hurled her blades and Ling, pinning her against the wall. Lin converted the ground into sand and began to drag Mai down into it. Toph sensed this and helped Mai by Earthbending her out of the ground and onto Lin's head. "Thanks, Toph," Mai thanked her friend.

Toph and Kato had been battling Schiva and the Freedom Fighters. Longshot fired an arrow at Kato but it was sliced in half by one of Kato's blades. Schiva Firebent at Toph but her blast was deflected by Toph encasing herself in earth armor. Toph stomped her foot onto the ground and sent Schiva and Sneers into a wall. She then proceeded to bind them to the wall, using Earthbending. Smellerbee tried stabbing the blind Earthbender but was knocked over by Kato.

"Tell us now!" Katara was losing her patience.

"You really should listen to her," Zuko added. He formed a fire dagger in his hand. "I am going to give you three seconds and if you don't tell us then you will be a dead man!" Long Feng still said nothing. "One... two... three!" Zuko counted.

"Everyone, the Earth King has invited you for tea!" Long Feng shouted. Everyone in the throne room immediately stopped fighting and looked around.

"What is going on?" Smellerbee questioned.

"What happened?" asked Loki.

"You were all brainwashed by Long Feng and his followers but don't worry, everything is fine, now," Aang informed.

Everyone heard the sound of two people fighting and saw Suki and Hong Wu still going at it. Aang sprinted across the room and Airbent Hong Wu into a wall. "Do you want a piece of me too, Avatar?!" Hong Wu yelled. "I will take all of you on!!" He screamed, viciously.

"It looks like you just made a grave mistake, tough guy!" Suki said before knocking Hong Wu unconscious.

Ursa re-entered the throne room, accompanied by Earth King Kuei. "Council of Five, arrest these two men and all of those who helped with the brainwashing!" The Earth King ordered.

"Yes, your majesty," Sung obeyed.

"Avatar Aang, I am truly sorry for all of this," Kuei apologized.

"No, your highness, I am sorry for what happened to you," Aang replied.

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that too," Zuko apologized as well.

"Well, let's just forget about all of that. Why have you returned to Ba Sing Se?" asked Kuei. "A lot has happened since you entered that coma. An evil man named Banhen and his organization known as the Sons of Ozai have taken over the Fire Nation," Aang started explaining. Kuei looked horrified by this news and Aang knew that he was. The Earth Kingdom had just ended their war with the Fire Nation and now one would soon start again. "We have come to ask for your support in re-taking the Fire Nation, we have already notified the Order of the White Lotus and we are to rendezvous with them soon. Will you please help us?" Aang pleaded.

There was a short silence in the throne room. "Well, I cannot offer you much support after my forces were almost decimated by Jun and apparently, Joo Dee, but I will give you what little support I can," Kuei agreed. Team Avatar cheered at this news.

"We are going with you," Smellerbee spoke up. "The Freedom Fighters are at your service, Aang."

"Yeah, we will show those rebel scums!" Sneers said.

"We are going too," said Li. "Those guys captured our leader and now it's time for payback!"

"I will send some other soldiers as well. Now you should be going," Kuei said.

"Mother, I want you to stay here," Zuko said.

"Zuko, I cannot keep running away from fights," Ursa contradicted her son.

"I just don't want to lose you again," Zuko rebutted.

"Very well, Zuko, be safe," Ursa conceded.

Team Avatar exited the palace and found Appa. "Alright, let's kick some Sons of Ozai butt!" Toph said, excited.

Long Feng sat in his prison cell, alone. Hong Wu sat in the cell to his right. The two of them heard footsteps approaching. "Who is there?" Long Feng asked.

"Someone who is here to free you," said a voice Hong Wu knew all too well. He stayed silent and prayed to the spirits the man outside did not see him.

Long Feng's prison cell was opened by a man with a mask and dark black robe. "Who are you?" asked Long Feng. "My name is Jun and I have an offer for you, Long Feng."

Long Feng then noticed Azula among the three people who came to free him. "What is she doing here?!" He yelled.

"What's the matter, are you still upset I stole your city from you?" Azula said, mockingly.

"Enough, Azula!" Jun snapped at her.

Azula peered into Hong Wu's cell and her expression became one of anger. "Master, look in here!" she said.

Jun looked into Hong Wu's cell and saw him curled up in the corner. "Well, well, well, look who went and got himself captured," Jun taunted his former right-hand.

"What shall we do with him?" Azula inquired.

"Leave him to rot in this prison for the rest of his life; he is not worth killing," Jun decided.

"What?" Hong Wu muttered the single word. "You-you can't just leave me in here! Please, take me with you!" He begged, but Jun showed no sympathy.

"So now where will we go?" asked Zhao.

"We are going back to the Fire Nation," Jun replied.

Author's Notes

  • Suki's line, "It looks like you just made a grave mistake, tough guy!" was a reference to Hong Wu's line before fighting Suki for the first time in A Trip to Kyoshi Island.

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