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"Why are you following me?" Genesis asked as he trekked through the forest, the earthbender who assisted him against Onaga's illusion followed closely behind.

"There are many roads that life has set aside for each of us my young friend." He replied, a large grin on his face. "As it happens your road and my road are one in the same for the moment."

"No seriously why the hell are you following me?"

The earthbender rolled his eyes, "The spirits instructed me to find you Genesis. Now that I have, I'm waiting to see why they're so interested in you. Because from what I've seen, other than your energybending abilities, your nothing special." He took a brief look at Genesis and smiled when he saw his angry stare. "Just kidding about that last part."

Now it was Genesis' turn to roll his eyes, "Who're you again?"

"I thought I introduced myself earlier."

"Yeah but for some reason it feels like it's been months since then."

"The name's Fut. Try to remember this time," he said with a mock bow. Despite himself Genesis smiled a bit at Fut's greatly exaggerated gesture. "So then, where are we heading?" Genesis was about to respond to Fut when he realized, he had no idea where the hell he was. Until a few weeks ago He'd never left the Sanctuary with the exception of his hollow. "Uhm..."

"You have no idea where we're going do you?" Fut didn't need an answer, promptly deciding to take the lead. "Follow me."

"Where're we going?" Genesis asked, following Fut as he started leading him west, or at least what he assumed to be west.

"The Earth Kingdom Capitol, Omashu." Fut answered, pulling a map from his bag. "I got some business there I need to take care of." Genesis shrugged and followed Fut as he led him out of the forest. Hours passed before Fut suddenly stopped. Genesis waited patiently as the earthbender started checking his surroundings.

"What's up?" Genesis asked moving next to Fut as the earthbender checked the skies.

Fut didn't respond immediately as he continued his survey. "We'll camp here." He declared, dropping his bag to the ground.

"If I ever meet that reality bending freak again, he's gonna need a team of the most highly trained healers to sew him back together. After gutting a dozen different dragons to find all his limbs." Choy muttered as he leaned against a tree. After examining the surrounding area with his keen eyes, Choy managed to determine from a couple of scorch marks on the ground and a couple of trees that the energybender had indeed encountered Onaga. A large stone spike that was imbedded into a tree also told him that an earthbender interfered in the conflict. The energybender then left with the earthbender.

Whether or not the energybender went willingly with the earthbender or not was something that Choy could not determine so easily. Either way Choy knew they would most likely be heading towards the nearest town or city. Either to gather some proper supplies, or so the earthbender could turn the energybender in and gather his reward.

"But where would they go?" Choy wondered aloud as he pulled his map from his bag. There were several small towns near his current location. Most of them were small trading towns and a couple of mining villages. None of them were quite suited for turning an energybender over to the military camps. There was only one major city in the area.

"Omashu." Choy quickly mapped out his route and started off towards his destination. He knew he wouldn't be able to beat them there, but he could catch them before they left.

"It won't be long now." Choy muttered as he made his way.

"There she is." Fut said, staring dreamily at the mountains in the distance, "Omashu."

"Where all I see is a bunch of mountains." Genesis stated straining his eyes to see the city in the distance. Fut chuckled as he reached into his bag and withdrew a long cylinder and a pointed crystal. Inserting the crystal into a slot on top of the cylinder, Fut looked through one end of the object and twisted the crystal until he seemed satisfied with it.

"Have a look through this." Fut suggested, handing the object over to Genesis. Genesis eyed the cylinder curiously, "What's this?"

"Just a little gadget I built in my spare time." Fut responded. "I call it a telescope."

"What does it do?"

"Just put that end up to your eye and close the other one." Fut explained, "You'll see what it does then." The young energybender placed the cylinder to his eye and was amazed, as the mountain range that was miles away, now appeared to be right in front of him. "Look towards the center of the mountain range."

Genesis quickly looked where Fut directed him and saw the large Earth Kingdom City, which he had initially mistook as another mountain. He saw the large pointed tips of the city reaching for the sky, and marveled at the sheer beauty and size of the place.

"Damn." Genesis muttered, taking the cylinder from his eye. "That's a hell of a city."

"You're not exactly one to make that judgment." Fut laughed, taking his cylinder back. He swiftly removed the crystal and placed both items back into his bag and started towards the city. "But you're right."

"So what's the story with Omashu?" Genesis asked as they trekked towards the capitol.

"What do you mean?" Fut inquired. "Why does Omashu have to have a story behind it?"

"Well it's the capitol of the Earth Kingdom." Genesis replied, stating the truth. "There's gotta be a reason behind it." Fut laughed loudly before he responded to Genesis, "According to legend Omashu was the birth place of earthbending." Fut then used the journey to tell Genesis the story of the two lovers Oma and Shu. How they first met atop a mountain and fell in love despite their respective villages being at war with one another. He told of how they became the first earthbenders by studying the badgermoles and how together they created an elaborate labyrinth through the Kolau Mountain Range that to this day and would probably forever be referred to as the Cave of Two Lovers. Then he told of how Shu was eventually killed in the war and finally of Oma's fury as she single handedly ended the war between the two villages.

"The city of Omashu was named so in their honor and carved out of the mountain where Oma and Shu had initially met. So naturally it became the capitol of the Earth Kingdom." Fut finished his tale just as they approached the main entrance to the city. "Or at least that's how the legend goes."

"Do you believe it?" Genesis asked as they passed through the gates. Fut was silent for a long while before he turned to Genesis, a new look of seriousness in his eyes.

"Beyond a shadow of a doubt."

The first place Fut and Genesis went to once they got past the gate was an inn. A loud, busy place called the Dancing Ostrich Horse. Famous for several reasons, paramount among them was their recipe for rice wine rumored to be able to put a raging saber tooth moose lion into a stupor. Fortunately no one's been stupid enough to put it to the test, yet.

"So why are we here again?" Genesis asked as one of the patrons shouldered past him to get the bar.

Fut glanced around, trying to find a free table. "Because I haven't been here in about a year, and I swore a long time ago that this place would be the first place I go to every time I visit Omashu." Genesis raised an eyebrow as Fut led him to a table, "I like to consider it an annual homecoming gift to myself."

With that Fut ordered a bottle of rice wine, along with two cups. Genesis watched as Fut took the bottle and poured the liquor into the two cups. Genesis reached out to take one of them, when Fut swiftly consumed both of the cups before Genesis even reached across the table.

"Oh I'm sorry did you want some as well." Fut apologized, already looking a bit tipsy. "Waiter, two more cups, please." Once Fut poured all four cups, he slid two of them over to Genesis and held one in the air. "To meeting random strangers in the woods and getting dragged into their problems, may it be a long standing tradition amongst travelers."

"Hey, you didn't have to come along with me." Genesis commented as he raised his cup.

"If I recall correctly you were hopelessly lost and I had to lead you here." Fut countered before downing his drink. Genesis eyed his liquor questioningly before he shrugged and downed his cup as well.

The two would stay the night in the inn, after consuming the entire bottle of rice wine the innkeeper deemed the two weren't fit to walk the streets that night. After showing them to their room Fut had to help Genesis get to his bed. Once the energybender was snoring loudly, Fut flopped down on his own bed and let loose a monstrous belch and instantly fell asleep as well.

Gate guard Mao stood vigilant at his post, halberd in hand, and leaning slightly on his shoulder ready to be used at a moments notice. His vigilant eye caught movement in the distance. A lone figure was approaching the city.

"Who goes there?" Mao called, shifting his grip on his weapon. As the figure drew closer Mao saw it was a man wearing a sleeveless yellow combat robe, the kind wore by those trained by Master Wen Liu of the Fire Nation. The man also wore a black hood with a yellow facemask, so the only portion of his face that was visible was his eyes. In addition there were two swords strapped to his back.

"What's your business in Omashu?" Mao asked, stopping the man at the gate.

Choy turned to the guard and responded, "I'm here on business." Then continued into the city.


  • Genesis mentions how it felt like months since he and Fut first met, referencing how Last Energybender had been put on hold for months so Wanted could be finished.
  • Omashu has been made the current capitol of the Earth Kingdom because until the introduction of Ba Sing Se, Twilitlink assumed that's what Omashu was.

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