The Coming of Sokka is the first chapter of Sokka. It introduces Sokka to the story.


Long ago, in a part of the Earth Kingdom then known as Ba Sing Se, there lived a great warrior called Sokka. Legend tells that he had the strength of thirty men and a brave and noble heart.

When Sokka heard of terrible troubles on Ember Island he decided to help. Aang, king of Ember Island, was a friend of his father's. With his companions, Sokka set sail across the cold west sea.

When they came to Ember Island, they did not arrive unnoticed. A guard armed with a spear and mounted on a komodo rhino came charging towards them. "Why do you come here, uninvited and unannounced, wearing bright armor and sharp swords?" asked the guard.

"We are loyal followers of Zuko, King of Ba Sing Se. I am Sokka, son of Iroh, whose name is known in many lands. We come to be of service to your king, Aang, whom all know as a valiant and generous man," replied Sokka. The guard was impressed, so he lowered his spear. "Even across the sea, we have heard stories of Sozin, the wondrous mead hall Aang had built." The guard then seemed confused. "And we have heard of the horrible darkness that has descended on that place." The guard then understood as to why the warriors had come.

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