Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Common Series Project in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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The Common Series Project, created and produced by Rassilon of Old, aims to create a fan fiction series set in the World of Avatar with the contribution of several fanon authors. Each author writes one chapter (or one two-part chapter) and submits it to the head-writer, who compiles all of the chapters into one series. The first series will contain fifteen chapters, including three two-part chapters.

The series is currently in its pre-production stage, with a writing team and setting still being formulated.



After Rassilon of Old pitched the idea to The Bos, Vulmen, and Lovelyb0nes, they agreed to join the project and write for the series. Three other writers were then approached, French Froglegs, MightyBrit and Dragon of The West, all three have agreed to take part in the series. Due to the unknown amount of writers needed for the series, no more users have been asked, though many have expressed interest.

On his talk page, Rassilon of Old said to MightyBrit; "Obviously, I have a good amount of authors sitting in my mind, and if/when we need some, I'll ask them if they are interested."


French Froglegs and Moon Beam are in negotiations for illustrating the series. The two would be drawing images for characters, chapter infobox's, and various scenes. Moon Beam has been signed as an illustrator, confirmation from French Froglegs is currently unavailable.

Production Notes

  • Rassilon of Old will be writing the first chapter, and the last two chapters.


The exact current setting and characters have not yet been decided, but it is confirmed that the main character will be the second Earth Kingdom Avatar before Unnamed fire Avatar. It is also likely that the series will take place in the Earth Kingdom.


Thus far, it is agreed that there will be only fifteen chapters in the first book of the series. Depending on the reception of the series, more chapters may be appointed in future books, if there are any.

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