Lion Turtle and Aang
The Coming of the Storm
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A Royal Pain

Appa flew as fast as he could to the Royal Palace. As soon as the Sky Bison landed, Team Avatar sprinted towards the palace. There was fire everywhere. Katara worked as quickly as possible to put out the flames with her Waterbending. It took a minute, but she finally put them out. Once the flames were out, the team rushed in. As they entered the throne room, they saw the lifeless body of General How.

"What happened?" Suki asked, horrified.

"Look!" Yelled Iroh. Everyone turned to see the body of Kuei on the floor. The heroes rushed over to him quickly. He was burnt badly on one side of his face.

"Katara, is he still alive?" Sokka questioned.

Katara quickly used her healing technique on The Earth King. "Just barely," the young Waterbender sadly replied.

"This is horrible!" Mai said as tears came to her eyes.

Suddenly, Aang heard a voice: "Avatar Aang!" it bellowed. The voice sounded so familiar. "Avatar Aang." He heard it again. Suddenly, his eyes and tattoos glowed and his body froze.

"What's happening?" Mai worried. She had never seen this happen before.

"Relax, Mai. He's in the Spirit World. He'll be fine," She explained.

"Avatar Aang." Once again, Aang heard the mighty voice coming from behind him. He spun around to see who was calling him and saw at once. "You, you're the Lion Turtle who taught me Energybending!" The Avatar stated with shock.

"That's right, young Avatar," the great beast confirmed.

"Why have you summoned me here? How are you in the Spirit World?" Aang questioned. "I have existed since the dawn of time. I can do things and go places you could never begin to imagine," the Lion Turtle responded. "As for your first question, I have summoned you here to tell you who is responsible for the catastrophe you've just witnessed," he explained.

"Who?" Aang inquired.

"His name is Jun, he is a master bender and also possesses the ability to Energybend. He came in search of you and your friends. His ultimate desire is to kill you all," the Lion Turtle stated.

"Where is he?" asked Aang.

"The Earth King didn't reveal your location and he left to continue his search for you," the beast replied.

"Why does he want me and my friends dead?" Aang asked, puzzled.

"You will find that out soon enough on your own. There is a storm coming, Avatar. Good luck," the Lion Turtle responded.

"Wait, what?!" Before he could say anything else, the young Airbender was whisked back to the real world. This made no sense. Who was this maniac and why did he want he and his friends dead? "Aang, you're back!" Katara said gladly.

"Where's Kuei?" Aang questioned.

"He's been taken to a hospital," Toph spoke. "I don't think he's gonna make it."

"Let's hope he does," Aang said quietly.

"We have to find out who did this!" Zuko declared. "We won't let whoever did it get away! If it was one of the rebels, I'll-" Zuko was cut off mid-sentence.

"Rebels?" Aang asked.

"It's nothing, never mind," Zuko said after a bit of hesitation.

Sokka noticed Suki was seeming more upset than everyone else and knew why. "Suki-" He started but was interrupted.

"Sokka, it's alright. We can wait to go to Kyoshi Island."

"Are you sure?" Sokka wanted to be sure.

"Yes, Sokka," she replied. He nodded in response.

Katara noticed something was bugging Aang. "Aang, is everything alright?" she asked him.

Aang waited for a moment before speaking. "His name is Jun. He came here and did this. He wants us all dead."

Before Katara could respond, a streak of fire burst through the throne room. Everyone turned shocked and speechless to see who fired the blast. Azula stood in the entrance to the throne room with the most furious look they had ever seen.

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