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The Coming Evil Part Two (TLAT)
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The Lost Air Temple


1 Fall of the Sages


7 The Coming Evil Part Two

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The Color of Fire

Last Time on TLAT. . . The siblings have enter the Fire Sage's Temple. Just to discover that only Bard and Raigenous are home. They talk of the secret bunker, but a fight is eminent. Meanwhile, Gatton meets a mysterious prisoner.


It was a dark twilight, where Baizken and Finosa walked out of the ear shot range of the sages and begun to talk of a strategy.

"Come on, Fin. We'd better go search for Grandpa. I didn't come here to get my butt kicked by two sages."

"They know where Dad and Grandpa are."

"How do you know that?"

"I just know, okay."

"Alright let's think. They are master fire benders, and we are a swordsman prodigy and a fire bending prodigy. They have been masters twice as long as we have been alive."

"Listen, Baizken, all stay here and stall them you go look for Grandpa. By the way, you are not a prodigy, you have no formal training."

"Alright, and I am still pretty good."

Baizken walks out into the depths of the temple, as Finosa talks to the sages.

In the lead cell, Gatton is pondering a way to get out.

"No one has ever escaped here. All have died. None have survived."

"Then how are you still alive?"

"I have never inhaled the gas. I hide my head. I have inhaled some. It has done terrible things to my memory."

"I am so sorry."

"Sorry, won't give me my life back. Sorry, can not return my memory. Sorry, means nothing."

"Well, when you stop feeling sorry for yourself you can help me get out."

Baizken began to run throughout the temple, as the moon illuminating himself. An eerily breeze shot to the boy, breached the blood and felt like stabbed his bones. He reached the forked path, and he took the path that leads to the courtyard. It has now gotten dark outside. Baizken can not see anything at all. He turns to leave, but than sees bright flames in the center of the courtyard. He goes to where the flames originated, but no one is there. He waits for about fifteen minutes. Another man is coming, as he retreats back into the shadows. He blast some flames at the ground. Baizken is closer now. As the sage begins to go down the flight of stairs. Baizken jumps the man and conks the man in the head with his fist several times. He tries to blast to fire, but is pinned to the ground by a boy half his size.

"Where is the prison," Baizken says with his sword on the sages throat.

"There are two. One has dangerous criminals and one has the sages."

"Thank you." He knocks the sage out as he says these words.

Finosa is currently and miserably trying to stall the Bard and Raingenous.

"So, how old were you when you decided to become a sage."

"Enough chit-chat. Where is your brother."

"Um, in the bathroom?"

"In the bathroom, he is not. I believe you have been caught."

"No, you have been caught."

"Foolish girl, leave now, we will find your brother."

"Think, Finosa, think," she thinks. "Um, I challenge you to an Agni Kai, Raingenous."

"Have you lost your mind."

"What's a matter? Are you a komodo-chicken."

"Buck, buck, cluck."

"Oh, put a sandal in it, Bard. I'll fight you, but you can back out, if you want."

Back in the cell.

"It is no use. You will never escape."

"If you don't have anything that will help us get out. I suggest you stay quiet."


"I am so hot; I am sweating gallons. That is it, sweat."

"Say what?"

"No, sweat."

Gatton begins bending the various water in the cell and chops the cell wall in a diagonal direction.

"We are free. We are safe, We are not safe. Guards!"

Raingeous prepares for his Agni Kai by stretching. Finosa prepares by practicing her breathing techniques.

"Now we can stop whenever you feel threatened."

"I'll stop when you are defeated, my sage."

"You sarcastic brat." He launches a fiery punch toward her. She augments the fire to block.

"That all you got?"

"Oh, I have just begun."

He launches a blazing kick, that lights the ground on fire and comes directly at her. She jumps to dodge and launches her own one-two punch. He directly returns the fire at her burning her clothes slightly and gives her a second degree burn on her skin. She lands with one hand touching the floor, then uses a break-dancing fire strike burning all the ground. But, Raingeous easily blocks the fire scattering on the left and right side of the floor. He then follows with a two-handed fire blast, knocking Finosa to the ground.

"You are weak, just like your father. Bard, go hunt down Sven's son."

"Yes, sage. I am on my way-ge. Oh, whatever."

"What have you done with my father?"

"I would be more worried about your grandfather. In there with all that poisonous gas. I'd be surprised if the Avatar hasn't moved on to the Air Nomads."

Finosa screams at the top of her lungs. Her mouth releases flames first red then fades to purple.

"Son of the face stealer!" says Raingeous.

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