The Conquer of the Fire Nation
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Azula's Revenge





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June 10, 2011

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Azula walked to her private quarters on the top level of he silver ship. She was now the ruler of almost the entire world. Not only does she rule the Earth Kingdom, she is now in control of in most of the Fire Nation thanks to her invasion force. Now she was on her way to her cabin to meet with Zulan and an unlikely guest. As she walked into her cabin, she saw him.

"Hello, Uncle Iroh."

Azula's forces captured Iroh one week ago. After staying in the Fire Nation days he was personally delivered by Zulan to the silver ship where they would meet Azula. Iroh said nothing as Azula walked in. Azula continued talking, "It's quite a surprise to see you again."

Iroh said nothing and looked away.

"You are going to give me everything I want to know, or I will force you to give me, your choice." Azula turned to look at Zulan, who was heating the point of a large metal rod. Iroh stayed motionless.

"You are going to give me crown and control of the Fire Nation army." Azula said. Iroh turned, his face showed by the light

"No." Iroh responded looking at Azula for the first time.

"Zulan!" She yelled and Zulan then came over and plugged the boiling hot medal rod against his skin of his leg. The extreme heat caused his skin to burn, but Iroh did not scream. Azula noticed this and was discouraged.

"Try his stomach."

Zulan did and Iroh didn't even quiver.

"Perhaps he is too strong." Azula said and then yelled to one of the guards. The guard bowed and left the room. A moment later he returned with a small child, Lema, the true hair to the throne.

"Maybe he will get you to talk." Azula held a flame up to his neck. "Give me what I want, and I'll spare his life."

"Iroh, don't give her anything."

"Stop it you slime." Azula said in an angry tone. He turned to Iroh, "Give me what I want, or I'll kill him."

Iroh looked at Azula and then at Lema, and he gave in, "Fine, just let him go."

"Good," he turned to Lema, "Get him out of my sight."

Aang and Katara were having lunch with the mechanist outside the main air temple structure. Aang was talking about the successful meeting with the other leaders while Katara was talking about possible having another child when this all blew over. While they were eating, a messenger approached. "I'm sorry to interrupt you sir, but I have an urgent message from the Fire Lord."

Aang put down his bowl of rice and took the letter. He read to himself and then sat up stunned. "Azula has Iroh."

Aang and Katara got and went to see if Sokka was and Toph were still here. Toph was but Sokka had left for the Southern Water Tribe to see his kids for the first time since Suki died.

"If we hurry we might be able to catch up to him." Aang said in command.

"Wait Aang," Katara said. "Maybe we shouldn't."

"Why not." Aang replied in a confused tone.

"Well, I don't think he will be up for it."

"Are you kidding, Sokka loves to fight, he will never back down."

"Yeah," Toph said for the first time. "Sokka can't wait to get at Azula and Zulan."

"He just lost his wife," Katara said in a cold tone. "I can't imagine what he's feeling." She turned to Aang. "How would you feel if I died, would you want to fight?" She turned to Toph. "Would you want to fight if Haru died, or if one of your kids died?"

Toph and Aang looked at each other, then Aang finally said, "Fine, but I at least want to tell him what is going on."


Aang prepared a Messenger Hawk with a message to deliver to Sokka at the Southern Water Tribe. Dear Sokka,

Katara, Toph, and I have decided to go after Azula. We also decided not to ask you to come. Katara and I felt that this would be the best for you. We also felt that you needed to know. Please do not fallow us. We can take Azula and Zulan and we can beat them.

Your friends forever,

Toph, Katara and Aang.

Aang sent the note and immediately prepared for the trip. Aang and Katara decided to bring Jet and Tenzin along with them. Toph decided to leave her son here. Huru also said that he will stay and the Air Temple.

So Aang, Katara, Jet, Tenzin, and Toph made there way to Appa. Aang was telling the group the plan for attack on Azula and Zulan when a messenger arrived.

"A message for you, Avatar Aang." The messenger spoke in a hushed and saddens tone.

"Oh what now." Aang wondered out loud.

Aang read the note, sat up and was instantly stunned. Katara saw him and was instantly frightened.

"What's wrong, Aang?"

Toph, Jet and Tenzin were also wondering.

Aang looked up, "Azula has control of the Fire Nation army, Iroh was just forced to give up power to him."

They all sat there stunned for a few seconds. Finally it was Katara who spoke. "What should we do now?"

"I think we should stick to the plan." Aang said.

"But Azula is much more powerful now."

Aang thought for a long time.

"Let's keep going."

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