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The Coming Evil Part One (TLAT)
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The Lost Air Temple


1 Fall of the Sages


6 The Coming Evil Part One

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Last time on The Lost Air Temple, Gatton (TLAT) continued his search for the assassins, but ends up getting captured himself. Is a rescue party coming?


"Baizken, are you sure you know how to ride Duma?" asked Finosa.

Baizken responded, "Of course I do, I have seen Grandpa ride it all the time."

After arguing, they fly through the auburn sky which turns to night, but Baizken has trouble holding them steady. So, he allows Finosa to be the pilot.

"What's that you got there?" Finosa asked.

"Oh, not a sword, Doh!" Baizken said.

"Did you buy a sword without asking Fathers permission?" questioned Finosa.

The conversation ends as both of them see a commotion at the temple. People keep running in and out. Yells can also be heard. They go down to get a closer look.

"Wow, dragon driving is harder than it looks," said Finosa.

They walk up to the temple front yard, when they are confronted by some guards, three to be exact.

"What are you doing here? The temple, at this time, is no place for children like you," said a guard.

"We have been invited by the Avatar, our grandfather," said Finosa.

"The Avatar? I guess he would want to see you now," replied another guard.

Puzzled, the kids traveled inside the temple; they looked at the wall and saw portraits and writing of there nations past, unbeknownst of their grandfathers trouble.

Gatton tried to earthbend the walls of his cell to get out, but they were not made of earth. He was about to try firebending when someone from the corner of the cell began to speak.

"I would not do that if I were you, unless you wanna kill both of us," said the man.

"Huh? Who are you?" asked the Avatar.

"A man, Avatar, just a man. Sometimes I question that, now. You see the walls are made out of a substance called lead. It is very expensive, but it has its use. You can't earthbend it. If you try to burn it, hot gook comes out and would splatter us both. Then the gas of the burning would kill us, if the guards didn't get to you first," explained the man.

"Okay... What is your name any way?" asked Avatar Gatton.

"I have been here so long, I have forgotten it. My main goal, now, is survival," he said.

In another part of the temple, Baizken and Finosa continue to walk down the halls of the temple. They are met by another group of guards.

"No access," one guard said.

"But, sir our grandfather is," said Finosa, but she was cut off.

"I don't care who he is! No access," exclaimed the man.

"Wait, your Gatton's grandchildren, aren't you?" the guards asked.

"Yes, will you let us pass?" said Baizken.

The second after he said this the guard attacked the boy; fortunately he swiftly countered with two sword attacks.

"What is your problem?"

The guard continued attacking the boy with fireblasts, but the boy continued to dodge. Finosa had her own problem. Two firebending sages began attacking her. She blocked both attacks with a fire shield. Baizken now began slashing in a downward motion, giving one of the sages a glancing blow to the knee. The sage retreated behind him, but he let him pass. The guards continued to attack the girl, but she managed to hold her own. She finally took them down with a large fire ball.

"You lack control," said Baizken.

Finosa stuck her tongue out at her brother. There were only two guards left, now. They began to attack. They, however, lasted shorter than the previous three. Now nothing stopped them from reaching the door. The door was a large gate sized door with two handles. They then entered. Yet, they were shocked to find only two sages there, Bard and Raingeous.

"Where is our grandfather?" asked Baizken.

"Like to know, but you feel woe," said Bard.

"Enough with your poems, where is he??" said Baizken.

"He along with another trader are in prison. He is there for treason against his own nation, along with murder. He stabbed a harmless sage to death. He then fled arrest and injured almost a dozen guards before capture," said Raingeous.

"That doesn't sound like grandpa," said Finosa.

"Yeah, and where are the other sages?" asked Baizken.

"They have been transported to a bunker in the Dragon Bones Catacombs. A deep cavern that only we sages know about. They are safe in a small room in the heart of the catacombs," replied Raingeous.

"Sounds like a prison...." said Baizken

"Not wise you are, in life you will not go far," replied Bard.

"Shut up!" exclaimed Baizken.

Outraged, the sage launched a barrage of fireblasts at the swordsman's feet, causing him to dance a jig.

"Dance monkey, dance. He he he," said Bard.

"Stop it, brother," said Raingeous

"No fun you are, but yet you roar?" said Bard.

"Leave now children, at once," said Raingeous.

"What if we don't?" asked Baizken.

"Then you will pay the ultimate price! Kids, leave, seriously," said Raingeous.

"Nope," they replied.

"Then I will fight you both!" said Raingeous

"Let me join in, so this fight, we can win," replied Bard.

Finosa clenched her fist, then she looked at her brother. They both were now aware that the of the battle of their lives was around the corner...

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